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I will never surrender love
Because it fascinates my feelings
It always paints my face a smile
Giving spark to my eyes and glitter

I will never surrender love
Because it rejuvenates my being
Its vivid hue sparkle my expressive eyes
Seeing colors wherever I bring my sight

I will never surrender love
Because it allows my heart to speak
It makes my every moment perfect
Teaching my soul to dance in grace

I will not surrender love
Because it gives warmth to my heart
It manifests life to my humble shadow
Turning my dawn to shine from midnight blue

I will never surrender love
If it is being nurtured and cared
If it is promising, healthy and moving
Though even at times it hurts my feelings

Yes, I will never surrender love
Until it will be gradually withered
Until love itself loses its own breath
And naturally dies because of too much pain


Never dismay that you’ve offended me
Don’t be sad as it has to be that way
I swear, you never break my heart
Promise, never I will step backward
You mourn more than me, please don’t be
Smile as you will never lose me
Don’t frown as our hearts still beat lovely
I am still the moon and its reflection
That you watched with the evening stars
I am still the princess you treated so well
And the sweet voice you love to hear
In your heart, you want to lock me
And throw the key into the deep sea
Now even that you wish to unlock me
Inside, I would prefer to stay
Watch me smiling, feel my touch
It passes through your veins
Go straight to your heart
You have mistaken but those words of yours
Were so different from the language of your soul