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Hoping to unleash the silence of my hushed emotion
I found my active pen nimbly in motion
Excited to tell things to my mind just rolled
Wishing me to download all the feelings untold

My witty pen now waving like whirling dervishes
Its glossy ink smoothly flowing in such a grace
Delighted to circulate the whisper of my heart
To promulgate my emotion, my pen has a big part

As I started emoting the honesty of my poor soul
My pen seemed weaken and the movement was in control
Hesitated to talk what my heart gently speaks
Lingered the spring of my emotion, trying to divert

I just gave my pen my earnest smile and it winks
My pen smartness is what I adore as it deeply thinks
Maybe it wishes to gather the nectar of my blossom
Preserves the wonders of my heart and its magical bloom