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The power of love breaths within my side
Strongly embedded into my thoughts and abide
It is such an elusive feeling that I adore
A profound emotion that came from your core

I am ebullient being wrapped with your care
Its essence couldn’t be identified wherever
Engulfing my unique being as a whole
Needless to boast and say I am stable

Elevate yourself on a highest ground
Look what have you lacked in your surround
I am not just the component of your breath
Contemplate of what have you taken for granted


Vivid wings carry me on a high hills
Serenely like of a nightingale

Never minding what so the weather
Flying in colorful feathers

Flying full to flush its emotion
Not into a waste but for a direction

To follow whether its for a keep
But its best to share it with depth

Only the moon and stars could sense
Could judge how great its feelings

Happy flying beneath the sky
Deep emotions could not lie

It glitters it blooms..enviable
Colorful feathers so graceful


Check out all your senses
Just don’t ask things out

Feel what your instinct is
That is what it all about

Laugh if this makes you happy
Cry if this makes you feel sad

It might be so painful
A bleed of the heart

It could be so cheerful
And all sighs depart


The truest sense of happiness within our depth
It feels such an enigma no words could express
A deep feeling and emotion no one could judge
It imbued in the deepest depth of our hearts

It is a content..simple.. nothing could beat
Do listens the angers,tears,pains and hatred
It will continue to feel its wonders behind
Strong storm befallen.. never it'll be ravaged

It understands deep the destinies in every life
Blames no one, hates no one and we never sigh
We firmly stand gripping our hands with a smile
Love proves, holds and stays in a longest while


I was once on the tip of the rainbow
Its hues merge my being to give a glow
Like a daylight bright star in its side
Glittering as you gazed up to me wide

You wish to reach me by your hands
You want to hook me by your eyes
You look at me like a real gold
Alluring me with lovely flowers you hold

But i was suddenly lost in your sight
You found hard finding me back right
You took your sight throughout... searching
Am in nowhere, now inside your heart breathing..


Smile glows across my face on this Sunday dawn
A start of my great day am sure not to be alone
Ever gracious giving smile to our Mighty
What a wonderful world He gave to me..

I can reach out my long away friends
My virtual fellow souls to me bend
They grace my journey with their lovely words
They made me content and love the world

A lot of good souls around the globe
Uplifting me high dragging me close
As their lives and mine keeping on its roll
They are the lovely oasis embracing my soul


Life is great having happy souls that surround so grateful
No reasons to worry, appreciate life, adore and be trustful
We are just passers and life is so short to ignore
Dance with the music..shout for joy and explore..

Friends share a vivid hue of the universe
What more to ask for, thank behind the adverse
Let the heaven feels simple things to us amazed
Every minute in a day life has to be cherished

Savor life goodness behind thorns come what may
A gift to embrace, to love and cherish, be happy
Dreams flickered on midnight breath..worries cast
I will live life to its fullness until i breathe my last


May black can be purer than white...and white can be mysterious than black..what color we may our places we have to be proud and glad..we all must have to be grateful..we are not alone, each and everyone is a fellow of one's soul..

We are all equal in the eyes of the beyond..only us are thinking we are more than the other being..but a wisdom of poor no possession to cast you to the heavies your soar..not light and soft..not tender in your float..

What is knowledge without wisdom..what is one being without soul..what is day without light..come ye faithful, let us be a sun of brightness..lets touch all the empty hearts..lets kiss their souls with the language of love..


One soul joining mine..bringing me to the world of many wonderful souls..i love the mystery they brought to me..i love their soul blaring on me..i feel uplifted..i am now rich in spirit..

Here they are joining force to welcome me...scrutinizing every inch of me..they listen well my laughter..admiring my voice, the sincerity behind it..they want me to stay..they want to hear also my dismay..they love my honesty..

How i wish to stay and soar with them in heaven..where there were no tears..where all is love..and purity..but my soul is humanly..i love to see the crowd..i love to stay with my savor the temporary happiness..


As I am now embedding into your thoughts
You want to cherish our moment and hold
My smile and lovely stare uplifted you
Like a precious gem you always want to view

You never allow things to be a hindrance
You keep your senses to wherever I am
You want me to dance with the lovely music
Composed by your heart tuned by its beats

You love the confidence that i have felt
Of being real stable and being content
Who would be asking for more in life
If I feel your love is more than alive


I owe you the lovely words that i wrote from my heart
As if not of loving my heart has nothing to utter
It is just as empty as the lonely and silent air
Just like a blank dark space of the universe

But having you in my life colors the solitude of my night
A marvelous fire works under the evening stars it is like
We never mind our distance and the huge barrier
It paves our way to become more closer

You are the lovely music under my pillow at night
You are the sweet smile of my mystic heart so bright
Your touch and caress for me are perfectly right
They rejuvenate me and the heavy becomes light

You bring romantic blossom into my thoughts
You flourish our emotions and our dreams both
Feeding me with your love inspires my whole being
It gives me a stout and a healthy great feelings

If you were to ask me how do i define love
In my mind I couldn't take any answer to have
But just as simple as this is its only meaning
I will define love definitely only by your name


It swims in a day in a wide ocean depth
And soars the cloud at the stars beneath
It gives a spark in romantic candle lit
Inspired by its candidly passionate beat

Adores the melodic tune of birds in the forest
Never stops its breath behind life and death
Forever lives bearing a grin of gracious moment
Giving a mystery of a nurtured heart insane

By the time I'll be gone it keeps on its existence
It is an intense expression of my heart in silence
It is eternal, mysterious, I don't have control over
It's love that beats in my heart now and forever