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In this Valentines our hearts and souls are so joyful
Pondering our thoughts, our emotions are greatly stable
In our different beliefs we never argue a single thing
We listened, we learned, we discussed our thoughts and our dreams
You taught me a lot in yours and I taught you a lot in mine
Enough to discover our deep sense of understanding

We believe our souls had met long time before birth
And our bodies were destined to meet in this place
In a paradise where we always walked together
Almost in our every exhausted evening we were there
Savoring ourselves talking in so much comfort
Showing too much respect as we both realized
We are not just friends, yet we are also not lovers
We just followed the dictate of the souls to us whisper
The souls who loved long time before our existence
Our skin and blood also feel such kind of feelings
Now your breath is my breath, your dreams are my dreams
We are now equal in our every emotion and desire
But the love is on top which ke…