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MEMORIES OF OUR PAST When thoughts trying to lead
Those busy tide coming to ebb Comes together as to remind
We were once watching behind As we shared stories of our lives
It made us adore both our sides That corniche we used to stroll
Ingrained deeply into our souls As I watch the moon passing over
You might have gazed on in there Now it's only longing that left behind
When silent tears want us to bind It shows our strength from our veins
To our innermost feeling we leaned When time had nothing left in us
Only those sweet memories of our past Helen~~~~((*_*))~~~~


When strength became weaken Time made me frailty and futile
My days were seemingly dusky
Yet I know it is just temporary
Sometimes I was truly in flutter
In going I do not know to where My heart derailed me in my journey
Towards my dreams I became clumsy
I couldn't conceal to hide this sorrow
A journey entwined with gloomy hue
I couldn't beguile you with my smiles
Glimpse my heart you'll see it cries I embrace this amazing love art
A wondrous masterpiece of heart
All are we, you and me, her and him
Are battling in the realm of its name
In the name of human hearts desire
In a celestial love it should be aligned It's balancing the other side of my coin
This pain allows my heart to strengthen
This pain gives me light to start again
This pains has its mystic power within
This pain draws me into a splendid calling
To be a light astoundingly transcending Helen ~~~~((*_*))~~~~


Fathomed of asking myself why Flickered unto me and rippling by
Yes why is my sweet question ever
Why forgetting you I could never Now I started to smile and chill
My thoughts are with you I swear
Touch your face smell your scent
A lovely dream I cutely imagined But why amid my lush thought
I wanna cry as we suffer both
Trying to hide this gnarled pain
Pretends we're alright yet vain Unwanted situation we're victims
Hearts bleed both love in sublime
Now my tears welled in my eyes
My yearning heart silently cries Our love runs like a ceasing river
Couldn't stop how much we smother
Why we have to feel this intensely
It tears both our hearts immensely Another day passes by just blow
Another full moon to gaze through
Another waiting of a year to flow
Still asking myself why I love you so


Smile with no reason
Make it in any season
A part of your day
Smile and be happy Smile from the heart
As our day gonna start
Blessings be showered
Our day will be covered Smile gives beauty in you
It will let the inner light glow
It will manifest us peace
It will cure too much sadness Smile as it is just free
To make this land in glee
A wonderful friendship
Smiling hearts they keep Smile no matter what's the race
No matter what your belief is
Smile to the rich and to the poor
All around will be colorful A smile is the beginning
Of a solace well being
The purest smile within
Heal this world we dwell in

YEAR 2015

Let me encircle you with
The vibration of my soul
Great things to happen
To me.. ..and all

I can now see the angels
Rejoicing me in graceful
They're dancing ... singing
They're happy I'm grateful

Be friend with the universe
As it is blending within us
We are created by its raw
Be positive as it attracts us

Let's welcome another year
I can see more faces in glee
It's more fantastic I swear
Prosperous venture I foresee

 Light the glint within our core
Mold the passion of heart within
Sparkle like stars unreachable
Never tilt in a battle we'll win

Try to love life and believe
Life surely loves us in return
Let's smile and simply ignore
Those who want to put us down

Life is is much even a food
Meal of our soul, a passion thread in
A challenging journey we've to take
Year 2015 an awesome year to begin