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A sweet smile of a dawn
And a sad bed now bloomed
Room was filled with delight
Tears of joy were crystal bright

Its genuine than the purest love
Bond with the blessings of God
The smudge had blown into no traces
All gotten rid in the name of forgiveness

Our imperfections turned into a kind magic
We pardon ourselves and sincerely forget
Vows in church are solid as it's twice blessed
We will be until the end of time as promised


Glorious blessing from heaven through the rain
Showers like joyful tears of a green mountain
Abundance of boasting trees and a wild birds
In the wilderness protecting our mother earth

Come lets us enjoy through the rain shower
It makes us safe here in below and wherever
Let me protect you from its friendly drift
Share my umbrella and lets relish this gift

Let us be the epitome of positive thinkers
Lets us bask how lovely the rain showers
It's the time to give warm and miss a friend
It reminisce memories with a smile blend in


I never whined carrying things on my shoulder
One day i relish the results nearly further
It increases my well being acquiring power
I not myself I portray love and an inquirer

I can answer queries with my own opinion
About deep feeling and a wild emotion
When I walk through the isle, it depicts
There is a breeze that engulfed lot of spirits

I am not me I am the spirit so sheeny
Wanting to conquer our wicked soul humbly
My body is much weaker am not in dismay
The power within me will shape it tenderly

A highest level of consciousness I illustrate
It is so far from my level but it is for reach
It depends on the mission if for me to be vested
I will ride the flow and never take it for granted

I am just grateful with my surround beyond measure
I loved, I learned, I stumbled but one thing is sure
I molded and shaped with the spirit in cosmic
They welcome me as I am bringing my sweet magic


Every stroke of my pen accustomed my heart
It smiles, it pains it creates a mystic art
It gathers heart mates on the beyond islands
It touches lot of silent souls weak and damn

Every line i made captured open minded being
It sparkles, it glistens and so do nurturing
It mingles soul mates in love and in despair
It wraps all the loving hearts full and vain

Every poem I made conquered passive thoughts
It lights,it whispers,it speaks,it shouts for toots
It shines in awe, it dispels doubts and dense
It hugs and kisses your souls empty and tense


A candid smile to a distant you
Stoned me hard in a harsh throw
I caught them all and never tilt
Firming the stand that I built

Gracious me wishing to touch
Our thorn needs to be patched
Let our souls dance and sing
Get rid the pride of our being

Let us relish these beauteous
We have a short time in joyous
I gaze up to You there in beg
Heal all those hearts in bleed


My treasure with the gift of life engrosses
Humbly riding its flow raises the brightness
I can vividly see ample candid hearts in the air
I can feel the care and their tap on my shoulder

Thankful with the magically in awe atmosphere
That surrounds my being with a silent care
I embrace the universe I dwell, in a vast
Grateful even my existence doesn’t last

A warmth share with you the joy that I feel
In my every second, I fathom and thrill
I thank the breeze keeps me on moving
Pushing back and fort like this flower swing


I wish to burst with too many untold emotions within
Sharing a lot my wondrous adventure, I long have been
The pureness of my heart and the weakness of my being
The sweats that I’ve exert,the harvest is now lingering

I wish to serve the content of my soul we all need to ponder
That I keep warm in my heart in bad times and in better
Life is not a smooth sailing journey, we stumble and fail
Yet it is a mystic gift full of teachings, I nurture and care

What an important role we play towards each other
Whom I am going to share with if you are not in here
Who will listen to my heart and who talk to mine as well
If we are not meant to meet in this world we used to dwell


A stroke of a pencil listens to the music of my heart
Gracefully dances on a paper depicting an art

Sharing different hues of deep lively emotions
Merging colors portray the wonders of my creation

My pencil sometimes needs to breathe for a rest
I gather words to express and share what's best

As my pencil parks I let my thoughts to wander
When its blunt, I have to look for a sharpener


Ambiance everywhere is such wonderfully awesome
Seen merely not only by eyes but by hearts beyond
Gifted creativeness is the main factor into where
The beauty of the atmosphere is well taken cared

Creativity, a gift heavenly showing His duplication
A Creator's science and the beauty of His perfection
Spreads into the universe after molding Adam and Eve
As they produced generations with this power to live

Gifted with wisdom with fantastic idea surfing
Enhancing the conservative world so modernizing
Being an heir of such a talent great and creative
Soul exuberant blooming raises our faith in active

Whether we are painter, a designer or a master
We could share His artistry of such love and care
Whether we are an artist, composer or a poet
Blending into His creativeness is such a soul treat