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Here is the desire of my heart I could not express
No exact words would fit to say what it feels
I could not speak, hard for me to utter things
But surely there are lots in my heart I could be able to share

I wish to cry of pain, I wish to express my loneliness
A blessed creation like me is carrying a lot of astonishment
Thinking the answer could just be found in the other field
Thinking there is so much lacking in me that needs to be filled

The joy I looked for is just around but was just taken for granted
I have just realized it when I was far from all my beloved
I realized why I need to search for joy that I am full of it
The discontentment of my soul confused me to treasure it

In the other side of my world, I thought I could be complete
God forgive me, I need to understand Your fullness and depth
Give me the wisdom to see that I am so much a blessed one
Teach me more to trust the perfectness of Your plan

I understand that You are a perfect and a jealous God
You want me to rely everything on You in…


When I got to be commented
It was such afar to realise indeed
That my deep feeling within my senses
Is a light undiscovered in the universe

That my words are as fresh as the mist from the ocean
Causing one’s lonely heart to open beyond
Into a woman with such of sweet magic
As I express my moment of wonders and tragic

While some said I am one step ahead of life mystery
As they shared me what his mind’s eyes see in me
I just wonder how my words touch their spirits
Yet I feel mine is so much tough for me to uplift

As I wish to get deeper, I just never realized
The more I express my truest feelings inside
More hearts turned to pink from blue
More faces in bloom now smiling aglow


I dream to hear the splendid sound of your presence
You teach my heart to speak with such a joy it feels
My spirit so high with great delights, full of wishes
The romantic breeze of the night as the seasons approach
Made me to love even only your shadow wanders my thoughts

I can imagine your stare to me so wonderful and caring
The kindness of your soul so much conquered my whole being
I smile with the pain I smile with this strange feeling
I smile while my tears flow, I savor the mystery it is giving
So hopeful for an idyllic moment to us patiently waiting

With so much love that soothes to our innermost sense
It’s magical, behind the weight of trials, to us it keeps
Let’s continue moving taking our steps to nowhere
Let us be brave, hold each other and believe on its power
Love is such a splendor thing that lasts forever


Don't hold your breath just wait
Don't feel disgusted to yourself
Time comes in its perfect way
Don't force it and never dismay

Trust now to yourself more
Be confident and be grateful
He surely missed your heart
In every second that passed

Its not of your being beautiful
Your splendid heart he loves so full
You do not have to worry much
He couldn't find love in other hearts

Feel his pure and profound love
More than enough for you to be glad
Everything will come so fine
This is just a test of time


As I sat looking at the sea shimmering in the moonlight
Waves of your presence wrapping my soul in that very night
You were here with me, you just couldn't be seen
I feel the shadow of your breeze touching my skin

I wish to hold the time and never be apart
As you claimed to me I am the soul of your heart
Meeting of two soul is beyond imaginable
The joy of two hearts is incomparable

It might be a fantasy of a loving heart no pair
Soaring up with other soul holding hands together
Searching for a place where absolutely no pain
Into a paradise where all the loving hearts dwell forever


I write when I like my words to care
Like a consoling hand on your shoulder

When I get tense of the days ahead
And I want my soul and mind to escape

When I have a roller coaster emotion
That suddenly goes up, suddenly goes down

I write not just on my peaceful bed
But even when I'm on board in a noisy ship

I write when i want to shout the whole world
And spread my words across the globe

I write to express my immense gratification
And share my creations to all nations

I write when I like to convey gratitude to my friends
Who look up not only to my weaknesses but my worthiness

Not only when the sky studded with stars and moon
I write even my dark night is blue and is in gloom

And amid my busy mind and lazy hands
I write when my spirit commands


When storm passed one's way
Making blue turns gray
Give your comforting armour
And lend unforgettable favor

Sharing your precious time in life
Making the dark turns light
Gives essence to life's purpose
Don't turn yourself far but close

You are touching a needing heart
Doing such a wonderful part
It is so cool, life is not in gloom
Just like a butterfly after every storm


I dream to have words..
That are sonatas to your ears
Music in your lonely world
Solace in time of your stress
Companion on your solitude

I hope to create words..
Forgetting your sad past
An answer to your questions
Stimulate your heart to love
And give you inspiration

I wish to create words..
Filling up your emptiness
Get rid the pain of your sacrifice
Avenue to your joy and happiness
And a stairway to your paradise


Gracious possession of an inner beauty
Such a glamour of simplicity
Truly human, imperfect but true
Could touch one's heart in blue

You taught me to be a woman of substance
I keep being passionate and humble for once
Gleam of triumph had crossed my face
As I tried to be honest with my impurities

As our souls take a long walk
We molded a dreams written in our book
Unselfish dreams of hearts deepen our faith
By doing our best God will do the rest

No matter how long and far is our journey
Weary not as we can possibly make it
As a journey of a thousand miles
Begins in just a single step


Driving my way on the valley of ascending zigzag road
Brighten by the glittering stars above the white gray clouds
I was tempted by the overlooking gleam of assorted city lights
I dropped by, wanting to savor the cold breeze of that night

I listened my speaking heart if she has something to say
She was just observing, silent, smiling yet empty
But I didn't understand why she was feeling so blue
Seems there was lacking in her in which I just didn't know

I looked up the sky wanted to share my sighs in heaven
I was waiting for the answer why my tears were falling
I was reminded there is one star you called after my name
I asked myself is that the most amorous to me comforting?

I wish I could really be the star you named Helen
Even though it sometimes appears and it sometimes doesn't
Yet it gives you a spark never ends even of its absence
Couldn't be erased by time like stars never stop its existence


You just don't know that...

I smile as if my heart does not cries so much in pain
I stand firmed as if I'm not almost breaking into pieces
I stay cool as if my life is smooth and no worries at all
I laugh out loud as if not shouldering heaviness of my world

You might think...

I look so strong yet I am fragile and vulnerable
I look brave but the truth I am also so much scared
I am full of strength yet I want to surrender life
I have a deep faith but I'm afraid i couldn't survive

Yet as I talk to Him...

Courage flickered across my shaken faith and strength
To continue my long journey though storm teased my way
I have to walk on my cloudy path and keep myself moving on
Till the heaven allows me to touch the smoke of the horizon


I've seen the vast greatness you have for your lovin'
As you open your heart and allow me to peep what is in
I can hear the beats of its longing and its desire
To feel my warmth and to keep me always in your arms

Hold your sight to my eyes and focus your stare to mine
I can convey a thousand words by my expressive smile
Feel me as I extensively occupied your beating heart
I want nobody to touch, to hold me and love

How can we stop loving if our hearts are still breathing
If they are still alive, throbbing and not afraid of pain
When strength becomes weaker, don't give up, don't surrender
Let's ride the flow of life where our hearts beat together


Thank you for the joy of heart you bring
Your message reveals your innermost feeling
Tuning myself in, is really heartbreaking
Your breeze rejuvenated my beautiful being

Thanks for crossing and wandering my pathway
It’s an immense pleasure engulfed myself as a whole
You gave such wonders on my poor spirit
As you found honesty of my hunger soul

I feel the soothing touch of your hands on my soft skin
I can hear the voices of the angels with me rejoicing
As I heard your silent whisper, I noticed my silent tears
Take me in your arms and let me the breath that you are taking

I feel like an ultimate woman with so much to share
I feel special as you crowned me in your heart as queen
As I teach your thirsty soul to love and to give in
I realized I am a significant gift who descend from heaven

I am grateful I now understand the essence of love
It is a divine joy that every human deserves to have
Wrap me by your wings and carry me where you dwell
My spirit so full that I have you in my dreams


Let me be the angel that soars you in your dream
Let me be the sunshine in your eyes when you wake up in the morning
Let me be the full moon that gives you light in a beautiful evening
Let me be the single stem rose whose beauty makes you envying

Let our love be nourished and nurtured by time
Let it be cultivated by romance as it shines
Let it be spiced by caress and pruned by dreams
Let it be shaped and molded by strength

If those were my thoughts, they are wonderful and heartfelt
If those were my creations, they are moving and passionate
If those were my dreams they are everlasting and meaningful
If those come from my heart they are magical and irresistible

But those lovely words were real and pure
Its not just a thought, a dream or a creation
Those were from my the heart that really speaks to yours
Those were from my heart that breaths and dwells inside yours..


Love allows my thoughts to roam and wander
To search its depth though i find it harder
It sometimes lost like a moon creeping behind the clouds
And appears back to grace up my wonderful world

Being in love I give meaning to every music I've heard
Its soft lullaby cast me high like a bird in the wilderness
I feel like a dawn kissing to a promising new day
Fulfilling and its coolness allows me to float steadily

A message of encouragement not allowing me to quit
This is an art of God and a gift enormously great
It will amazed the world and will gain so much respect
A language of my speaking heart is so much expressive

I can feel the branches of an old trees bowed on me
The smooth and friendly breeze blaring me tenderly
I feel someone is now rejoicing me with affection
I am now so much in love with all my creations


Maybe you have forgotten
How long this journey was taken
Maybe you are not aware
How many years we've been together

I could not even believe myself
We could reach as far as this
Commitment is strengthen as time passes by
Trials seem nothing as years go by

I was waiting for your greetings
I was waiting for the phone to ring
Maybe you just forgot in the morning
Or you would just do it by surprising

At the end of the beautiful day
I went home and never dismay
How could you be able to greet me first
You even sometimes forgot what my name is

I thank you Lord for this wondrous strength
I learned from my husband within 25 years
I thank him for all the countless things to remember
Now exquisitely spark in me like silver


Here I am...
To give you a message melodic and smooth to its tone
To brighten you and inspire you when you are alone
To be confided by the language of your loneliness
And to fill up the blank space within yourself

Here I am...
To portray the important piece of that intricate puzzle
you are trying to put up together solving in careful
To be the last piece to make your life as a whole
And to drive your life safely with so much of control

Here I am...
To encourage you that life is so beautiful to live with
That we have to be grateful in anything we received from it
To meet the challenges we are facing in every now and then
Just watch me dancing through the hard step life is teaching

Here I am...
To serve you as sunshine of this perfect weather
To make you contented what this world can offer
To be the last woman in your side in our long journey
To remind you to be thankful you have me in your way


Keeping myself with you in bind
Content my spirit and I never whine
Though I can stand on my own two feet
Your flourish adds my strength a wee bit

A little fuss over would make my heart to dance
It would make my day and put me into trance
How feminine it could make myself feels
To be given your little attention and care

Just show me the simple things that remind
I am special and in your thoughts I occupy
I am not asking anything grand for myself
Simple thoughtfulness fills up my space


My faith realistically became unstable
As nobody in this world is infallible
Worldly things keep on its reoccurance
In my trust, they are my annoyance

I squint my eyes of so much wonder
I realize God's unfading love is forever
I experienced His goodness and I have to testimony
In times of my need, miracle happens along my way

From the pit of my emptiness
To the zenith of my completeness
Miracles reminded me, His love is mighty
As he continually pouring it from day to day


It is on the is on the process
I do nurture, cultivate and nourish
Wishing it would not be a dream of escape
To pick up flowers in this garden of memories

Thinking back of the days, my mind casts
Listening to a tune, a nostalgic reminder of the past
Memories that make my tears to stream down
In my garden, it was an unpleasant blossom

But the best is yet to come, I know
Colorful and lovely flowers nearly glow
It's exciting to pick the most beautiful blossom
In my garden of memories to where it will soon bloom


Thoughts fly drifting like a cloud of a summer breeze
Whirling down like a golden leaves of an old trees
Flowed with the trickle rain that falls in a hot summer
Kissing the path, rolled over and blown to somewhere
Cast by the wind and ended up to nowhere

Words could be utter by a lonely heart in grin
Clear and loud wearing a sound of silence
Searching for an answer without a question given
Wishing to smell one's shadow even for a brisk moment
While the tiny drops of summer rain becomes faster

Feelings are down at time of loneliness
Watching the sad sky heavy and speechless
When thoughts and words lovingly tuning in
So much things happen and bring me to wonder
Like the unexpected rain that comes in summer


Help me to stand up from kneeling of asking God
Let me feel your pure and honest love
A love that soars us high where it takes us to fly
A love that is forever until the end of time

Let's celebrate the feelings we have for each other
Let's dance with the music only our heartbeats could hear
And let us walk on the air holding our hands together
While we gently follow what our hearts whisper

Love me till the sun continues to give its shine
Love me till the moonlight appears for us to unwind
Love me even the movement of the sea stops to cease
And never stop longing to smell my breeze

You let me feel your desire, passion and sweetness
You embrace me by your arms as your breath increases
As I wake up from my deep sleep, a sweet smile on my face
In my dream, you give me a colorful grin of happiness


You are supposed to be a young pretty lady
Maybe so sweet, intelligent and lovely
I am so much longing for you baby
My angel, I am very very much sorry

Now that you are drifting into my mind
Succumb my thoughts, I can't help but cry
If those days I was just strong enough
My angel, you are supposed to be with us

When you left us, You were just an infant
To see the world you were not given a chance
My griefs and sorrows so much affected you
When you were in my womb, you suffered too

You maybe flying and drop on tip of the bushes
You maybe now with the silent air I breathe
Comforting me with your focus and loving stare
I can smell your heavenly shadow on the air


Peaceful silence on the air
I savored while meditating
Heartily talking You in depth
You listen my soul who is imperfect
I refresh myself in faith and I worship
In the shaking situation I face, I ask Your help

Heavy trial came my way unexpectedly
It needs a lot of my courage and humility
As things drifted my mind at night
I tried to examine myself and give insight
I was feeling empty and helpless
But I need to move on out of nothingness

I have to fight to win this battle
For the welfare of everyone and all
I know that it will just pass over
In my every prayer You give an answer
You are giving me comfort and care
You are alive, You are just there

As I am solving things one at a time
You give me hope and sunshine
You are a helping and caring Father
With so much unconditional love to share
And behind the visit of this horrifying crisis
I thank you for painting my face a smile


My children, walk without fear
As you were raised with all hardworks and prayer
Instilling contentment to your soul
You only have to trust and be faithful

You energize me behind my tiredness
I can afford to grin and bear behind difficulties
You are the reason why I have to go out rain or shine
As I can not stop dreaming even for a short while

Walking by our own pace with courage
You witness how I carry the hardship
May it serves you as good example
As you take your journey in the future

Reminiscing our beautiful memories
Bonded in time of our togetherness
Where things were not all soft and smooth
But the happiness we feel is what that counts most

Embrace the completeness of a mother
Watching you strong and bravier
Be thankful, cheerful and be alive
I consider you treasure in my life


Looking nice, attractive and good
Adorable, fantastic to behold
Ways and looks are all natural
Like the beauty of your very own land

Simple sweet and loving
Passionate,hospitable and caring
Brings sunshine in a cold weather
You possess that stands out from others

Smart in deeds and the words you utter
Though at times you became weaker
Yet, as you stumbled, fell and pained
It brought you more to learn and gain

At times when you seem vulnerable and fragile
You have to live the values taught by experience
And mold yourself as wonderful being
As the beauty you owned is not lasting

Be beautiful in and out
Let your wisdom spread throughout
A beauty that couldn't be faded by time
It will continue to glitter and shine


In an exhausting journey
I travelled quite a distance
Freely chosen my own route
A privilege that anyone could

I could have chosen the low road
Where way could have been smooth and short
Easy, enjoyable and comfortable
Embracing no challenges at all

I could have chosen the road in the middle
Where I could have meet some obstacles
This just would be a common encounter
We could possibly meet in our every travel

Yet I preferred to choose the high road
Where I climbed to the top of my destination
Motivated to pursue behind the difficulties
The rough and crooked road was tough to face

Determination boosted my confidence
Moving forward by my own pace, I persevered
As I reached up the peak of the mountain
I saw the bounty of the ocean, so exhilarating


Knowledge you are mostly aspired
Significant to everyone’s life
Persevere in order to obtain
The knowledge that some already have gained

Lucky for one in determining
To acquire better knowing
Ideas useful being smart
Some became famous with their brilliance

But merry not things are not enough
To enter the room God prepared for us above
Inculcate this to your mind
Without wisdom you will be left behind

Knowledge is just a simple knowing
Of what we have learned from this world being
But wisdom is a definite knowing
To everything God given


Even if I squeeze my mind
To create the words that rhyme
That would touch your soul
Without the spirit, I am like a fool

Even if I force to open my eyes
To write everything that inspires
For me to touch your day
Without the spirit, I dismay

Even if I wanted to tell you
I have my own weaknesses too
For me to be honest with
Without the spirit, I failed

Even if the time has gone
I was not able to make one
I could not share my poetry
Without the spirit, I am empty

Even if I am discouraged
I still ask God the courage
To my great surprise, I now able
Without the spirit, it is impossible


Share whatever you have
A knowledge or wisdom from above
Share even you don’t have much
As long as you are able to touch one’s heart

Learn to share even you are selfish and vain
Share to lessen your burden
Share for you to experience
Of it’s great amazing power

Share to have more
Share more to the poor
Don’t give it a doubt
Yet try to deepen your faith about

A joyful delight, that’s how I define
It is a smile of the heart that shines
An expression of a happy soul
Who is indeed grateful and full

Share without looking after
Of what this world can offer
We may can’t have a material blessing
But surely it increases our glory in heaven


It’s a new day we have to face
Do things freely as you wish
Do these one at a time, just make sure
You move on, behind the pressures

There’s no way of turning back
Because time flies so fast
Ride its wings, never be left behind, be sure
You continue to go on behind the pressures

Pause and give thanks
Trust yourself you can
If others can do, why you cannot be sure
You can also do behind the pressures

In this world we need to be brave
Ask His guidance, He is ready to give
Never fear, never surrender, I am sure
We have our Savior, behind the pressures


Thanks for the friendship…
It is not hindered by distance
Nor by the difference of our time
It continues to flow as it
Continues to make us smile

Thanks for the friendship…
As we gradually know ourselves better
It teaches us a lot of things
Though sometimes it gives us pains
Yet it allows us to discover its wonders

Thanks for the friendship…
There is a joy that came from nowhere
I could hardly get what it really means
All I know, if it is just properly nurtured and cared
This friendship will be intimate and forever

Thanks for the friendship…
Though you are weak and fragile, yet you tried to stand firmed
As you showed me your best, I learned to know myself
You delighted me and uplifted my confused spirit
You nurtured me and made me richer

Thanks for the friendship…
That I can talk to you even that you are not around
By reaching down the greatest depth of my heart, where you are at
As I talked to you, you smiled & listened, you uttered no words
But I can feel you, and I can feel the care you have for me



Where are you my words to share
Never tell me you disappear
My friends here wish to listen
Here I am now tuning in

Don’t leave amidst of my imperfection
Still welcome me to give inspiration
Just be there when I need you
You are a gift received only by few

Forgive me for sometimes being weak
Inspiring words, wake me up, I beg
You know that I can never be perfect
How can I, in this world of impurities

I nee d your presence my dear gift
Stay with me , please do not leave
Simply reading of what I wrote
Inspired me and my friends both


I knelt to ask Him for a rest
So much pain no words could express
Tears were busy, uncontrollably flowed
Over my face long time hadn’t glowed

Why you were able to hurt me that much
Though I had been doing my part
Yet there was a hope as I look forward
Seeing a clear scene at the back of a fog

God witnessed my willingness to forgive
To save the marriage that we both committed
To God who turned and twisted things back to proper
I hereby acknowledge of all His wonders

I thank you for those painful memories
Thru then, I received a lot of praises
I found my faith being strengthen
You are a perfect design for my life, God has given
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Why things do not go my way
As I planned it to be
Because He has perfect plan for me
My ordinary eyes could not see

Why He allowed things to happen
That was so painful to remember
Since He wants me to face the world
With full of braveness as I could

Why I never mind now to worry
Behind the heaviness I carry
Because I know He is just there
Ready to help when I almost surrender

Why I feel the gladness with no reason
Behind this unstable situation
Since there is a reason for everything
I just trust Him in anything happens


Moment of sacrifices and pains
That comes every now and then
Crossing the road so narrow and rough
Carrying bitterness on my back

Strong to fight the trials coming over
Prayers my only weapon to conquer
Lifting Him all my heartaches
Uplifted my confused spirit

Carrying my cross with love
Lightens the burdens I have
Knowing the value of every sacrifice
Waiting ahead is a great prize

I smile to the sorrowful clouds
I welcome the friendly storm aloud
It is not a punishment made by God
Rather an expression of His great love