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My speaking heart is now again speechless
Feeling blue and empty yet full of gladness
I hold my tears to drop I need not to be sad
I able to sacrifice myself in the name of love

We are grateful we now understand our depth
That our real and pure love is truly unselfish
We couldn’t get all what we wanted to have
Accepting it makes the heaven smiles enough

Let us face the world moving on with a smile
Let us make ourselves as we move every mile
Wherever life may brought us in our journey
Our two hearts have only one wish anyway


I hope there is a friendly breeze to carry your thoughts on me
And I could send you my whisper through a buzzing bee
I wish you can smell my shadow staring you so lonely not glee
Walking on the shore while the moonlight shimmers on the sea

I hope you will be in my dream tonight in order to see me
To dance in our heartbeats tone in such a passionate way
That we would be as free as the love birds kissing in display
And we can sing our love songs filled with sweet melody

I wish I couldn’t wake up in this dream and live in fantasy
While you stare not just a part but the whole of me
Kissing my forehead and wipe my silent tears so gently
Expressing your love that never fades so pure and tenderly