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Let me be the angel that soars you in your dream
Let me be the sunshine in your eyes when you wake up in the morning
Let me be the full moon that gives you light in a beautiful evening
Let me be the single stem rose whose beauty makes you envying

Let our love be nourished and nurtured by time
Let it be cultivated by romance as it shines
Let it be spiced by caress and pruned by dreams
Let it be shaped and molded by strength

If those were my thoughts, they are wonderful and heartfelt
If those were my creations, they are moving and passionate
If those were my dreams they are everlasting and meaningful
If those come from my heart they are magical and irresistible

But those lovely words were real and pure
Its not just a thought, a dream or a creation
Those were from my the heart that really speaks to yours
Those were from my heart that breaths and dwells inside yours..


Love allows my thoughts to roam and wander
To search its depth though i find it harder
It sometimes lost like a moon creeping behind the clouds
And appears back to grace up my wonderful world

Being in love I give meaning to every music I've heard
Its soft lullaby cast me high like a bird in the wilderness
I feel like a dawn kissing to a promising new day
Fulfilling and its coolness allows me to float steadily

A message of encouragement not allowing me to quit
This is an art of God and a gift enormously great
It will amazed the world and will gain so much respect
A language of my speaking heart is so much expressive

I can feel the branches of an old trees bowed on me
The smooth and friendly breeze blaring me tenderly
I feel someone is now rejoicing me with affection
I am now so much in love with all my creations


Maybe you have forgotten
How long this journey was taken
Maybe you are not aware
How many years we've been together

I could not even believe myself
We could reach as far as this
Commitment is strengthen as time passes by
Trials seem nothing as years go by

I was waiting for your greetings
I was waiting for the phone to ring
Maybe you just forgot in the morning
Or you would just do it by surprising

At the end of the beautiful day
I went home and never dismay
How could you be able to greet me first
You even sometimes forgot what my name is

I thank you Lord for this wondrous strength
I learned from my husband within 25 years
I thank him for all the countless things to remember
Now exquisitely spark in me like silver


Here I am...
To give you a message melodic and smooth to its tone
To brighten you and inspire you when you are alone
To be confided by the language of your loneliness
And to fill up the blank space within yourself

Here I am...
To portray the important piece of that intricate puzzle
you are trying to put up together solving in careful
To be the last piece to make your life as a whole
And to drive your life safely with so much of control

Here I am...
To encourage you that life is so beautiful to live with
That we have to be grateful in anything we received from it
To meet the challenges we are facing in every now and then
Just watch me dancing through the hard step life is teaching

Here I am...
To serve you as sunshine of this perfect weather
To make you contented what this world can offer
To be the last woman in your side in our long journey
To remind you to be thankful you have me in your way


Keeping myself with you in bind
Content my spirit and I never whine
Though I can stand on my own two feet
Your flourish adds my strength a wee bit

A little fuss over would make my heart to dance
It would make my day and put me into trance
How feminine it could make myself feels
To be given your little attention and care

Just show me the simple things that remind
I am special and in your thoughts I occupy
I am not asking anything grand for myself
Simple thoughtfulness fills up my space


My faith realistically became unstable
As nobody in this world is infallible
Worldly things keep on its reoccurance
In my trust, they are my annoyance

I squint my eyes of so much wonder
I realize God's unfading love is forever
I experienced His goodness and I have to testimony
In times of my need, miracle happens along my way

From the pit of my emptiness
To the zenith of my completeness
Miracles reminded me, His love is mighty
As he continually pouring it from day to day


It is on the is on the process
I do nurture, cultivate and nourish
Wishing it would not be a dream of escape
To pick up flowers in this garden of memories

Thinking back of the days, my mind casts
Listening to a tune, a nostalgic reminder of the past
Memories that make my tears to stream down
In my garden, it was an unpleasant blossom

But the best is yet to come, I know
Colorful and lovely flowers nearly glow
It's exciting to pick the most beautiful blossom
In my garden of memories to where it will soon bloom