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Here is the desire of my heart I could not express
No exact words would fit to say what it feels
I could not speak, hard for me to utter things
But surely there are lots in my heart I could be able to share

I wish to cry of pain, I wish to express my loneliness
A blessed creation like me is carrying a lot of astonishment
Thinking the answer could just be found in the other field
Thinking there is so much lacking in me that needs to be filled

The joy I looked for is just around but was just taken for granted
I have just realized it when I was far from all my beloved
I realized why I need to search for joy that I am full of it
The discontentment of my soul confused me to treasure it

In the other side of my world, I thought I could be complete
God forgive me, I need to understand Your fullness and depth
Give me the wisdom to see that I am so much a blessed one
Teach me more to trust the perfectness of Your plan

I understand that You are a perfect and a jealous God
You want me to rely everything on You in…