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How did I walk through that path
It was not smooth it was rough
Burden was born by my side
To survive I delved...I thrived I was a princess when I grew up
I was an apple of many hearts
I was given attention and care
That led me no way to dream Yet life then twisted into a drastic
On my shoulder cross being etched
To suffer my own self I challenged
Confident things will all be mended It's hard to carry weight on my back
I embraced as I see treasure and luck
Being abused for having a kind spirit
Mocked till I became greatly polished Here I'm now a gem of confidence
In pebbles seldom to be mixed in
My glitters are now scrutinised much
My brilliance exquisitely giving a guts I became a soul I became a spirit
My future is wonderful I sensed it
No more worries with my dreams
As of now it's fulfilled in every moment


On board on a boat 
My spirit wants to float
Sunrise in my view
Gives my face aglow
At the sky beneath
Clouds are in a contest
Like a wonderful paint
Telling me a story
Like a free movie
That hills at far
Speaking to me ajar
The sea this boat lay
Glistening much my day
It is a vast richness
A paradise on earth
I contemplate this scenery
Abundance is superbly
The beauty of nature
That sometimes we ignore
Is just anywhere free
Gives us enough a glee


We travel this far now Baby Amazing to have this journey
With you always in my thought
In my heart a lesson being taught In that valley with moving scenery
Splendid terrain overlooking the sea
In the park of our claimed Kingdom
We strolled to get rid our boredom Those old trees became our witness
And the vivid grasses in a misty eve
The cats were in a hide and seek play
Chill & release the stress we'd in a day It was all fresh past to reminisce
The worries of love in its nature pace
The cries of our imperfect situation
With perfect love it keeps moving on Those were the days and this is now
With our sweet love we bend to bow
The screaming of our destined souls
No barrier to hinder we give our all The essence of love we learned
Is even no way to have us at the end
But we both strongly believing in
We owned each our own heart within That even the time won't favor us
In every beat of our hearts we trust
That even we couldn't utter a single word
The language of our love is…


Give me the smile
That will release
The spirit of your love
And the pain no more

Give me the kiss
That will take out
The thorn ingrained
And sadness will drain

Give the hugs
That will cast
The ache of my heart
And it will be a blast

Give me the words
That will deeply soothe
The innermost of my soul
And I will love you much more


Your body is teared of to die
Almost consumed by your cry

It's about time to slap your face
Wake up from this foolishness

Don't allow your regretful soul
To see your dying body on the floor

Look for love that make you smile
Uplift and float your spirit high

You stand and dressed yourself
To him you say good bye and leave 

He will notice your blushing face
And and see your eyebrows raise

Ignore him just wave your hips
Let his eyes be rounded with regrets


Taking a pose
Zoom to close
Then go and move
To fix and rove

Almost consumed
Of tears absurd
Just walk through
Time to let go

Quit yearning
Stop seeking
Self has worth
Learn in huge

For life will veer
Find way in thrill
A wonder prize
Full of surprise

Be firmed to trust
Tomorrow has blast
Written and made
On a palm engraved

Cross pains to learn
All heartaches mend
Have faith in His will
Tomorrow will tell


Alone I see the amber shadow
The mountain of hope in glow
I heard the birds on me hymn
A song in my gloomy evening Alone I see my lonely self
Silently shedding my tears
Who owned me in this valley?
Accompanying me in calvary? Alone there's so much to remember
Things I disposed that fester
The fraught of yester years
Ohhh my spirit yelling in tears Alone I am speaking to my shadow
What's the essence of tomorrow
If tonight I watch the unseen moon Talking to my lonesome heart.. Alone..


When pain filters our souls
And tears brighten our sights
Surely there'll be a balance in life
Ahead we'll see things gonna be right When our hearts screamed for love
And we missed each other so hard
We wonder what to come ahead
To untold destiny we'll be thrilled When dream sparks our nights
Uncertainties rolled our minds
There's no way for us to predict
We'll just wait our futures to lead As darkness comes at day end
Our bodies and minds rest and bend
Our souls never tired on mingling
Around the clock non stop loving


Just fool as he and she are in lovin'
Smiling towards the empty wind
Daydreaming a wondrous art
An illusive dreams of my heart

Giving music to my uncertain soul
Soaring the sky like an eagle
Swimming in a deep vast ocean
To express my loving heart beyond

Like a roadside spring fast flowing
And a downhill crystal river running
Am moving the stagnant waters
In a wisdom I've got from tears

Speaking the lyrics of my heart
Floating the power of magic love
Enjoying the waves of high emotion
Giving love without any condition

Hiding sad emotion behind my smile
Embracing life and never dare to sigh
Trying to behave like a woman so cool
But I have my know it all

This is me...


Seemingly the hard and rough times
Are on their visit into the writers lives
As I toned to the flow of our words
Weather seems undirected our world

If you are in your pain, sad and mad?
Did you think you are alone not glad?
We are all in tuned the lonely music
We are in tears of our hearts every lyric

We are writers..poets and poetesses
We are all artistic to draw our sentiments
Our emotions so high, so our imaginations
We love so deep..and so our illusions

Now your tears and mine are in marathon
Fast flowing.. gasping our breathes on
Writers are in love..writers in despairs
Let's move on..let's move on... Tears!!!


I am one of them now
Storm tried to ravage me somehow But here I stand still smiling
Here I sway my hand sweating It's not just as easy to survive
It takes a lot of courage to be alive But once storm will visit me ahead
I will embrace it's befalling on my head


When I read your poetry
I chilled with your words so lovely
Uplifting my heart sinks
Drowned with high winks Ohh how I love this art..It touches my heart
Caressing my sweet soul..
It made me love and more

I smile. .I write..I express
What is inside..It's a grace
It's a gift bestowed upon you and me
Hide this feeling not..let it be free
Now I am with you clinging
Flying beneath my wings
Soaring across the globe
Embrace my words and hold Spread love...
Spread in glad..
You and me..Let's be glee
Let's share our arts of poetry