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YEAR 2016

Observing to the  outshining atmosphere beholding my sight
It speaks  to me through the gesture of its candid light
Our tender and lavish welcome
A sign of great year to come
This year has been written
Fantastic and so moving in
Rekindles hopes and dreams
Flourishes whatever our way of
Outgrowth love in our hearts
Opportunities surround us
The intuition in me is strong
2016 is a year we've been waiting for..


Pleased with the ample  hearts that have sensed the sparkle of our inks as it dazzles into a paper splashing the emotion  opaque yet some clear As we penned our hearts with our trendy thoughts  we drenched our thirst with our truthful pens we are full of gratitude savoring our lush emotion we share our tender hearts we inspire each one of us how lovely all are we uplifting our own souls waving our gracious spirits to the highest mountain indeed we are grateful  to have our blissful hands as we tried to untie the conundrum of life we express our hearts even the less expressible just to burst what's within using our bestowed talent  spreading  plentiful colors  to every corner of our sight as we weave the thread of the tapestry of life.. we love and support these arts of  ours and we strongly believe  we are the masterpiece the best and wondrous art of the highest spirit graced with the gift of such marvelous arts together as one  we are fellow souls no matter the race no matter th…


Sowing the seeds of my endearing passion tree.. Believing it will grow versatile, lovely and free.. Its  roots will absorb the burrow of wisdom  It's trunk will represent  my strength upon Its branches will wave and bow onto me and my thoughts Its  twigs will rejoice the sun and air nurturing soothe Its leaves savor the breeze as it whirls and whisper in silence As it stand so profoundly and humbly with confidence I will snuggle towards its shadow to comfy beneath  And let my struggle slumber in and savor the cool air drift And  my trees of passion will then bear it's own treasure I will reap what I sowed as it grow benevontly bountiful. 


Christmas eves..
Behind those smiles capturing the best of me, you looketh There is  smile within my heart that cries from my depth Behind my grateful heart depicted through my humble words There is gratitude upon me more than my  soul abounds
And these sincere tears of mine to you now speaketh The wonders of my heart during my  Christmas eves .. How can I not be thankful to have my angels in a short distance? How can I tell you my Christmas is truly such a blissful one?
Only a few know we're coming back and forth to the hospital We're wrapped by  the graces and great chances of survival We consider these are priceless gifts, showered upon us The spirit of this yuletide season speaks us to merely trust
These rainy dawns of December glorifies, as we pray in joyful  The little time I've got to touch your soul, made me thankful My prayers for other friends define my own strength As my heart is now filled with the message I truly felt
Christmas is not just only giving and rec…


Why till these long years it is you my heart keeps to beat?

I asked myself why I couldn't teach myself to simply forget?

You calmly answered me that our love was born to last

It was then you filled my world with your utmost love

I missed you a lot..upon my skin like heaven when you touched

In our distance..We trusted our souls that perfectly matched

I imagine I was meeting you in  the  beautiful corniche

And I saw the silhouette of your shadow against the sunset

I remember  you promised me nothing  but only just love

How profound your words uttered from the heart

If I could  have one earnest wish to happen in my life

My only wish is to wake up one morning with you by my side



Collaboration Brooke Dylan, Helen Sarita, Caro Morphew @ November, 1 2015 The Hurt
In a run down life
Crumble for a moment
in a darkened room
Of chance
in a basement filed with rats
that stood on a table cloaked in darkness
lighted by the light of the moon
was the hurt...
Laying to be exposed for what it was….hurt~~
Brooke Dylan
I wrestled to fight this struggle
To maintain this aura of happiness
you were once adored me
But now I am left alone screaming
How and why you suddenly left me
Unprepared with all these miseries
And I could not blame to no one
But to the destined corner of my path
Paving me to this pain
How can I resist this turmoil.. am indeed hurt~~
Helen Sarita
_______________________________________________ It infiltrates every darkened,
shadowy crevice of my mind,
my soul bleeds as my thoughts replay,
unwinding like ribbons black ..
Streaming tears stain my cheeks,
eyelids close down, hiding the pain,
the searing remembrance of you~~
Caro Morphew


Your stunning brightness through my simple and plain words can not be expressed
Lovers under your white blush are the spectators in their sweet whispers
As they take pleasure of this rare romantic evening breeze

Still, why? What is the reason for these drops of tears?
Am I holding on to some pain?
I do not understand these racing of my heartbeats
Perhaps, I am scared of the howls of dogs of the cold night
Or I am scared while walking the dark path this late evening
Or I may have disturbed the restive spirits that haunt my mind this Halloween

Why has my faith ceased and desisted?
Why am I carried away by illusions of this life?
Should I forget the One who created this moon, the One who could tread oceans?

What a beautiful message the full moon brings
The sufferings are but a cycle
In humility we learn the value of wisdom that the One formed in us
Just like the moon, from a lowly sliver of light, it grows into the wonderful beauty of a full moon.


Sometimes we see the light
Sometimes our rays so bright
Yet at times we don't live our lives
We're empty and sometimes blind

We feel too much sorrow
Our lives are feeling  blue
When things won't go our way
As we all wished them to be

Our hearts wished to grab
To those we couldn't have
Our minds have plenty of thoughts
Spirits are seemingly confused

Let's give time to contemplate
Let's ponder within more deep
Watch, listen and try to reflect
How to rectify our lives and correct

Wellness of hearts will glow
Lessons we learnt, we grow
Have acceptance and a firm trust
As we have to live life until it last


Solitude... In the surrounding darkness behind these misty skies
There's a sudden nimbus pulling back
The sun shatters it's heat for a moment
And brings back to its gloom for a while
Here I understand the impermanence of this world
There be in time light where I stand
But ahead I see the dim clouds wishing to cry
And there maybe darkness where I am
But somewhere I can see the beckon of a promising light
I have no other way but to glide with fate
This moment I will savor the solitude being alone
Never will I be lonely..
As I am with myself wearing the sweetest of smiles..


I thougt you're just like passing by
I wished to know the reason why You filled me with love unknown Graced my day, made me bloom Time you spent was exceptional Your love were such unconditional It made me hopeful it'll be forever I never been loved this way ever We let our love seeks it's own way We let the deep silence to us lay Yet in our hearts we still do care We both think of us  anywhere Now our silence decides to break Our souls to each never forsake  We are still dreaming the same We  both love and never blame I thank you for being so sincere For long you're  just being there To when should this dream surreal To when its whisper becomes real To when I could touch you again And our love claims we're really meant


You divinely open your soul  to mine unburdened with all your glory

A soul  who wishes to take the love I abound in my heart

A soul who is untiring to infuse love into my deepest core are standing  in front of me gazing to my eyes

Seeing as if for the first time into my soul's beauty

You take my face in your hands gently yet strongly

You kiss my lips tasting my breath against yours

Allowing yourself to flow in mine as I flow into yours

Never wanting to let go..delving yourself with pasture never known before

Rising to the clouds being carried away..

Getting deeper..drowning into my ageless and timeless soul..

You are such lovely incredible..

For you..I am not just a beauty nor a brain..

Yet I am simply the queen of your dreams


Give it a try...

A certain smile gracefully shines
There are many stories behind
To reach a stage of such content
Pangs in life should be we'll dealt
There is no short cut in joyfulness
Couldnt curtail the turmoil in ease
Though worries are inevitable
As tomorrow  isn't predictable
Yet a fear to face is just a futile
In every step, in firmness be still
As everyday is a grand promise
For each soul seeking for a grace
Simply embrace every challenge
Move on pretty soul  and unfaze
Life is what we made it then
Veer yourself from a mundane
Embroiling others nevertheless
Wouldn't make you then flawless
Life is not rather a competition
Be a shining star of inspiration
That glitters at the dimmest sky
Fascinating many,let's give it a try


Bridged by strong linkage that connects
Into such a free nature of unselfishness
My bear soul walks though it's solace
Discovered  realm of heaven on earth

A wonderful creations of wonderment
Softly touching to my deepest sense
Wishing me to thread in its wondrous
If being abused she's much disastrous

I propagate it's wonders which for years
And to decades were taken for granted
An omnipotent mother unto me whispers
Through it's lovely calm peaceful breeze

We have to be mindful as she bleeds
Over the vultures of human greeds
The beauty of nature for us she carries
Don't let het grasp her own lovely breathes

Can we preserve these rippling springs
Where I can dance illustrating my my deepest sense?

Can we care these branches of old trees Which bows on me when I write my uncovered stories ?

Can we just ignore her presense
When she depicts her love in making rocks in a form of hearts?

Will we question her mysterious way
When she made a flower in an Eve shaped art?



A shine that beams through my window
Waking me from a deep surreal thought
Beautiful day again to pass and to show
In this fantastic world wherein we grow In each day so much for us to learn
I move forward slowly in each time
In each morning that passes I yearn
May some wouldn't simply whine In every color my eyes got to see
I appreciate all with so much glee
Each color has its role in every way
Whether they're bright or dull gray We couldn't appreciate brightness
In the absence of dry and dullness
We couldn't appreciate much happiness
If haven't undergone life's bitterness Started as an infant I crawled
I learnt each day as I grow old
In this planet I dwelt half a century
I flourished what life taught me my journey


Last night I heard a voice
Mesmerising my  poor soul
Engulfed me in surprise
It was indeed powerful
There was a soul in that voice 
Conneting my spirit in truth
An intricate puzzle to solve
Inculcated into my thoughts
A voice sweet to hear
Was shedding my tears
Though distance not near
I feel it's still in my ears
I was like listening to a radio
I smile as we're talking through
Each of us has our own flaw
This voice has its  weakness too
Mould me to wish not just a bit
That voice will awake my senses
That will again uplift my spirit
A voice with such a pure kindess
Yes it's a voice desiring a light
And a voice that gives delight
It will remain in my thoughts
And I will treasure it most


In the battle of
darkness and daylight
I contemplate those
feelings not right
Unleashing the tie
of my encaged soul
My secret tears wish
to stop after all
I was consumed,
 feelings were drained
Aches of my heart were
so hard to mend
Wish to give my pains
a pleasant slumber
I need to love myself
to live in wonder
In devotion to care
my beautiful self
Is a treat of heart
in which I so deserve


I wish to send you a greetings
You asked me to send you a poem
Don't you know where  am I at?
I am walking under the sun so hot
My sweats are fast chasing down
But this will never get me frown
As I am happy when I'll be in home
You prepare me  a sweet chiffon

He he he. .

Just be happy and  always smile
Enjoy life and always shine
Your ever  pure heart
Will lead you to the path
Of having harmonious family
With enormous blessings everyday


1- What is poetry? Why did you choose poetry for self-expression?

Poetry is a lyrics of a cascading emotion flowing like a music of every expressive soul. It is an artistic creation within that touches, inspires and uplift the spirit of both, the writer and the readers. Good poetry for me is not measured on how deep every word being put together but how much emotions one's heart speaks into writing.
I have lately discovered beiing bestowed of such a wondrous endowment and after doing my first few creations I found out that it could be a way to depict my oozing emotions, to let myself burst of all my feelings untold to splendidly touch some souls considering my humble being has gotten the wisdom brought by humility and life experiences. People who love to read and write poetry are passionate creations in the name of love and art. It is wonderful to share with these kind of individuals.
The other reason why I am choosing poetry
to reveal myself is I consider this art as one of the marve…


Cometh the day
For you and me
When each of us
Will turn to Ash
Such then our lives
Will be terminated
To leave this beautiful earth
No one else is exempted
This is what we feared of
This life will be drained of
Our smiles that glamour
Could be seen no more
The treasure we greed
Will all on earth be left
We have a lot of things
Undone and undiscovered
There are lessons to teach
And a dreams to reach
But when our time comes
Our clock will no longer runs
We are then nothing at all
But our mere self made soul


An aroma of an untiring breeze
Whirls into my churning thoughts
In every corner of my undying heart 
I smell you.. sufficed my entire soul You are a wondrous mystery flowing
In this marvelous spring of love
You are a river chasing in destiny
With the flow of my melting breath Moments became a treasure memories
In my deepest core to keep safe
Forevermore.. a vow of my heart
Till my heart has nothing to speak


Sa akong madasigong paglakbay
Paingon sa sandayong nagdagayday Sa tubig magtagbaw akong pangindahay Gihandom bation ang tumang kahayahay Sa akong paghulom sa mga buswak
Sa iyahang kinaiyahang dinahili Sa panit kung uhaw ningdapat
ang matag bul-og nga way pagdumili O madigayaong tubig, mahimo bang
mosuhop ka sa kinauyokang bahin sa akong dughan? Mahimo ba nga pukawon mo ang nahikatulog kong kasingkasing sa iyang kanailadman? Ayaw imakuli kanaku ang silaw sa banaag Kuhaig kusog ang mga butang nakababag Nga unta ipatagamtam mo kanako
Ang bidlisiw nga walay katapusan Sama sa maalamon nga kalag  ug espiritung puno sa tumang kinaadman O masaganahon ug mapagarbohong tubig Kaanindot sa mabugnaw nimo nga talsik Ang imong kanaas sama sa hunghong  nga makaalim sa akong mga kasakit Dagaydayi akog kusog nga makigbatok  sa unsa man nga hangkat sa ugma Pakatuloga ug papahulaya  ang nag-alindasay kong kabalaka O tubig nga nagdagayday
Pagkatam-is mangindahay


Whilst listening to the
sweet music from the radio
The engine of my heart
has ignited moving aglow In my lovely Sunday morning
my heartbeats were waving
Through its beautiful tone
its sequence touched my soul Ohhh..
My dreams were freshened
My fantasies have glistened
My smiles were full of meaning
My silent soul couldn't contain In fullest I felt my inner passion
My thoughts were full of illusion
Old songs which I fondly listened
Beckoned me to hold my quiet pen And I started to write
my innermost emotion
Which wonderfully engraved
into my soul's deepest passion


If I could just 
give you my heart
To let you see the marvel
Of its tantalising art
If I could just give you my life
To add you enough glow and spice
If I could just let you lend my soul
You'll share your light heavenly full
What I have to thank for in life..
You're allowing myself to rise
Your generosity of time spent to me
In which my loneliness turns to glee
Into which I always needed most
In moment of sadness and remorse
When life is not in sort of my favor
I wish one day I could return in whole
And you will wake up one morning
With me in your side sweetly smiling


I can read between your lines 
In every space of your few words
I can read your wishful soul 
Still taking my heart in gentle
Talk to me as spring so clear
That falls in its astounding sheer
As the blissful water drops
Why you are controlling much
That mundane desire of your heart
Tell me and never be afraid
To accept you're also so much in bleed
As I can tell freely from my heart
I love you and no one can make me stop
And I will continue telling this to you
Wondrous emotion engraved my soul
As I enraptured you to my core
As we nurtured these to reminisce
Our wonderful past silently flourished

If I could just cut those memories
Like a film so that I have nothin'
to keep and to remember within
Unselfishly I wish.. for your sake
So that you can have your breath  Without my love engulfing your spirit
But I can't. .
.....So let me be myself


I am not rich but
I feel the richest I lack so many things
Yet I feel complete I don't have everything
But I feel the happiest I see around all the beauties
Yet I feel the prettiest I am not a lovely queen..Yet,
I feel I have a crown on my head I haven't seen real angels
But I smell their breath
The flocking of their wings.. I hear their wonders through you..
All my beautiful and unseen friends..
and I smile... and I shed tears ..


Give me the air to breath for others' lives
Lend me the sight for them to see through my eyes
Let me see clearly what's behind that blue mountain
The exciting rolling wheel of life hopefully could be fore seen

Whisper me the meaning of that summer crying clouds
Why those cute hummingbirds are singing aloud?
Tell me why the waves ebbing sadly in a silent shore
Answer me why the breeze smiles as it maneuvers into its direction Then. .. You whisper me the sign how to mend their grievances
You ask me to show them how beautiful the world is
By teaching them to embrace the pain of their wounded spirits
That through loving and forgiving we're living life full of grace Helen~~~~((*_*))~~~~


The music of our souls blend
with the breeze of romance The magic of its aroma brought
our hearts to become one Your stare beckons me and
from my rest I get up to rise In your whisper I can feel
the amber flame of desire Your words uplifted me like
I soar upon that beautiful sky I dream to quench your thirst
giving you no chance to sigh With me you wish to dance
slowly you take my hand As I gracefully waltzing with you
I gently move with your command This time you captured my heart
as I am captivating your soul And our souls never ever tired
Loving each, our spirits entangle And we never mind who we are
in our very existence in this land In thoughts of nothing and no one
but our desires in ebb never gone I never know even your name and
even never know where you came All we know we are inside in each.
whispering our unknown names Mind not if you found you're in nowhere.
I will pave your way through my shine The essence we feel for this moment
is even unknown and hard to define How…


A marvelous dream
A scenery of paradise An awesome atmosphere
Chiļls our hearts alive A sweet and lovely talk
Uplifts our lives both And all the worries cast
By our real magical touch The passion of our eyes
Brings meaning to life The truthfulness of our souls
Is beyond precious diamonds Our thoughts surpass the horizon
Beyond our splendid imagination An enchanting amour of two
Fascinately deepen through As our hearts aren't in somewhere
But bedews our lives thirsty pen As we listen the hymn of our hearts
Beyond this romantic tone I've written


By my sweet smile
I beckon your soul

Your whisper am glad
I tender my love

Your profound words
Bonding my heart

Made me restless
In thoughts of you

Your words struck me
With sweetness of you

Tell me  please, now
Why am feeling like this

You took away my heart
And flourish in my dream

The tone of your soul
Has taken my all

Hope you  too feel
To make me your own

Hope you dream too
To make you my own

I will then wrap you
In the arms of mine

I will let you smell
The aroma of my breath

Your smile inspires me
Your kisses challenge me

Come to  my  heart dear
I will serve you my love

I will unwrap your loneliness
And cover you in my embrace

Come, savour me my love
Before i breathe my last


Moving towards the overflowing spring To quench my longing of refreshing To emancipate from the futile worries
And from the shackle of uncertainties Soaking to the cascading bubbly flow
Caressing my thirsty skin to start aglow Oh water of bliss, can you soothe more?
Awaken my heart to its deepest core? Restore my delight, Oh wondrous spring
Debilitate all the matters that hinder Infuse me ethereal light so brightly lit
A wonderful soul and a spectrum spirit By your own touch, facades and whisper
Heal the pain and bring me an answer In oneness with the multiple light bearers
Heal my world and let all worries slumber


I am a mirror of a real me
A reflection you love to see I could not pretend and tell
I'm fine when am feeling ill I am who I am that you know
I can only say what is true if I'd tell you less and more
That is no longer me anymore One thing I could only say
Love is what I always carry If you will come to see me
And here I'll no longer be You'll ask here and there
"Where could I find her?"


Behind our silent hearts
And our bare thoughts
I can not play the keys
Of our unique melodies Made me a while hanging
Whilst I continue trying
How can I share the music
Of hearts needing a break My heart's lullaby now cries
Tears chasing from my eyes
A silent sound tuned to leap
Touching our hearts in deep The cascades mutely soothe
It pierced our hearts both
Waving the lyrics of our souls
Silent music echoes our walls


(A poem for my mother
Best known as "Lola Paz") This is a revised poem from the original title "Here I am"
Here we are....
To give you music melodic
and smooth to its tone
To brighten you and inspire
you when you are alone
To be confided by the language
of your loneliness
And to fill up the blank space
within yourself Here we are...
To portray the important pieces
of that intricate puzzle
You're trying to put up together
solving in careful
To be the lovely and significant parts
to make your life a whole
We're all wishing you good health
now and in the future Here we are...
To let you feel that life is so
beautiful to cherish with
By the love of your grandkids you are being sweetly surrounded
You're giving us strength to face our challenge every now and then
Just watch us dancing through the
hard step life is teaching Here we are. .
To serve you as bright sunshine
on this perfect weather
To be grateful of having you is more
than enough this world can of…


MEMORIES OF OUR PAST When thoughts trying to lead
Those busy tide coming to ebb Comes together as to remind
We were once watching behind As we shared stories of our lives
It made us adore both our sides That corniche we used to stroll
Ingrained deeply into our souls As I watch the moon passing over
You might have gazed on in there Now it's only longing that left behind
When silent tears want us to bind It shows our strength from our veins
To our innermost feeling we leaned When time had nothing left in us
Only those sweet memories of our past Helen~~~~((*_*))~~~~


When strength became weaken Time made me frailty and futile
My days were seemingly dusky
Yet I know it is just temporary
Sometimes I was truly in flutter
In going I do not know to where My heart derailed me in my journey
Towards my dreams I became clumsy
I couldn't conceal to hide this sorrow
A journey entwined with gloomy hue
I couldn't beguile you with my smiles
Glimpse my heart you'll see it cries I embrace this amazing love art
A wondrous masterpiece of heart
All are we, you and me, her and him
Are battling in the realm of its name
In the name of human hearts desire
In a celestial love it should be aligned It's balancing the other side of my coin
This pain allows my heart to strengthen
This pain gives me light to start again
This pains has its mystic power within
This pain draws me into a splendid calling
To be a light astoundingly transcending Helen ~~~~((*_*))~~~~