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written 12/13/14 For you our beautiful and funny princess
This surprise gives you a fullest grace
We were freezing all our breathes 
Our plans smoothly flow like a breeze Last week you phoned me..
"Ma..when you're going to come?"
I simply answered, "sure I shall"
You were seemingly having a dismay
That your day isn't important for me But that day I was busy running errand
To make this very day a remarkable one
I was doing that time not for my thing
But to make this secret plan to happen Darling, I know I had a lot of absences
To raise you well is my mission on earth
Yet I tried to make up all things today
By making your fantasy turns to realty


Oh. ..I miss your arms around me So much I need you all the way
Missing your passionate stare
Uplifting my spirit on the air I wish not to wake up from this dream
Shackled my thoughts at this moment
Where you breathed fast down my ear
Where we engulfed truly not a tale I wish to pave myself with the wind
Moving me towards my soul destined
But if it won't lead to you I restrain
I believe our souls will meet once again The rhythmic melody blends
The hymns of love unchanged
Give it's mystic power unbeaten
It will cross our lives at the end In our customised destiny
In our emotions of ecstasy
Love conquers the boundary
We'll have happy ending love story


As the mornings smoothly running
And the time flies quickly moving
Its wings plucked soaring fast
Lovely memories left in the past Reminiscing those years we were together
We were stucked by an emotion so clear
There was so much laughter and pain
Yet we situated ourselves not to remain vain Our heart beats in a steady tone
As they breathe for just one alone
Hearts struggle of what we feel in
We opted to savor this ever sweet pain


In the desert
We could see none
But the vast land
Empty and blonde

In the desert
Luminous moonlight
Rekindling the sweet night
Splattered the souls delight

In the desert
We wished to lay and rest
Embrace our togetherness
To add these into our memories

In the desert
We wished to celebrate
To be each other undisturbed
In thoughts of no one but our own world

In the desert
We dreamed to be there
With hope these things to happen
Now in my night it drifts to sweeten


You're on your way
I foresee faces in dismay
Dont you have a way to veer?
For us to avoid this disaster?

I can see flood of tears
In a visit of nature's monster
Can you change direction?
And have your wrath down?

Innocent children
Worrying mothers
Fathers faith strengthen
Prayers silently deepen

"Allow not please
To break and damage
The shelters of ours
In an uncontrollable hours
In time it passes
Soften its rage
Pleading in trust
In earnest we ask
Our hearts scream
Faithfully we dream
Our brethren safety
Freed from calamity...

Oh powerful God hear us"


When my heart is in tuned
And my spirit is in toned
I need to write its lyrics
A mission of soul it takes

As my pulse reels
And my heart grills
My mind is in motion
To relish this emotion

Sprinkles with the breeze
Galloping words I cease
Thoughts flash beyond
Plumb in a deep ocean

Here I am in life I roll
Waltzing on the shore
We are in thrill to wait
What is it about to wit?

Just nothing and senseless
Yet behind it's emptiness
I created a wonderful art
A beautiful lyrics of my heart