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I reminisce my past as I molded myself as self made one
Rolled over life, trying to get a chance to reach beyond
Into the high clouds and look over the wonders of earth
How I wished myself to touch the edge of the universe

Pains, obstacles, miseries gave me wing to fly so high
Soaring over with the stars, moon at the brightest sky
Full of dreams, full of hopes waiting to land and shine
Fulfillment of a woman’s great desire would all be mine

At the drop of a hat, best places were belonged to my patch
Driven on my awareness of my shocking excitement as such
Overwhelmed to dispel those clouds that gave me a doubt
In a thousand of wonderment I thank my braveness aloud

Yet it was not my feet bringing me over this promising land
I was put in here to shine over minds dimmed and damn
The wisdom so clear is a gift to conquer your wicked thoughts
Be broad, be light, I will bring you to my venture across

What a good experience needed to be shared to my generation
I wrote every inch of my long journey not to be o…


As time uncontrollably rolled
Into my promising new world
My sweats embrace my way
As I offer You my work today

My hard work and dedication that inspire
My tasks and my prayers combine
I offer this to the sweet heaven above
I realized I can pray while doing my job

At the end of the day I need not to ask a lot
I just tell Him the gladness of my heart
My challenge everyday means so much
A food of my growth that I need to catch

My tired muscle wants a good rest at night
With a peaceful soul smiling like a twilight
I will wake up meeting the beautiful sunshine
Starting another day with vigor and shine