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We might like far in a quite distance
Untouched with our graceful glance
Though reachable in a short miles
Yet still long and missed our smiles

Like a hymn of an old love song
So deep and meaningful to belong
Giving us a silent whisper and tears
Molded with such a feelings for years

Our breezes gently walking on the air
Our thoughts are mingling in despair
Holding much the content of our hearts
Fighting strong the shout of our souls

Where will we be in on this earth
Wherever we are in on this planet
What hindrances gave us dismay
You and I are just a heartbeat away


It is an unselfish breath of our hearts
Looking towards the benefits of our souls
It is wrapped with so much respect and love
Not just a cries of flesh that worldly moans

A deep concern of each of our whole being
Not just a hot flame of our hearts that sing
It entails a long and an immeasurable wait
Not a weak and forceful soul craving to meet

It is a soft sound that soothes into our ears
Not the tears of a jealous and selfish anger
It is a setting for both of us to be released
From a wrong step of life we will be freed

Our souls meant to believe love is alive
Behind the barrier that departs our lives
Time comes that you won't ask me anymore
If it is alright if you will call me yours

Let us believe the magic and power of destiny
As we are waiting for the last chapter of our story
Where you can claim me then I am so much yours
The breath that you take and the mate of your soul


Feel my presence that mesmerizes your vein to bone
Hug my breeze that turns you on and makes you quite a fool
Embrace my shadow that gives you flame in this cold weather
And listen to my heartbeat throbbing like a heavy rain

It is as abundance as the mountains during rainfall
It is as clear as the blue skies calm and cool
It is like a crystal that has no traces of smudge
Nobody has the right towards this feelings to judge

It is tested and proven by the length of time
A journey that patiently awaits the sun to set and shine
Its not just a fantasy of a soul hunger for love
As it speaks from the greatest depth of my heart


Savoring the perfect breeze on that friendly evening
When I was away from home this late of September
I was contemplating being aware of getting older
I wanted to content my life and make it simpler

Waiting for my dreams to come true for years
Success will never give me a sound of contentment
There will be no certain time to be free from worries
Being alive always be ceased by life uncertainties

As I stared up the bright moon calmly shining over
Its spark on me gave music into my every corner
The language of my heart so lovely and so clear
Considering everyday is a fulfillment on the air

At the end of a day I sleep giving myself a reward
The happiest route is to follow the will of my heart
Living my life to the fullest and never damn to sigh
The moment I will die, I paint my face a smile


Treasure each and every moment
I am with your thoughts wondering
I am with your heart speaking
I am with your soul sharing

Treasure our moment entwined by dreams
Its magic makes you float in heaven
You want to keep me always in your eyes
And never be erased from your sight

But sometimes love makes you feel selfish
Just simply be aware all the efforts I did
Yet you begin to hurt me and doubt my love
I will keep on showing it as it will never last

The more you hurt me and made me cry
You realized the more I made you love
Hatred and anger have no place in my heart
This is your woman so cool, so sweet to love


Rays of the morning sun gently wink on me
­I smile with my silent tears as it flow tenderly
­Now, the mixture of happiness and sadness
­The combination of gladness and bitterness
­Came to visit my fantastic and wonderful world
­Which is now exhilarating,exciting yet disturbed
­It is only the fresh morning witnessing the moment
­Watching me contemplating what life really means­

­ ­
­­Why it’s so deep to know what is life meaning?
­Why is it that it is so full yet is also so lacking?
­So colorful and magical yet entwined by tears
­Fresh morning, can u give me all the answers?
­Why you just smile me up there in a distance
­Why you just simply give me your gentle glance
­I am not clever enough to solve this puzzle
­It’s so mysterious, made me quite a pretty fool ­


My heart clings with too much glee
Its throbbing fast, overwhelmed and happy
What a joy you brought to me right now
Erased my sorrows and pains somehow

I would not ask for anything more else
Your presence fills up my blank spaces
Rejuvenating the withering side of my life
Making it vibrant, colorful and bright

Let us thank the heaven in our dream
Let the angels above tease us with care
Thanking them for the moment so great
Arranged for us to listen our heartbeats


In a way of climbing uphill never been so easy
There are lots of uncertainties and difficulty
Have spare in your heart, be open for failures
There should be room in you for tribulations

Worry not, life is like a rolling wheel
No such thing permanent and remains still
Now you're in the bottom, next you're on top
Be merry with your tears, you are soon to laugh

Try to look up at the gray sky above
Where clouds are doomed, heavy and dark
It creeps to disappear once you make a wish
To welcome the light ready to shine its rays


Overwhelmed and inspired with gracious cheers
Creative fire inside me is gratefully speechless
I travel, fly and sail away, nothing I could say
These are all I want to do as ever could be

Despite of the noises confusing world creates
I have to keep at par calm, quiet and behave
Behind these kind graces to me being poured
Let me be determined, unfazed and focused

In exploring every moment of my fantastic life
Not wasting the fast time that keeps me alive
I made my every second a thanks giving
And my every breath is now a worth living


I reminisce my past as I molded myself as self made one
Rolled over life, trying to get a chance to reach beyond
Into the high clouds and look over the wonders of earth
How I wished myself to touch the edge of the universe

Pains, obstacles, miseries gave me wing to fly so high
Soaring over with the stars, moon at the brightest sky
Full of dreams, full of hopes waiting to land and shine
Fulfillment of a woman’s great desire would all be mine

At the drop of a hat, best places were belonged to my patch
Driven on my awareness of my shocking excitement as such
Overwhelmed to dispel those clouds that gave me a doubt
In a thousand of wonderment I thank my braveness aloud

Yet it was not my feet bringing me over this promising land
I was put in here to shine over minds dimmed and damn
The wisdom so clear is a gift to conquer your wicked thoughts
Be broad, be light, I will bring you to my venture across

What a good experience needed to be shared to my generation
I wrote every inch of my long journey not to be o…


As time uncontrollably rolled
Into my promising new world
My sweats embrace my way
As I offer You my work today

My hard work and dedication that inspire
My tasks and my prayers combine
I offer this to the sweet heaven above
I realized I can pray while doing my job

At the end of the day I need not to ask a lot
I just tell Him the gladness of my heart
My challenge everyday means so much
A food of my growth that I need to catch

My tired muscle wants a good rest at night
With a peaceful soul smiling like a twilight
I will wake up meeting the beautiful sunshine
Starting another day with vigor and shine


Faith can move mountain
It can even turn gray to pink
So if you are asking for a rain
Prepare an umbrella as it will happen

Don’t ever doubt and keep your trust
Make yourself deserving on His love
He will meet you according to your faith
He will never fail to grant your request

Sometimes He tests our sincerity to Him
By giving trials depending on our strength
When He finds we are strong enough
He gives us obstacles that are tough

Yet never give up never surrender
He is just watching us up there
Continue to fight and win the battle
He is just molding us to be so strong

In my life His love has been proven
In my every fall He raises me up often
I never doubted that He would never answer
It is His perfect time that He rested me over

All the obstacles that I have been through
Made me a lot grateful as to where I grew
I value all those tenses and pressures
It’s a gift of love that I have to treasure


Good bye as you can never see my smile
I’ll be away not just for a little while
You will be wrapped with beautiful memories
You will be much missing all my mysteries

Good bye as you will be thinking the days you wasted
You might just think I’ll be here forever and never leave
Waiting to kiss even the presence of your breeze
You failed me and I will go away in peace

Good bye as you will be missing me all throughout
The laughter of our souls and the sharing of our thoughts
I have embraced and wandered with your cool spirit
It was so amazing, wonderful and so great

Good bye as you can never smell my shadow
I have to make a sudden change out of the blue
Enfolded by dismay I need not to led astray
Feeding my soul I have to find my way


My arduous journey of a life time
Having no choice or the right to refuse
I was born to live and love for this mission
It’s sometimes so heavy yet full of adventure

In this journey I have no way of turning back
I have to move going on and search my luck
As things get hard on this tough situation I face
It’s just a sign that I am now in a tunnel of success

One day I will wake up reminiscing wonderful memories
Wonderful experiences of pains molded by its magical spices
I see myself smiling with things I remember from my past
The sweats of tense and things which were good and bad

I can see myself thanking even to the dark moon in my night
I thank the tears that cleansed my lens for me to look bright
I thank those unfaithful friends leaving me a great lesson
And I thank the tease of life visiting me for a good reason

I have learned a lot what life teaches me in this journey
To humble myself, to be grateful in all things and be merry
The measurement of success is the joy of heart not th…


I am sorry that I feel sad and lonely today
I suppose to smile and supposed to be happy
As you are here just watching and loving me
But what makes me feel ungrateful and dismay

Give me the happiness of heart that I need
Not for myself but for the people who waited
Make an easy yoke for me and give me a rest
Guide me what to do and I will give my best

My simple dream is to be happy not to be wealthy
My mission is to care and serve unselfishly
My paradise is to give them my helping hands
Why that until now seems still not given a chance

Give me the happiness that I longingly wait
Brighten my sad eyes by heavenly lit
Let my heart to feel the graces that lighten
Let me rest for now from my heavy burden


Life is so short to live yet be grateful that you and I have it
Make it a wonderful piece of art bringing mystery so deep
The choice that one must be thorough careful in every step
As the art of life teaches us to strengthen our faith

Don’t be ever close to perfection for you to learn more
Allow yourself to fall and stumble to make you considerable
Be humble in accepting your faults as it will raise you up
Willingness to be better makes the heaven to smile enough

Yet dream to be happy one day but not just temporarily
Allow not to be influenced from those who are worldly
Try to encourage others to give love and be an inspiration
Walking through the beauty of your heart is a great possession


Your touch of love this valentines
A light taken for granted through time
Strikes towards the dimness of my soul
Wonderful gift undoubtedly a miracle

No one could love me as pure as this
No one could set me free like a bird
Now my wings got tired to see the world
My flock weaken,unsatisfied, now bored

My journey teaches me a lot of lessons to learn
My failures remind me to rely only Your strength
Yet my wisdom conquers the weakness of my soul
Equip me to fight the battle of my spirit so poor

You want me to be an instrument to touch many lives
You whisper me to share that Your glory so bright
You want me to offer my life till the end of time
Here is my heart my gift for You this Valentine


Wind whirls along the atmosphere
Makes my spirit and sense go dare
Has no way to halt but just persevere
Success is now much coming closer

Confident of having a great faith
As I take my pace on my way to it
I fell at times and lose many times
But all those failures I never mind

Having hope has no way to surrender
With all my strength I fight my fear
Not just easy but I never stop trying
I am soon winning like a real queen