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We might like far in a quite distance
Untouched with our graceful glance
Though reachable in a short miles
Yet still long and missed our smiles

Like a hymn of an old love song
So deep and meaningful to belong
Giving us a silent whisper and tears
Molded with such a feelings for years

Our breezes gently walking on the air
Our thoughts are mingling in despair
Holding much the content of our hearts
Fighting strong the shout of our souls

Where will we be in on this earth
Wherever we are in on this planet
What hindrances gave us dismay
You and I are just a heartbeat away


It is an unselfish breath of our hearts
Looking towards the benefits of our souls
It is wrapped with so much respect and love
Not just a cries of flesh that worldly moans

A deep concern of each of our whole being
Not just a hot flame of our hearts that sing
It entails a long and an immeasurable wait
Not a weak and forceful soul craving to meet

It is a soft sound that soothes into our ears
Not the tears of a jealous and selfish anger
It is a setting for both of us to be released
From a wrong step of life we will be freed

Our souls meant to believe love is alive
Behind the barrier that departs our lives
Time comes that you won't ask me anymore
If it is alright if you will call me yours

Let us believe the magic and power of destiny
As we are waiting for the last chapter of our story
Where you can claim me then I am so much yours
The breath that you take and the mate of your soul