Saturday, August 11, 2018


Great to collaborate with Deborah
The piece from our greatest depth


It was a beautiful day of tea
we walked and talking of the summer moon
the days turned to weeks we didn't care
with the solace and grace we watched the falling stars
we waited that night for the eclipse to appear
we were best girlfriends and we didn't care
a life time of being alone
we dream of words we can write
they would flow with every look
we broke free of those parallel bars
no windows or doors could keep us in
our words flowed into the other
as we soaked into the luxury of being.,.,
That is my girlfriend. Helen Sarita.. do you know her?? She is a treasure for all ...
Debbie Brooks.. (c)

You couldnt find me in nowhere but in the deepest core of your heart
Eversince we've met we never dream to be apart
Our friendship was tested by time, sometimes we fell yet we grew
I was mirthful in many ways, one of the reasons was you
Like a colorful butterfies we danced on top of beautiful flowers
We whispered our praises as we rejoiced our friendship
And even the leaves were glee as they were watching over us
The branches of trees worshipped our frienship and bowed upon us
Our words just flowed and blended so warm and bright
Depicting the sunshine of our wisdom and light
In every sip of tea, we felt the youthfulness of each
Having the lovely you sitting behind me, it was truly a bliss
The kind of you is a grace and blessing to any kind being
Always you made me feel so proud to call you my friend

(c) Helen Sarita

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