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So much in me to utter that I’ve just held in my heart Better to say nothing than to tell you a kind of harsh We’ve a silent painful fight, too much blaming to each I shed tears, sorrows in my heart were deeply felt
Years and years that passed why my heart still shout for you? After unpleasant things happened, why I still feel this for you? Those musics you wanted me to listen broke my spirit through I was blown by the lyrics, why I couldn’t quit loving  you?
When will be the perfect time, destiny sets for me and you? We opted not to talk to each, yes we better not to We better be silent than not, it’s so painful though We’re sensitive of things that aren't gonna our way through
I did the same way to you and it separates both our ways We broke our hearts but still to each we deeply miss I cried tears thinking of you whilst I was on my lonely bed I know you felt the same, yes I know you surely did
With our imperfect situation, our souls were both at risk And that we believed that was just a normal …




Temporary passenger...

When I created my own truce on refraining to veer the inclination of my confused heart and give time just to hear again and again the words of God which I have fully understood but not being lived for to the fullest I hear the calling of my pen but was uncertain on the topic of what to scribble on..
I know I was dared as a writer to quench the thirst of those who also wish to reflect on this Lenten Season. I would love to ask if the reflection they wished for is only for this season?
Or merely from now to forever more? I followed my senses whilst it gyrate
to search the unsearchable,
find the things that I have already found..
I feel incomplete yet thankful to understand
that I am human, still breathing,
I have so much time to spread love
Which is so mysterious, digging it up to the pit
but still some of my questions
remained unanswered
Life is what it is and no words could ever give the true meaning
of our purpose except of emptying ourselves in our gy…


Helen Sarita and I have completed poem 23 out of 30.. We are 6 poems away form our book.... A Love that Never Wilted I met you in a crowded mall
Your beauty was immense
Your hair was so silky and shiny
Your eyes as vibrant as your smile
I fell instantly in love with you
And knew you were the woman of my dreams
And of my future
So, we loved
Cared for each other
Made every minute count
So, we then married
A white wedding with many flowers and children
We built a family with your beauty and kindness
Life was perfect
Our children were perfect
Our love and marriage were perfect
I thanked God for you and our children
I was on top of the world
I loved you greatly
I cherished you so much
You were my flower
My wife
My Love
And I was so happy to be in Love with You; A Love that Never Wilted Daniel Franklin ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even the summer drought couldn't dry the love that we've shared
To smile with the upcoming storms of our life we're prepared
As …


Dancing with you.. I danced with you with the lyrics you to love to sing with me
I swayed gracefully and moved by the love you have for me
I can feel your emotion by the gentle smile from your eyes
For long long years you were there watching me with sighs You were torn with the magic from my eyes
As I turned like a tide and danced like a fireflies
You found me cool and you love my self control
A woman who loves you, making you quite a fool For long years we wished to see each other once more
I prayed and asked God yet He wants me to sin no more
I cried tears but we both need to be strong
As the lives we both have, were not our own Jesus is proud of me as I invited you to listen His calls
I promised to Him I will take good care of our souls
You will respect me and love me more in a distance
We will never be menaced as we know our dance (c) Helen Sarita


WRITTEN BY Deborah Brooks Langford AND Helen Sarita Dedicated To Helen Sarita The Angel had a voice
She spoke to me in simple words
With no need of knowledge
This angel took my soul
And with her precious words
She gave it life The angel lives on the other side of the world
She flies with the wind
The breeze blows her beautiful hair
In a field of lavender
Stands this beautiful angel name Helen
That connects with my soul
A beauty from the word go
Is this angel from long ago.. Debbie Brooks (c) DEDICATED TO Deborah.. My soul always talk to yours.. I can feel the harmony of two Thanks for your sweet soul making mine fresh and alive too I feel without you my confidence will also go, they believe on me that is because of you You lift me up to the highest skies and people gaze me up because you first do I know my worth because you've shown me through Even in our busy moments your soul keeps her eyes on me and my heart delights in yours too You are on vacation but I feel you are beside me.. L…


As we take our every breath..

You've reminded us that tomorrow is not a promise
That life can anytime be taken, we can't hold this
That our dreams can only be casted by the wind
We're sad but nothing to do but embrace the pain
You were just so real lovely, so kind and bright
You've left passage of  love to open up our eyes
You understand things are just temporary
And how significant is love for the family
Now, you are one of the beautiful angels
Your sweet voice will travel through heaven
There, you'll be gracefully dancing and rejoicing
As you watch your loved ones on this beautiful earth
Let us live the lessons you've left..
.. as we take our every single breath..

(c) Tita Helen Sarita


Poem # 23

Would we still be wrong this way again?

You tried to push me out from your life
As I had hurt your feelings so right
Would you give us up that easy?
You have so many doubts on me
I cried tears and was deeply in pain
Sometimes I told myself you're vain
You've told me you'll never be mad
Even at times I made you feel sad
But here I am still, I never surrender
As you still dwell in my heart forever
In every moment I felt so much missing you
I asked myself if you missed the way I do?
I've no reasons but still I go for you
That was what my heart told me so
Allow me to love you in a deeper way
Wanna take care of your soul this lovely
I want to be your soul's best friend
I am taking this as a great challenge
I asked why I am still here for you
Maybe because I truly love you so
Thanks for opening your heart for this hearty game
Though we promised not to see each other again
We can take our steps in our dreams as we love still
Now tell me, would we still be consid…


This is another successful collaboration with Deborah..

Dedicated to Helen Sarita

It's all the same, everywhere I go
I already know, joys of intoxication
Desire for laughter
Routine for highs
Lack of lows
Yet nobody knows
Yet I see beauty wherever I go~

I see your laughter
As we live for each other
I see beauty through people I know
I believe in humanity
But Lord Jesus first
I believe in love
As I go to and fro~

A single rose represents you
represents love
smelling the rose makes me smile
I prick my hand
with the beauty
but it's the same, where ever I go~

I walk my steps with love and friendships
we sit for a cup of tea
unique friendship, like a diamond shining so bright
there is no beauty in this life without you
there is no life, if I am all alone
no joy, or smiles
without our satisfied sighs
it's alright, it's all the same
as I go to and fro.~

Debbie Brooks (c)

Dedicated to Helen Sarita

Helen Sarita please add to my poem...

Deborah Brooks Langford h…