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Birthday poem for Jessica..

Jessica you're a sweet reflection of your grandma
In your veins running the blood of an angel named Deborah
She is as pleasant as the mystic air in our silent breathe
She is loved and her heart she treasured us in her depth
Oh Jessica, let her live with your thoughts and heart forever
She shines like a star above the evening's perfect weather
How lucky you are to be loved with this sweet woman
She never stop praying where your future laid beyond
As you are her younger spirit, you will grow as strong as her
You'll write your glowing heart  and it's flow on a blank paper
Be beautiful, be a young lady full of love and inner passion
Enjoy being young, let be an example and a reflection..
Oh, I can feel how much she loves to touch your soft skin
I can feel as like her, I also love my little grandchildren
This birthday of yours, let your heart rejoices with its best music
This birthday of yours, I sprinkle on you a tiny stars of my magic

Helen Sar…


Poem project #6 with Helen Sarita is now, finished ,,,, We wrote this poem together called Snowflakes of Love .... fun project

It was a cold snowy day
Light snow scattered the ground with puffy white
We stood face to face in love
Watching the different snowflakes fall
As we shared intermittent kisses as snowflakes cutely fell on our faces
Love being in our hearts even though there was a chill in the air
Nothing around us mattered
While white coated everything around us
Nothing could break this love
Love surrounded us like a warm cozy fire
We looked and looked into each other’s eyes
Knowing each day was an adventure
Knowing this snow was just being another one
We embraced a lot
Kissed a lot
As we looked toward our futures
Daniel Franklin

The flakes of the snow melted upon our warmth
Our skin glistened while to each one we crossed our arms
Our breathes getting warmer as our bodies became one
We danced as we flamed and never wanted to make it done
Upon staring at your eyes I felt like a …


Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin completed poem # 6.. Another great project.. One more poem closer to our book...

Lake Kiss

Us together
Eye to eye
Kissing passionately
Feeling love and passion in our hearts and souls
Never wanting this feeling to stop
So we kiss more and more
Seeing fireworks explode inside our affectionate minds
Hearing the noise of love
Embraced tight
Feeling the body heat
So much in love
As nothing else matters
In love with each other
As the world around us is a blur
We concentrate on each other
And that lake kiss
Because we will always be so much in love with each other to the end of time my dear princess…
Daniele Franklin

The romantic dreams of love brought us in this place
An awesome lake heard our whispers as we kissed
Birds melodious voices to this moment of ours, graced
Such an affection of two, a wonderful love to each
The sweet kisses along this  lovely lake, we share
These promises of love, only our hearts know to utter
This fantastic scene will be marked …


Poem #6 with Daniel Franklin

A day of Love In the Rain..

Clouds take control of the sky
Rain begins to fall steadily
But it is a warm rain
You and I stay out in the downpour
Dancing happily
And playing in the rain like two innocent kids
Having the time of our lives
Letting no rain damper our love
Instead letting the steady rain be vigorous to our souls and love
As I stop to hold you and lift you high
Looking into your pretty dark eyes
Then as I let you down, I share a wet warm kiss with you
Rain splashes us as we kiss and kiss
Warm wet kisses in a storm of rain
As we embrace tightly
Clothes soaked from the rain
Telling each other we love each other
Not letting anything ruin our day of love and time together
Holding each other, the steam comes off our bodies and clothes
As we are one
Being us
Enjoying this love in the rain….

Daniel Franklin

Rain falling down soothing to our innermost depth
A romantic art of love soon to give us memories
It will create tears to be reminisc…


I have nothing in my heart but gratitude and love..

Who couldn't be thankful to see your sincere and happy faces gracing the crowd
I can hear the shout of your silent hearts greeting me loud..

When the precious times of yours were given to me to the utmost
With your presence, tell me who couldn't be in gratitude.

As to when I can speak my heart to touch you to the fullest
Whilst you gaze me up, I know I am touching your spirit.

My heart is rejoicing this very moment for this gift of life
The songs, you sang to me were embraced in my heart so tight.

The heartfelt greetings I received were so much felt within my being
Who couldn't be thankful if my heart can see the invisible breeze bringing me such a blessing..

Yes, who couldn't be thankful that pathway which was full of torns causing bitter tears
And to now becomes a journey of my grateful smiles and kind laughters.

With this beautiful design of my life, God has given,
Tell me who couldn't  be in gratitude to that …