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My spirit wanders at times when I'm alone
I want to tune in into my quiet throne
My thoughts start surfing the subject
Yet my mind would like to contradict

I wish to talk and touch about light
That flashes the darkness to bright
Or talk about sacrifices and downfalls
Where my tears stream like a clear falls

I love to talk about an immortal paradise
Where no more worries and obstacles arise
Just to listen the laughter of the angels
And dance with the sound of heavenly bells

I dream to talk about the mist of the ocean
The breezes that ceased and rushing beyond
The sound of a blaring wind that drifts my skin
And the whisper and smile of my heart that reign

I wish to talk about stars and the twilight
That blend my dreams to soar in a high flight
Joining with the birds singing on the trees top
Dancing with bliss that flows like a raindrop


When you came to wander my thoughts
There's an enigmatic thrill it brought
I saw you soaring the calm white cloud
I heard you, uttering my name aloud

Hearing my voice for just a moment
Oozed you with so much excitement
My smile flashed like a sunshine
Completed your lovely day and bind

As you held my hands you gripped them so tight
You wished not to lost me from your sight
We forgot everything while we were together
We heard nothing but only our hearts whisper

Your hug so tight has a millions of meaning
Said nothing yet I got what you wished to tell
Those were the greatness and power of its depth
Those were the gesture of love and its magic


If you were a bee and and I am a rose,

I would let you in when the gray wind blows

I would welcome you into my spirit so close

I would hold my petals wide apart,

I would let you in to find my heart,

If I were a rose..

If I am a bee and you were a rose,

I'm sure you will never let me go when I come to you

You will hold my love on your heart and let it grow

You will close your leaves and keep me fast

You will keep me until you breathe last

If you were a rose...


I wonder where this joyfulness came at all
I shiver with the passion of my soul

I meditate.. simply bow and worship so glad
I savor the richness and bounty of Your love

Tears stream like radiance of a waterfalls so clear
God why You're so good to me and so dear

Do i deserve? It is quite more than a success
Couldn't be bought by so much pleased

I wish it will be experienced and felt by anyone too
Could they be able to tackle what I've went through?

Would they trust not by themselves but only You?
We are all gifted but would it lead our spirit grow?

I acknowledge my gifts were all fantastic
That include the tears that cleanse so great

Let's be grateful with tears to be with our journey
Since when we cry today tomorrow will be a joyful day

And now let me whisper into your ears
Joy is waiting behind your painful tears

Can you open your arms and let my spirit in?
Will you welcome my soul? Can we be friends?


Words are indeed powerful
Superbly shine into a weak soul
Nice words stay in the heart
Remain in thoughts even you forgot

Words are lovely breath of one's spirit
If they are uttered softly behind hatred
Anger is not an excuse of speaking bad
Positive souls stick calm and glad

Harsh words cursed no one else
But it is to one who uttered it
Never lighten pains nor a relief
Cause trigger the grievance it gave

Painful words are just helpless
It requires wisdom in order to refresh
It needs love to lessen the anguish
It just worsen with hatred and envies

Wise brethren always watch your words
To be embraced with and not be oblivion
A nostalgic teaching forever to be worn
Words are power and not a spirit vexation


Things prevail in its own way
Claiming yourself making dismay
Pains to one shouting false story
Couldn't accept things is a tragedy

When you are at your wildest despair
Embarrassing is not a pain reliever
Nor hurting one who is a lot wiser
Will just make you feel more bitter

Truthful approach embraces no hatred
It gives guilt to the one who faulted
Jealousy is not a solution maker
Humbling one's self has its power

No need to boast and no need to nag
Cry if it makes you feel bad and sad
There is no such enemy in this world
Every red heart has its sparkling gold