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My heart clings with too much glee
Its throbbing fast, overwhelmed and happy
What a joy you brought to me right now
Erased my sorrows and pains somehow

I would not ask for anything more else
Your presence fills up my blank spaces
Rejuvenating the withering side of my life
Making it vibrant, colorful and bright

Let us thank the heaven in our dream
Let the angels above tease us with care
Thanking them for the moment so great
Arranged for us to listen our heartbeats


In a way of climbing uphill never been so easy
There are lots of uncertainties and difficulty
Have spare in your heart, be open for failures
There should be room in you for tribulations

Worry not, life is like a rolling wheel
No such thing permanent and remains still
Now you're in the bottom, next you're on top
Be merry with your tears, you are soon to laugh

Try to look up at the gray sky above
Where clouds are doomed, heavy and dark
It creeps to disappear once you make a wish
To welcome the light ready to shine its rays


Overwhelmed and inspired with gracious cheers
Creative fire inside me is gratefully speechless
I travel, fly and sail away, nothing I could say
These are all I want to do as ever could be

Despite of the noises confusing world creates
I have to keep at par calm, quiet and behave
Behind these kind graces to me being poured
Let me be determined, unfazed and focused

In exploring every moment of my fantastic life
Not wasting the fast time that keeps me alive
I made my every second a thanks giving
And my every breath is now a worth living