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An empty thoughts chill with me in a cold morning
Another promising journey of a brand new year
I found myself holding a pen, what I need to share?
Plenty in my mind I couldn’t express so well
My sleepy ink waiting for my emotions untold
Haven’t been burst but in my eyes it glowed
Days added into my life I need to be cheerful
Wrinkles of my skin I have to be grateful
They are remarkable mark of life’s experience
They are the symbol of my laughter and pains
Which I have been throughout the previous years
It depicts a woman of weakness and strength
Successful of having awesome and lovely children
Produced by faith and positive well being
Ohh, why tears welled in my eyes?
Why this pen brought me to cry?
Maybe last night I was just lack of sleep,
I need to go back my bed and have a beautiful rest
Happy New Year and have a Wonderful Days ahead!!