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A beautiful melody smoothly tuned
The music waving upside down
My body moved.. my heart trembled
..and my soul was waltzing with yours
Its lovely tune painted my face a joy
Serenaded my day with its sweet lullaby
Ohh.. Great to hear a beautiful music
Though I did not understand its lyrics..

But when you got to explain its meaning..
I was greatly amazed, it fascinated my feeling
A new song with old fashioned thoughts
Expresses your wishes and passion both

“If I could just give you my life..
But my life is not my own
It is just borrowed from God,
I want to throw myself
Under your steps
So wherever you may go
I can be with you..
My greatest disappointment
Is I could not reach the sky
To take the moon and the stars
And bring those gifts for you”

….and the lines were just repeating..

Blending with my emotion
Engulfed my spirit in full
My eyes were rounded by joy
And my heart again trembled
It is a passion of deep love,
It is a wondrous expression
It is timeless.. it is age less
Thanks …