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Don't hold your breath just wait
Don't feel disgusted to yourself
Time comes in its perfect way
Don't force it and never dismay

Trust now to yourself more
Be confident and be grateful
He surely missed your heart
In every second that passed

Its not of your being beautiful
Your splendid heart he loves so full
You do not have to worry much
He couldn't find love in other hearts

Feel his pure and profound love
More than enough for you to be glad
Everything will come so fine
This is just a test of time


As I sat looking at the sea shimmering in the moonlight
Waves of your presence wrapping my soul in that very night
You were here with me, you just couldn't be seen
I feel the shadow of your breeze touching my skin

I wish to hold the time and never be apart
As you claimed to me I am the soul of your heart
Meeting of two soul is beyond imaginable
The joy of two hearts is incomparable

It might be a fantasy of a loving heart no pair
Soaring up with other soul holding hands together
Searching for a place where absolutely no pain
Into a paradise where all the loving hearts dwell forever


I write when I like my words to care
Like a consoling hand on your shoulder

When I get tense of the days ahead
And I want my soul and mind to escape

When I have a roller coaster emotion
That suddenly goes up, suddenly goes down

I write not just on my peaceful bed
But even when I'm on board in a noisy ship

I write when i want to shout the whole world
And spread my words across the globe

I write to express my immense gratification
And share my creations to all nations

I write when I like to convey gratitude to my friends
Who look up not only to my weaknesses but my worthiness

Not only when the sky studded with stars and moon
I write even my dark night is blue and is in gloom

And amid my busy mind and lazy hands
I write when my spirit commands


When storm passed one's way
Making blue turns gray
Give your comforting armour
And lend unforgettable favor

Sharing your precious time in life
Making the dark turns light
Gives essence to life's purpose
Don't turn yourself far but close

You are touching a needing heart
Doing such a wonderful part
It is so cool, life is not in gloom
Just like a butterfly after every storm


I dream to have words..
That are sonatas to your ears
Music in your lonely world
Solace in time of your stress
Companion on your solitude

I hope to create words..
Forgetting your sad past
An answer to your questions
Stimulate your heart to love
And give you inspiration

I wish to create words..
Filling up your emptiness
Get rid the pain of your sacrifice
Avenue to your joy and happiness
And a stairway to your paradise


Gracious possession of an inner beauty
Such a glamour of simplicity
Truly human, imperfect but true
Could touch one's heart in blue

You taught me to be a woman of substance
I keep being passionate and humble for once
Gleam of triumph had crossed my face
As I tried to be honest with my impurities

As our souls take a long walk
We molded a dreams written in our book
Unselfish dreams of hearts deepen our faith
By doing our best God will do the rest

No matter how long and far is our journey
Weary not as we can possibly make it
As a journey of a thousand miles
Begins in just a single step


Driving my way on the valley of ascending zigzag road
Brighten by the glittering stars above the white gray clouds
I was tempted by the overlooking gleam of assorted city lights
I dropped by, wanting to savor the cold breeze of that night

I listened my speaking heart if she has something to say
She was just observing, silent, smiling yet empty
But I didn't understand why she was feeling so blue
Seems there was lacking in her in which I just didn't know

I looked up the sky wanted to share my sighs in heaven
I was waiting for the answer why my tears were falling
I was reminded there is one star you called after my name
I asked myself is that the most amorous to me comforting?

I wish I could really be the star you named Helen
Even though it sometimes appears and it sometimes doesn't
Yet it gives you a spark never ends even of its absence
Couldn't be erased by time like stars never stop its existence


You just don't know that...

I smile as if my heart does not cries so much in pain
I stand firmed as if I'm not almost breaking into pieces
I stay cool as if my life is smooth and no worries at all
I laugh out loud as if not shouldering heaviness of my world

You might think...

I look so strong yet I am fragile and vulnerable
I look brave but the truth I am also so much scared
I am full of strength yet I want to surrender life
I have a deep faith but I'm afraid i couldn't survive

Yet as I talk to Him...

Courage flickered across my shaken faith and strength
To continue my long journey though storm teased my way
I have to walk on my cloudy path and keep myself moving on
Till the heaven allows me to touch the smoke of the horizon