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Last Poem for 2018!
Daniel Franklin sent me a very sad poem for our book. It's Poem # 22. I tried to finish it before midnight. It's not good to be sad tomorrow🍁. He said its like a knife killing him😊 See? There is always beauty in sadness and many would shed tears upon reading this collaboration of ours🔰. I am sorry Bud if this made you sad, this simply means we are successsful in pouring our emotions for this poem!
Happy New Year to you!

Broken Love

We were so in love
Proud of each other
Had many plans for a future
But it seemed in a blink of an eye, it was all gone
What went wrong?
Where did we go wrong?
Are there any answers?
Because now we so distant
So far apart
We did not even end it good
Not even as friends
More like strangers from another Planet
How can Strong Love go so bad?
Was it Pride?
Was it Attitudes?
Was it Tempers?
Or was it something else?
Maybe we will never know…
I remember the good days
The special days
The days that went right
But now I re…


My Poetic Journal..

Year 2018 has given me a tremendous experience in many aspects of my life and it has proven my worth to a certain situation. As I continued to execute humility, patience and control, I can firmly attest to the world that these virtues are essential to become worthful. There were times that some wished to drag me down and that I have to rise myself high in my most humble way to win my battle. I let my actions promulgate who really I am as a person, after all great people can read  genuine  heart without hearing a single word. As I poured my spirit to whatever I was working of,  whether I was writing a poem or doing anything for my living I only carried my true self doing the best I could be not minding the time nor anything unpleasant to ruin my day. I experienced both the abundance and insufficiency this year but I deeply consider these as teaching and a challenge which are never ending in life. At the end of my day, I couldn't even speak to the Lord so long at…


Yes!...9 more poems to complete our book!

Christmas love..

It was a cold night
As I strolled a Star filled sky
I certainly was down on my luck
And with love as well
But hopeful
Nevertheless, I walked closer to the Christmas Tree in the local town
A small town of Northeast America
But that is when I saw you
Your eyes so bright
Your hair so soft and frizzy
A smile that could stop any man in his steps
I was amazed
Caught up with your beauty
Then that is when you saw my dark eyes
My mixed hair
We made eye contact
We walked closer, as smiles were radiant among the stars and Christmas Lights
Then that there is when we officially met
Talked continuously without boredom
Knowing we were made for each other
So, we stood by the Christmas Tree
Light so lively
Stars so cheerful
I held your soft face
Looking into your brilliant eyes
Kissing you
As I told you I loved you
You responded with a warm and loving kiss
As our lips were sealed with love and future
What a Christmas Gift
The …


Answer  to Helen Sarita poem

Let's sleep away November, till the dawn of December  Where  we will be merry one more time.. as we look at our children's faces
As we wake in a golden era... looking for the sparkle, looking for the love...seeing those amazing eyes where all dreams visit..

A play, a presence with laughter and her muse never let's  her down.. her muse listens to every heartbeat as angels tarry around, a timeless voice for all as we smile another smile laugh another laugh, her muse never let's us down..

December of grace and happiness, love so true
We wait with baited breath with slight wind  blowing in the night kissing the angels eyes
In the mortal stars of night...let's be jolly as we wait for her muse to complete  the  thought of who we are. Our dear Helen. Let's just be..

Happy November turning into  December the month of love..

Debbie Brooks (c)


Projecting our Dreams is such
a kind of Positivity... never allow
anyone to control the Strength
and Capacity of our Wings...
Don't let our Journey be Hindered
by the dimmed Shadow of our Past
Our bright Tommorow awaits us
as we ready our Wings to flock
Soar high like Eagles, be Colorful
like Butterflies...Yet, be Humble
 because we are all Passers by..
We do not know what would
Happen in just a Wink of an Eye
sprinkle Love and spread Peace
Let's Begin it simply by Ourselves
let us Embrace the Flow of our Lives'
intricate Puzzle & difficult Situation
we'll Realize we are not just about
 Words but humbly doing an Action

(c) Helen Sarita


Challenged by Deborah Brooks Langford to write a poem about this amazing photo😊

The crimson scattered clouds fall
in line along the mystic skies
The sliver light controlled the
hues to be perfect by my sight
That even the mud beneath
becomes fabulous art so bright
I see the trees shadow breathes
softly by the beauty of my eyes
This fantastic scenery had
spoken to my soul so deep
Even the muddy field can be
heaven-like when its reflected
By the colors of my rekindled
thougths it becomes a magic
The amber hue beneath waves to
my soul and let my heart speaks

(C) Helen Sarita 10/22/18


Underneath the tree...

Alone, underneath the tree
Thinking of you and me
Talking deep and sincerely
Tears streaming, I could see..

Oh dear, what made you cry?
Come on open to me your sighs
Were those heavier than mine?
Come and let our souls bind

Did someone else hurt you?
What were you bothered to?
Open to me, don't hide it through
Here I am just waiting for you..

Are there some guilts on you?
That caused why you're feeling blue
This is not yet you thought, an end
There is a reason why it happened

This is one of my many dreams
To heal ample hearts in pains
In a place silent and serene
With ambiance so welcoming

I will share stories of the past
And the difficult road I've passed
It will surely light up your way
With burdens no longer heavy

Birds on top would sing freely
Butterflies would waltz with  glee
Flowers would wave gracefully
Atmosphere would sound so happy

This dream is waiting me ahead
This will come one day I believe
In a perfect time and perfect place
Let us bu…


Great to collaborate with Deborah
The piece from our greatest depth


It was a beautiful day of tea
we walked and talking of the summer moon
the days turned to weeks we didn't care
with the solace and grace we watched the falling stars
we waited that night for the eclipse to appear
we were best girlfriends and we didn't care
a life time of being alone
we dream of words we can write
they would flow with every look
we broke free of those parallel bars
no windows or doors could keep us in
our words flowed into the other
as we soaked into the luxury of being.,.,
That is my girlfriend. Helen Sarita.. do you know her?? She is a treasure for all ...
Debbie Brooks.. (c)

You couldnt find me in nowhere but in the deepest core of your heart
Eversince we've met we never dream to be apart
Our friendship was tested by time, sometimes we fell yet we grew
I was mirthful in many ways, one of the reasons was you
Like a colorful butterfies we danced on top of beautiful…


Inspired by a lovely you..

Upon digesting your words
You touched my spirit up close
You are that contagious
You delivered wisdom to my world
You are an inspiration
You stirred my thoughts so good
You've driven me to dance
with the music written
by my own lyrics
You are that great
You fueled my ink to touch
uncertain and confused hearts
You believe that the essence
of being a good writer
is to create a piece that would
make the world to ponder
Softly, look at my pen
as it starts swirling over
to its gentle motion
Inspired by a lovely you
I listen to my heart's splendid tune
I need to ring bells to many hearts
Come on my friends, join me in
Molding a sound souls
and a tranquil beings
There are many words
unspoken from my heart
that I'm now trying to unleash
My tears yelled upon its every beat
It defines my authentic joy within
That is how I understand its depth...
You empowered me
with your special delights
I wanna spread wide my wings
And sing the virgin melodies
of the spi…


My heartfelt gratitude to all of you
I understand your kind busy flow But you wrote sweet poems for me You're touching my heart so deeply
Those who were not able to write to I fully understand and still love you I can feel your heart sings to mine With the hymn of your silent lines
Those who are happy for me today Even you're not able to greet me I can still sense your care on the air Take my smile so pure and tender
Those who find time to greet me On FB, or on your own little way Thank you for all your kind words Receive my heartfelt gratitude
To all my friends and all my family You maybe here or not with me Words are not enough to express Having you makes this day a bliss
Thank you Lord for another year For Your Guidance and Your care Now, praying for the world's peace That is one of my birthday wishes
Helen Sarita


The taste of my sweetened tears..

Seemed the days are quickly rolling
No time to feel of what's going in
I missed to ask questions in life
Where does the sun safely hides as
the gray clouds covered the skies?
Sad, I dont wanna simply just sigh
When the wind blows with its rage
Would it be right to stay in our cage
just to secure ourselves to be safe?
Where is the shine and the light?
My heart was filled with darkness
Some fought with the angry winds
How about those who were in pains?
There are so much in life
to thank for,
Yet, there are also so much
a need to pray for,
Havocs we dealt are
always built in our side
All we need in life
is a mighty guide..
Yet we then need to know..
That our lives are sometimes
graced by the angry storm
Its ravage made us wise and
left us a great lessson
It had spoken to us and
gave us a wonderful insight
Polished our souls,
cleansed our poor heart
and made us bright
As I scribbled down my humble thoughts with no enough reason,
I found myself silentl…


We let the music of our hearts cascades softly with its beautiful tune🏵🌻🌹🌸

Pastel purple clouds..

You are a flower
A flower that makes me happy
A new born artist
That can fly
That echoes pastel purple flowers
Painted in the clouds
Small sprinkling raindrops
Pattering lightly
Your branches cover
Your closest friend ..

A light is sparked In your beautiful eyes
A dream  that will always remain
Burning brightly for all to see...

Dear Helen Sarita
You are that someone that looks up at a pastel purple clouds that are painted your color..
Debbie Brooks (c)

I am a flower with red petals smiling upon my bloom
Whist waltzing with the soft breeze I listened to your song
Rejoicing with an angel, so lovely, enchanting and sweet
Your kind compliments, to my ears were like music
You're in that pastel purple clouds to where I brought my sight
As the magical grace you possessed is timeless and bright
You are a sweet heart, you are loved beyond words
You're a lady molding me to become a sta…


Poem from Deborah

Don't you see the sparkle?
Don't you see the love?
Look at those beautiful eyes..
All the dreams that are seeped in
Those dark dreams that always make
A play....a presence with lessons
That she lives....and one day
Always write down...

Her eyes listens to every heartbeat
She is an angel that never lies down
Always in control through every inch
Of life...

She is a timeless voice for us women
Her journey takes her to a place
Where wildflowers are deep in love
Where her children play
While myriad birds sings her praise...

Do you know this woman of grace?
She takes me from the edge of sorrow
For she is kind and benevolent
She is our wishing tree
Her beautiful name is  Helen Sarita
All the way from the Philippines
She may be...

Debbie Brooks Langford (c) July 31st 2018

Poem for Deborah..

With the shadows of our own..

Your words were a lovely melody to my soul, they gently moved me to the shore of my imagination
I gasped the scent of an ancient and conservative bre…


Daniel Franklin and I have completed poem # 20. Our Book goal is 30 poems.. We are almost there😊.
He challenged me to write sad poem of love..and I told him.let's rain tears on this poem. I realized it is so good for the broken hearted ones.. We were using simple words yet the emotion we poured on here was so deep.. This is a very sad poem of love🔰

Love Gone Wrong

I loved you with all my heart
And my soul
You were so special to me
I would move mountains for you
And our pure love
Because you were the only woman for me
My True Love
My Soulmate
The only woman I ever loved
But, all of a sudden it went wrong
So cold
No more...
Where did we go wrong?
Why did we not stick together like glue to fix this?
The sun of love turned to bitter dark clouds
We were not the same
The love went so wrong
How could you be like this to me
Not trust me or give me a chance
I walk now with pain
Great pain in my heart
Great emptiness in my soul
I will never be the same
How could you cast this burd…


Rain of June Showers to the Arena of my Heart...

My Ink wished to relish in Savoring its Silence and let my Heart Sings to each own Lovely and Beautiful Tone.

I felt my words flowing to me so less in a days that passed like that of a Summer Drought but I'll let it be Showered by the Rain of June.

Rain.. Rain.. Rain of early June
Kindly soothe to the Arena of my Heart to quench its thirst.. let me be in abundance of thoughts to share

Oh Yes!  Please let me..Soothe to the Core of my being and let me write the haphazard Thoughts  of my Ink, please help me Think how to Begin.

I will try to be in Symphony to touch many Souls in this cold evening , I couldnt sleep, my Spirit was yelling Allow me to get in and ask my Friends these kind sort of things..

Are you now Happy and Fine?
Are things Kind with you or they aren't going your Way? Don't be Dismayed as Life has to be that way..

You are only  being molded by Life and Buffed like a Gold to produce your own Shine.. You are living…


Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin have written poem # 19
.. Closer to the book....

My Bride – My Love

The moment I saw your face and eyes I knew you were my wife
Your pretty face
Your fashion
The way you flipped your hair
Your Glam Look
But that wasn’t it all…
It was your pure Gold Heart that attracted me
The heart of my dreams
The heart of my future
The only heart I would love
So, as I walk to the alter with you my lifelong partner
I will always love you
Treat you well
Solely love you
To unquestionably be your husband of honesty and loyalty to my last breath
Because there is no greater woman than you
My Queen of Love and Life
So, take this ring my lovely Bride
Join me in marriage
As we are an equally loving couple
To build great love
A great honey
A family
An unbreakable future
To live out our dreams
I say I do
Because I love you
So, as we walk away as Husband and Wife
I promise to love you forever
Take care of you
Treat you as my daily Princess
Because I will love you forever….



Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin have written poem #18.. We keeping writing to our book of 30 poems...

As I looked into your eyes I saw the woman I loved
The woman I needed
The most beautiful woman to my heart and eyes
Because I need you
I needed your love
You are so caring
And full of life
My Princess
The woman I do anything for
Because I love you so much
And our love is so true
So as we kiss and touch
You will be the only woman for me
My beautiful Princess
The woman I love
The only woman I need

Daniel Franklin

Rejuvenated with your sweet love
Your words made me feel
so young at heart
You are a magnet to my soul
You deserve to have
my heart and all
Look at me my love..
So divine to your sight
Our stares to each have
its fullest meaning..
That our love couldnt
be measured right
It is beyond that peak of
a huge mountain
Calm as the flowing spring
Greater than what we
can imagine..
Come closer to me,
Hold my hands and
look at my eyes gently my prince...
Listen to my every beat
Where the…


One of our best!!

Oneness of our Pens..

Collaboration Deborah Brooks Langford and Helen Sarita

I miss writing with you
You cast my sighs out of the blue
You are an angel far away so
Your aroma comes wherever I go

I try to look beyond the time but atlas I can’t forget
The sweetness of your poetry
Oh yes how I miss you so
Looking at my restless mind
Wishing my empty veil I vow…

Your words bring magic to my soul
You let my spirit to the wilderness highly soar
I consider myself the luckiest on earth
Having you sharing with me your breath

Waltzing bellows on waters edge
Circling with the wielded word
Flowing through the Lillie’s so bright
Walking forward in willows deep
Is your friendship I need…

You’re a beautiful instrument sent from the heaven above
You’re a symbol of such a pure love
If our brethren behave the way you do
This world is such a splendid place to dwell through

Singing songs of yonder mist
Through a whispered emerald pasture
Cries from loneliness brings
On a broken wing


I loved you as soon as I saw you Because your beauty was amazing  And your spirit as well You were everything I looked for in a woman And would not want with anyone else So I pledge to love u Kiss u daily And to hold u tenderly in my arms every night Because my love for you is so great   You are my wife My princess My soulmate And the woman of my dreams Because you are my everything The woman I live for The woman I die for Because I will love no other You are my only love Will always be my only love Because I love so immensely my Queen of My Heart 
Daniel Franklin
Your words lingers softly as they penetrated to the core of my being How lovely you promulgated to me your so much intense feeling Your lovely gesture and devotion is a kind symphony to my heart.. You made me waltz so graceful to the music of your sweet love I am your world, and you have intricately completed mine You've melted me as you stare deeply upon my eyes Your kisses brought me to the place I couldn't define …


16th Poem with Daniel Franklin 
Can There Be Love Again?
We cried We doubted ourselves We did not know what to do We loved each other greatly We stood in the dark many days But we had hope still To maybe once again be together Share that love Kiss And to hold each other tenderly So we kept in touch And remembered that first kiss To maybe love once again To show the world who we were So the rainbow would be there again To hope there would be Love Again Daniel Franklin~
You've taken those words from my heart  in my long silence The moment when I reminisce those days welled down my tears Never I lost hope in my heart, to have you once again I continue to dream even we have doubted our love We cried in the dark after we broke each other's  heart Yet I can never forget  the time we've shared together  Dreaming it will happen again  in another time, another year  The smile on your face are still so fresh in my mind Your sweetness once I remember,  paint my face a smile I smell …


Welcome 2018!!

Listening to the pulse of my heart as year near to pass
Letting my thoughts to review what this year spoke to us
Moments always have its own ending,  never it will last
Whether life brought us good and even threw us bad
Life rolls like wheel, sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh
As I drove my own life in patience, not all things came my way
I never thought sickness would even try to visit me
Yet I have no way to whine but thank God on His perfect  plan
This year is full ,  never I wasted my time as it moved upon
I continue to put life a meaning,  I took time to inspire some friends
I put tears  of joy on their eyes , they were  glad with my presence
I shared  them  stories to delight them even for a short  time
I chatted with friends,  near and far
I talked to them with substance
I love to give them a piece of advice  behind my difficult  times
I rest when I feel tired and work back again when I feel alright
This is my life, building  a strong foundation with myself …