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How blessed are we this Christmas?

So many things in my mind I earnestly love to do
Things to buy in the store,  just waiting through
I wish to give gifts that will paint a smile to many faces
Yet my wallet seems thin I couldnt  give as much as I wished
I brought my sight around as I sat down in the corner alone
I realized I have  no Christmas decors inside my home
Was it because I was so busy to prepare those stuff?
Or maybe I wasnt so much excited enough this Christmas?
Where was my heart  this season of joy and love if I may ask?
I am trying  to control my tears upon evaluating my own self
Do I have to tell what  did I do to give joy to the poor children?
May we cant see display of decors sparkling in my corners
But my heart is exquisitely shining  within, with joyful tears
I am thanking  the Lord in heaven  for my blissful year
I thank the Lord for the blessing  of good thoughts
For my firmness while riding the boat of life as the river flows
For now, I feel the  deepness of Chris…


Helen Sarita and I have wrote poem 15 out of 30 toward our book...

A Love That Never Could Be..

We were so in love
Walked along Lover’s Lane
Life was good
We showed the world our love
The respect
And the will to love for life
Then the dark days came
The fights
The love was gone
And so were you
The sky turned dark
As the sun could no longer be seen
While the moon never shined another night
We were so cold
Hearts turned to stones
As u walked to the left, and I walked to the right
Unanswered questions
An empty feeling
Bu we stayed the same
No hope
No love
More tears

Daniel Franklin
All rights  reserved  by both Authors

I know no words of surrender
in the name of love
That even the darkest  skies
to us wished to cover
I am still hopeful
behind this river of tears
To you my heart
will forever beats
The past will still
be our future my love
It will never go cold
please believe me,
Feel my flame within
Listen to my heart's whisper
To love you.. I always will


Glittering Christmas decors
we've  watched everywhere
And the jolly faces and excitement  of innocent children
The get together of families and parties anywhere
Gifts under the Christmas trees are ready to be shared

Yet Christmas is much more merrier and meaningful
When we draw ourselves to some unfortunate people
To comfort  our brethren  who  are in a state of distress
During this Season of love, joy and unselfishness

Let's be there to console those who suffer their illness
And offer them love and prayers in whatever means
Through then we can feel much the Christmas Spirit
The essence of giving is  such so much eloquent

Christmas is not expressed by a gift inside a box
How  elegant and presentable it is being wrapped
Christmas is all about the content of our hearts
To comfort the feelings of others is what we lacked

This Christmas some people's  lives are miserable
Some are in trouble due to uncontrolled emotions
We have ignored Christ is the Core of this Season
Waiting …


Collaboration written by Deborah Brooks Langford and ME  when we were having our vacation..


All women are beautiful...
It doesn't matter the color
It doesn't  matter the age
It doesn't matter the laughter
Or even the pain.

Women are go getters
That sparkle  each time
We are proud mamas
And grandma's too

Women demonstrate what values are
In the work force and home
And so many more..
Protecting family and life

Without a blink they work till their fingers bleed
Without hesitation when pain is involved
Us women walk with heads held high
And welcome our LORD GOD

Lots of memories are gained
The time the truth revealed
Until the last dying day...

Just a moment in time
Brings their hearts  to rest with each love ones
We have our dreams that is so many
Our hearts melt when we kiss thart child
A reminder of things to come...

Us women even if we  are alone
We will never be forgotten
As we stand up for justice
We lift our heads and yell