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When my heart is full..
I poured every inch of my emotions into words
My joys and sorrows are lucidly seen throughout
My words always tell the sincerity of my feelings
All were from my heart passionately expressing

When my heart is full..
I hear its beats and let it speak through writing
The power of its whisper were much fascinating
I shared those emotions of joys and happiness
And I never did hide my sorrows and sadness

When my heart is full..
I need to touch another heart empty and confusing
I will share my emotions heartily and over pouring
Profoundness of its every beat is tender and sincere
As my soul now is very much certain and merrier


Rise up smart spoiled wonderful being
You are so loved and never be lessen
No need to look back on what wrong you have gotten
God won’t leave you lost unblessed and unforgiven

Rise up dear and precious child of God
You are so loved and cared no matter what
If gold has to be in fire to extract its pureness and essence
Hot flame will delight your glitters towards a deemed sense

Rise up blissful creation of the Lord
Ready to catch the gifts showering unfold
Stumbling is not the basis that there will be no tomorrow
Yet it is the beginning of the beautiful life freshly anew

Rise up lucky child and faithful one
You are now in a higher level beyond
Your soul has already a room in heaven so be glad
It is prepared by our loving almighty Father above