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A rolling scene flashes over
Thoughts reel and stagger
Unsteady as it isn't supposed to be
like bumping atoms and a tiny orbs roll 
 into the horizon of my empty chambers..
It is like crawling.. groping
to find an answer..trying to be normal being.. Searching the real wealth of an immortal artistic being..
Whom sometimes deaf.. blind.. and uncertain...
Just nothing..words flow gushing through the dew'
of an air we gasp every now and then..
My two thumbs just playing each every key of my keyboard, though..
Unraveling..gleaning the words from the weird I have met through. . Who are they? They are my unseen friends who give me life thinking I am better
and could fly like an eagle soaring above the storm.. wherever..
Yet, I am just one of them..the crazy lovable ones. sharing their emptiness. them.. we are having our own weaknesses
Getting strength from each others warmth..
Believing each one is just as just as fool as we are Yet shines as of the sun bright radiance. …


Imagining ourselves imprisoned in a close door
maybe we laugh, we cry and more

You stare at me with too much passion and love
we hold the lavish emotions we both have The fear and excitement will be mixed through
its always high and never gone low

The tightness of your hugs, the respect is too much
beholding your eyes upon me, with your gentle touch.. And nothing more ( wink) Yes.. nothing more to try
its ironic but even my fantasy could lie.. In my imagination so deep, it mend
the hollow and emptiness were filled And what to do?
When my soul found you
I am crazy needing you If I could just sheer my heart beat off the ground
If I could just deviate my thought in other way around But again, what to do?
When my heart missed you
Fool I would be to want to


I opted to hush and seclude
my emotion
Spending time and reading 
yours with illusion
But when I started to chill
with your reveals
You touched my soul
and my thought drills I found myself handling
my waiting pen
I was drawn to depict
what my heart within
My senses writhe,
like a film started to roll
Wishing to yell the cramping
of my silent soul Come share your art
lets give time to construct
A mountain of lovely words
to rise and bask
With those hearts flowing
in a spring of love
With those blazing souls sharing
their emotions that flood


Reminiscing yesterday's
dire of nightmare
Turned into a myriad
bright smile I wear

Keeping myself moving
facing every single challenge
Life never flows in stagnant,
it's a rolling stone of change

It is unlike a sudden flash
of mystical eve lightning
Tormented sufferings descend
in a right time, debilitating

Creeping to disappear like
a cloud in a sky beneath
Struggle is not forever until
I found myself unearthed

Today I am walking through
with my priceless smile
Glorious skies uplifted me
and I have no way to sigh

My heart shines after the journey
from a long rough ravaged road
Rubbles befallen caused by those
speckled rain I passed and coped

Pains never galllop...also never stay
as I throw every strife to the abyss
Grateful of fate to be freed
from an unpleasant travel memories

Now I veered myself into a destiny
of such a promising drive through
Shaping myself to a glowing shadow
of a beautiful dawn of tomorrow


Partaking my emotion I am always trying to suppress
Calmed down feelings, silence somehow bring me solace
As I continue to take my journey with my busy steps
Sharing my smile, facing the world with no mark of regrets

A twit.. a laughter of an open book life keep me shining
A smile from a true and sincere heart seemingly not lying
Yet a silent sound of a flowing spring of tears at night
Connecting the hungry souls in the name of love never trite

In the middle of the night it is the music of my emotion I only care to listen It is when I linger with my thoughts savoring the feeling that could not be lessen In the middle of the night I enter the portal of my kingdom to waltz in magic
Drenched with the shout of my soul, swaying my deep emotion I could't quit


GIFT FROM "THE ANGEL" By Mr. Jatinder Auklah- India Person of the Year