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We let the music of our hearts cascades softly with its beautiful tune🏵🌻🌹🌸

Pastel purple clouds..

You are a flower
A flower that makes me happy
A new born artist
That can fly
That echoes pastel purple flowers
Painted in the clouds
Small sprinkling raindrops
Pattering lightly
Your branches cover
Your closest friend ..

A light is sparked In your beautiful eyes
A dream  that will always remain
Burning brightly for all to see...

Dear Helen Sarita
You are that someone that looks up at a pastel purple clouds that are painted your color..
Debbie Brooks (c)

I am a flower with red petals smiling upon my bloom
Whist waltzing with the soft breeze I listened to your song
Rejoicing with an angel, so lovely, enchanting and sweet
Your kind compliments, to my ears were like music
You're in that pastel purple clouds to where I brought my sight
As the magical grace you possessed is timeless and bright
You are a sweet heart, you are loved beyond words
You're a lady molding me to become a sta…


Poem from Deborah

Don't you see the sparkle?
Don't you see the love?
Look at those beautiful eyes..
All the dreams that are seeped in
Those dark dreams that always make
A play....a presence with lessons
That she lives....and one day
Always write down...

Her eyes listens to every heartbeat
She is an angel that never lies down
Always in control through every inch
Of life...

She is a timeless voice for us women
Her journey takes her to a place
Where wildflowers are deep in love
Where her children play
While myriad birds sings her praise...

Do you know this woman of grace?
She takes me from the edge of sorrow
For she is kind and benevolent
She is our wishing tree
Her beautiful name is  Helen Sarita
All the way from the Philippines
She may be...

Debbie Brooks Langford (c) July 31st 2018

Poem for Deborah..

With the shadows of our own..

Your words were a lovely melody to my soul, they gently moved me to the shore of my imagination
I gasped the scent of an ancient and conservative bre…


Daniel Franklin and I have completed poem # 20. Our Book goal is 30 poems.. We are almost there😊.
He challenged me to write sad poem of love..and I told him.let's rain tears on this poem. I realized it is so good for the broken hearted ones.. We were using simple words yet the emotion we poured on here was so deep.. This is a very sad poem of love🔰

Love Gone Wrong

I loved you with all my heart
And my soul
You were so special to me
I would move mountains for you
And our pure love
Because you were the only woman for me
My True Love
My Soulmate
The only woman I ever loved
But, all of a sudden it went wrong
So cold
No more...
Where did we go wrong?
Why did we not stick together like glue to fix this?
The sun of love turned to bitter dark clouds
We were not the same
The love went so wrong
How could you be like this to me
Not trust me or give me a chance
I walk now with pain
Great pain in my heart
Great emptiness in my soul
I will never be the same
How could you cast this burd…