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The taste of my sweetened tears..

Seemed the days are quickly rolling
No time to feel of what's going in
I missed to ask questions in life
Where does the sun safely hides as
the gray clouds covered the skies?
Sad, I dont wanna simply just sigh
When the wind blows with its rage
Would it be right to stay in our cage
just to secure ourselves to be safe?
Where is the shine and the light?
My heart was filled with darkness
Some fought with the angry winds
How about those who were in pains?
There are so much in life
to thank for,
Yet, there are also so much
a need to pray for,
Havocs we dealt are
always built in our side
All we need in life
is a mighty guide..
Yet we then need to know..
That our lives are sometimes
graced by the angry storm
Its ravage made us wise and
left us a great lessson
It had spoken to us and
gave us a wonderful insight
Polished our souls,
cleansed our poor heart
and made us bright
As I scribbled down my humble thoughts with no enough reason,
I found myself silentl…