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This is poem Project #5 with Helen Sarita.... This was a great project to do with her and when we get to poem # 30, we will publish a book worldwide together.... Hope to have a big book signing here in the USA at Barnes and Noble in mid 2017.

More than a pot of gold..

A huge rainbow appears above our eyes
One side of the horizon to the other side
We look up in awe
We wonder if our pot of gold is at the end?
But then we question that
Why need that gold….
Because we are so much in love with each other
Our loving relationship is worth much more than any pot of gold
So no need for that pot of wealth
Because our souls are bonded as one
Our true love lives on so robust
While our resilient souls are connected as one
Making all that wealth in itself
So you will always mean the world to me
Never a doubt to that
Because you are my Philippine Princess
My Queen of exotic beauty
And my daily rainbow daily
Because when I look at you I am in complete awe
So you are the rainbow of my life and love


This is poem project number 4 with Helen Sarita.. One more poem closer to our book in future.....

Dream of romance...

Winter is in full force
Heavy snow falls
Blown about by high winds
Whiteout is present and dangerous….
But we both spend time from the outside elements inside our cozy cabin
A cabin with a beautiful fireplace
The strong fire warms the room and our hearts
We sit in front of it gazing at the fire ambers
Holding hands, and talking about being trapped inside the cabin together
But instead of trapped, it’s our chance for a romantic night
We continue to sip wine, watch the fire, to also share sensual kisses as well
Our hearts are sealed with a warm coziness
Our souls are one
We are so much in love
No snowstorm will damper our special love or our romantic night
Because anytime together is special
And always what we strive for
Because we love each other greatly
And we will make the worse situation the best situation
Just being together
What is most important in a world of chao…


Poem #1

A poetry series project by Poet Mike and Me.

Starry night..

Driving my way on the valley of ascending zigzag road
Brighten by the glittering stars above the white gray clouds
I was tempted by the overlooking gleam of assorted city lights
I dropped by, wanting to savor the cold breeze of that night

I listened my speaking heart if she has something to say
She was just observing, silent, smiling yet empty
But I didn't understand why she was feeling so blue
Seems there was lacking in her in which I just didn't know

I looked up the sky wanted to share my sighs in heaven
I was waiting for the answer why my tears were falling
I was reminded there is one star you called after my name
I asked myself is that the most amorous to me comforting?

I wish I could really be the star you named Helen
Even though it sometimes appears and it sometimes doesn't
Yet it gives you a spark never ends even of its absence
Couldn't be erased by time like stars never stop its existence



Love is Love which made us all glad.
Please know how lucky both of you  being bonded by God
Your long journey is a treasure to each..
The relation which might be imperfect
In a teasing of moments that passed,
Sharing the good times and the bad
Yet, striving and toiling  to be still,
keeping the words of promises and heart's will
Behind laughters and tears
Molding a remarkable strength,
Model of many couples
An interisting  life that rolls
Love can be expressed  and it doesn't  need to be perfect
But determined to be united
Blessings in the eyes and hearts of many.
Not afraid to love forever come what may
Beautiful lessons which are learned from thee
I am your friend , loving you wholeheartedly


The fantasy behind..

Fall is finally here
Multicolor leaves high above trees
As colorful leaves swirl about the ground
Bright blue skies
White tall clouds
A chill in the air
But one of vigor and comfort
As we lay on the green grass together holding hands
Near such a beautiful blue lake full of wildlife
We gaze at Gods beauty
As we are enticed by each other
And our love
So grateful to love each other
And to have this strong union together
So we enjoy the dvay
Sweet kisses
With warm embraces
As we stare at each other
While the wildlife and landscape is so alive around us
We can feel it and see it
As we share more slow kisses
We are so in love
And nothing else matters
So as we sit near the lake
We reflect on our relationship
The good times
The good adventures
The smiles and laughs
And thankful to have this special robust love for a life time

Daniel Franklin

As I closed my eyes
bringing my soul to our
mystical adventure
My heart blooms
like a wild flower
your heart nurtured



Nagpungasi  nga  mga  tanghaga. .

Nagmakulang  kanunay ang panahon alang  sa  akong  pagsulat niining  nagpungasi nga  tanghaga  sa  akong  galamhan. Ang  mga tinta kong maabiabihon dako  kaayog tinguha nga  mopadayag  niining mga  bidlisiw sa  kahayag  ning  akong  kasingkasing. Naghandom  nga  mapaambit  ang mga naalim  nga  mga  samad  sa  akong  pagbati niining  mamingaw  nga  palis samtang nagalingkod  ako sa   bakanan  niining  mapahiyumon nga pultahan sa  akong gamay apan  puno sa  kamahigalaon  nga payag  sa  akong   hunahuna. Gihambin  ko ang  mga kagahapon  uban  sa akong  matahom  ug  maanyag  nga  higala  nga si Rae Sayson. Akong  giampo  nga  kami  pagaaboton  pagusab  sa  among kapalaran  ug  maminaw  kami  sa among tagsatagsa ka sugilanon  ug among i-asoy  sa  tumang kamaya ang mga hudyaka  sa  among  kabatan-on. Pagkaanindot ug pagkamagagahom ni  Bathala. .nga  bisan  sa  kainosinte sa  among  duha  ka  mga  kalag sa  among  kagahapon, apan iyang  gigiyahan ang a…


I did Poem Project # 3 with Helen Sarita... Day Beyond Belief


Walking hand and hand with you
Through a colorful field of flowers
With nature so beautiful and peaceful
Butterflies swirling around us
We talk and smile
As bliss is seen so clearly on our faces
We enjoying the sunshine and the deep blue skies
And the company together
Talking more
Smiling together even more
As we make our own music
So happy that we are together
Just sitting together
Looking eye to eye
As birds chirp so serene
Looking at each other in bliss
With us full of life
Enjoying this day beyond belief

The mutual kindness of our souls rises to its greatest heights
Every moment for us seems a paradise
You're such gently having a kind spirit in your ways, In our stroll, you hold my hand and give me such an ease
The birds chirp to rejoice with us in this candid moment
 With colorful butterflies dancing with mystic melodies
 Our souls were long time friends in the valley before our births


Helen Sarita is my name..
I am moved by these beautiful  Women of Passion
I am just a reflection of the beauty of their souls.
We aren't  infallible women, yet we are passionate and true
We are the lights to those who are feeling blue
Our pens  are moving with deep emotion
dancing with the melody of our sweet illusion ..
we all celebrate life vivid and strong
gracing the lands where we belong
We inspire, support and love each other!
We're never hindered by our distance nor the difference of our time
We deeply understand the language of our friendship
We are the women of different religions
Yet we are the  symbol of Unity between our Nations.
Through our Poetry, we are able to express the symphony of our hearts
together with the rhythm of souls.
We stand out for Peace by the Power of our Mighty Inks!

Now I am crying with tears
not anymore due to pains
These are tears of love..
The tears of a soul so glad..


My poetry collaboration with Daniel Franklin

A Date in Paradise..

I’m glad I met you in a field of bright yellow sunflowers
With colorful butterflies all about
As the bright sun shined down on us in bliss
While the cool breeze blew through our beautiful and silky hair
As we looked at each other, knowing this day was such a great one to enjoy
We talked and talked
Learning so much about life and each other
Sharing smiles and good conversation
As we saw pretty birds flying about
Enjoying this picnic lunch together
With not a raindrop in the air
As the blue skies warmed our hearts and souls
As we were so glad we met
Because we knew from there that the days to come were going to be blissful and meaningful

I can see the butterflies
gracefully dancing
upon the vivid hue of these
beautiful flowers
Everything is full of life in
this beautiful paradise
This garden of wonderment
 is the witness of our smiles
As we comfortably talking
under the shadow of this
silent and hopeful tree.


Take it easy..

To my beautiful earth angel
I know for now you are uncertain
Haven't you trust your own wings?
It can even shadow to mellow some pains
It can even fly so high to answer one's  dream
Cheer up I am here with you, watching you over
In a far distance I'm reaching you to wipe your tears
I understand you need me hugging you so tight
No way to leave, I am with you in your battle fight
Your worries caused uneasiness of my usual day
Your loneliness made my sunshine  rise not so lively
Now, I let my spirit flies so high to grip your hands
It soars to the clouds and cross so many huge lands
Just to be with an angel in need of my presence
To tap her shoulder, and tell everything will go well
We will both worship God and celebrate in a blast
As He eases us while we give Him our profound  trust

Helen Sarita