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I am sorry that I feel sad and lonely today
I suppose to smile and supposed to be happy
As you are here just watching and loving me
But what makes me feel ungrateful and dismay

Give me the happiness of heart that I need
Not for myself but for the people who waited
Make an easy yoke for me and give me a rest
Guide me what to do and I will give my best

My simple dream is to be happy not to be wealthy
My mission is to care and serve unselfishly
My paradise is to give them my helping hands
Why that until now seems still not given a chance

Give me the happiness that I longingly wait
Brighten my sad eyes by heavenly lit
Let my heart to feel the graces that lighten
Let me rest for now from my heavy burden


Life is so short to live yet be grateful that you and I have it
Make it a wonderful piece of art bringing mystery so deep
The choice that one must be thorough careful in every step
As the art of life teaches us to strengthen our faith

Don’t be ever close to perfection for you to learn more
Allow yourself to fall and stumble to make you considerable
Be humble in accepting your faults as it will raise you up
Willingness to be better makes the heaven to smile enough

Yet dream to be happy one day but not just temporarily
Allow not to be influenced from those who are worldly
Try to encourage others to give love and be an inspiration
Walking through the beauty of your heart is a great possession


Your touch of love this valentines
A light taken for granted through time
Strikes towards the dimness of my soul
Wonderful gift undoubtedly a miracle

No one could love me as pure as this
No one could set me free like a bird
Now my wings got tired to see the world
My flock weaken,unsatisfied, now bored

My journey teaches me a lot of lessons to learn
My failures remind me to rely only Your strength
Yet my wisdom conquers the weakness of my soul
Equip me to fight the battle of my spirit so poor

You want me to be an instrument to touch many lives
You whisper me to share that Your glory so bright
You want me to offer my life till the end of time
Here is my heart my gift for You this Valentine