Saturday, July 30, 2016


Look at me now..

Upon watching the innocent silent water on that rocky river
I paused to contemplate what life wants to bring me over
I was unhappy, uncontented like them and many others
Keenly I observed life, thinking how to make things better

My thoughts flowed like a lonely cascade of a scarce stream
I wasn't equipped to conquer such dearth, unto me came
There were lot of hindrances that barred along my way
There were lot of questions like why does pink turns grey

Life had to go on and diligently it has to be learned
Promising and exciting as it went on, in our breath it blends
There were times we had a roller coaster emotions
We rode its uncertainties and it's ups and downs

Then one time my heart delved me to places I never expect to be
I stumbled, I tried to rest from shouldering the cross I carry
I danced wild with the rocking music of this world
I became unselfish and let myself float in a high cloud

My life became chaos, I had nowhere to go and no one to run
Except to the welcoming God waiting for me to come
I put everything to Him.. and with Him, I offered my life
As I paved to continue my journey, in inspiring others I glide

Love in our hearts is the main ingredient to be happier
We only live once in life let's  make our lives worth living
I believe trust is what the main thing to make life becomes better
Forgiveness is what we need so that peace within be found again

Look at me now.. smiling with my peaceful heart
In life, I will be forever thankful and truly be glad
Loving and hugging all my friends and kissing their pains
Whilst in devotion of my mindful and sparkling colored pens

Helen Sarita

Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Two years ago  I tried to ride this hanging bike
but I was enveloped by fear so I set my eagerness aside
This time I tried again and I have succesfully made it!
It's not about our increasing age, yet it's about courage!
As quitters never win and winners never quit!
This is how we must apply in our lives, in logic ..
You may not be in a challenging ride as I did
In our journey, let's  never stop trying our best
Until we'll come to say, yes this is really is it!
Excel in life..move..and believe your magic!

Helen Sarita


Forever thee..

To my friends near and far..

Thine scents are aroma of flowers in the garden of my dreams
Thine colours  delighted me as I walk  through the rain
Thy savoury blossoms decorated mine wandering thoughts
Forever thee, as thy dews refresh mine heart and mine soul both

To the one who dined in with my soul..

Thy fed mine heart  a wonderful gift to treasure
Thou lessons of life you taught me, I nurture
Mine every breath, thy love hath never forsaken
Loving mine heart whilst caring my soul, such overwhelming.

To the man who gave me his name..

I am forever thee for better and for worse..
I will never turn my back from you but close..
Though life teased us and it was never running smooth
Thine the one, many hath consider luckiest  in this world

To my children and theirs..

I have given you the honour, thine heart forever treasure
To thee, I will leave mine books depicting mine imperfections
Tears are alive that cleanse mine eyes this very time
Watch me how I make my life to the fullest I shine

..and to me and mine very passion

Forever thee, I am indeed so much grateful
Deborah Brooks Langford uplifted mine innermost soul
I believe nothing in this world is impossible
Mine broken pieces, were built back and are now reassembled

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016


dedicated to my girlfriend Helen Sarita I understand your pain,.

A Fool We Are Not

Ladies, we try with all our best
then we get a hurt reply
that makes us cry
the hurts that follow spins us around~

That day our star went out for good
nothing would be as it seemed or should
We awoke to a cloudy misty day
there was about to be hell to pay.
We went in to wake up our bright shining star
but they had left and went faraway to far
We remember to many details
our hearts still feels like it's going to fail.
We hurt so badly
everything is so very sadly~

Ladies, we must stay afloat
we must hold our heads up no matter how we hurt
the days will get better
so many of us, cry our hearts out~

A fool we are not,
we work so hard and play when we can
kissing heads of our loved ones
what else can we do but love~

Brooke Dylan @



Scrolling down my Facebook page i can't find anything but a gesture of love and grace.

I see Author Deborah's beautiful photos
Just wonderfully  amazing she is
 I find love in her every angle
She's awesome and loving to us and all..

I see Author Susan's beautiful pictures
Her radiance beams light to the nature
such a wonderful soul seldom to be found,
She is so lovely and  just so wonderful..

Nitasu is her name , she is so beautiful and sweet  lady
She is busy showering love to  her fans night and day
she is  simply awesome in her way
I love her kindness  and generosity

 Zahra, her hidden soul speaks to her beauty
she is such a gorgeous lady admired by many
In her heart there are so much wonders within
When she writes, you found yourself tuning in

Her comes  Jolly,  she is adorable and moving
everyday she is glorious and shining
 she shares love through her brilliance
She lightens the world with her radiance..

Shamenaz is a lady quietly shining in glamour
She spreads love from her deepest  core
She  is true and sincere as a friend
She loves to share thoughts
from her well being..

Tracy is a simple, smart and a lovely  woman
She never asked anything  grand
she is deep and so humble
She stands with the beauty of her principle ..

Hamdia is a beautiful face from Upper Egypt
she dreams to be representing the Middle East
She is quiet simple as she behaves
Her possessed wisdom, to her country leads..

Sometimes I see Author Stacia around
Sharing the words of God, her heart abounds
she is  a wonderful soul wrapped by the grace of our Lord
A kind of her, lights the  whole world

Cecile is there too, she is a sincere woman,
She is a luminous creation who loves her own land
her  love for the people of her place is a center of her vision..
She is such a beautiful inspiration

I would like to find Ćärołiñë Mõrphêw
Her appearance lately seemingly just a few
I miss the truthfulness of her heart and soul
She loves without limit even sometimes she falls

Toni is my pretty friend from down under
That is how I often call to her
Her talents are greatly amazing
Her arts are exceptional and breathtaking..

I don't want to miss this smart Eden
She is so alive, happy and  friendly being
Her ink splashes magical words
So generous of appreciating on her friend's works.

Cindy Toth is just a new friend of mine
But I can feel  our souls,  truly bind
She is so wonderful and has very lovely image
Her gesture of love is such a kind message.

I am moved by these beautiful creations
I am just a reflection of the beauty of their souls.
We aren't  infallible women, yet we are passionate and true
We are the lights to those who are feeling blue

Our pens  are moving with deep emotion
dancing with melody of our sweet illusion ..
we all celebrate life vivid and strong
gracing the lands where we belong..

Now I am crying with tears
not anymore due to pains
These are tears of love..
The tears of a soul so glad..

This is a poem without an ending, to be continued anytime, anywhere
As for more souls, I am searching to be mentioned in here. .

(C) Helen Sarita 7th July, 2016