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Inspired by a lovely you..

Upon digesting your words
You touched my spirit up close
You are that contagious
You delivered wisdom to my world
You are an inspiration
You stirred my thoughts so good
You've driven me to dance
with the music written
by my own lyrics
You are that great
You fueled my ink to touch
uncertain and confused hearts
You believe that the essence
of being a good writer
is to create a piece that would
make the world to ponder
Softly, look at my pen
as it starts swirling over
to its gentle motion
Inspired by a lovely you
I listen to my heart's splendid tune
I need to ring bells to many hearts
Come on my friends, join me in
Molding a sound souls
and a tranquil beings
There are many words
unspoken from my heart
that I'm now trying to unleash
My tears yelled upon its every beat
It defines my authentic joy within
That is how I understand its depth...
You empowered me
with your special delights
I wanna spread wide my wings
And sing the virgin melodies
of the spi…


My heartfelt gratitude to all of you
I understand your kind busy flow But you wrote sweet poems for me You're touching my heart so deeply
Those who were not able to write to I fully understand and still love you I can feel your heart sings to mine With the hymn of your silent lines
Those who are happy for me today Even you're not able to greet me I can still sense your care on the air Take my smile so pure and tender
Those who find time to greet me On FB, or on your own little way Thank you for all your kind words Receive my heartfelt gratitude
To all my friends and all my family You maybe here or not with me Words are not enough to express Having you makes this day a bliss
Thank you Lord for another year For Your Guidance and Your care Now, praying for the world's peace That is one of my birthday wishes
Helen Sarita