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Helen A. Sarita and I have finished Poem #12 now... We are working toward our goal of a book together at the end of year.. The title of this poem is "Twilight Sky"

Twilight sky
Two people together
Eyes to eyes
love to love
Looking up at the stars
Wishing upon millions of lights
Holding hands
Feeling the warm air and love in d air
Never wanting this to end
As our night is perfect
Perfect for us
Because time together is a million lights
Lights of Love and Life
To never ever fade away....


Treasured moment we celebrate at night
Our rendezvous beneath the moonlight
Staring at your lovely and romantic eyes
Speechless, you're wonderful by my sight
You hold my hands with so much meaning
Your embrace is so tight in this lovely evening
I dream for a longer time to enjoy my night with you
As  the warmth of your love graces my life through

 Helen A. Sarita