Friday, January 29, 2016


When we met it' was clear you need only a friend
To have one heart whom to you could listen
I asked how if this friendship will grow?
You were silent and told me let us just ride with the flow 

In our friendship you treated me like a princess
I was amazed and to you I was so much pleased
You showed me care my life haven't experienced
I was your muse of the night and you were my prince

I begun to worry as to each we started to miss
Is this sort of love we started to feel for each?
You explained It's like water and food we both need
Though  how strong  my faith with your words I became weak

It was an enigma a feeling we couldn't contain
I  describe love between us was like heaven
I made poems of love so pure so intense
You played sweet music for me to listen

In a beautiful park we claimed it was our Kingdom
We strolled every night sharing our lives boredom 
We shared everything under the moonlight 
You're awesome, your intelligence shined so bright 

The power of your touch is much higher than lust
You promised me nothing only just love 
As we both glide in our difficult situation 
I became the woman no longer near to perfection 

You became my stength that I lost in mine
I became selfish I want to grab all your time
Though I was aware you were not really mine
And I am not yours in the name of God and mankind

You told me I was your happiness yet they are your life
And our faith will wake us up one day even we don't like 
Our faith in God will separate both our lives
And I couldn't  talk how can I argue if you were right asked what was wrong with my words?
How could I talk to give a fight if my rival is my Lord?
I finally broke  my voice with tears flowed more than fast
Were you aware?.. that are playing my heart from the very start?..

But how can I let this feeling stop etched deeply inside my heart?
You've successfully snatched my heart with your passionate touch
I tried to find my exceptional  stength to which I had before
I want these silent tears of love to flow no more

As we stood up that so dangerous cliff
I strongly decided and bravely called it quit
I gave you my tight  embrace as i bid good bye
Paving  back to our own paths broke my heart as t'was the first time I saw you cry
Deep in our hearts we part but we know our love will never wither and die

I find myself back to me and so my  strength 
To my beautiful  place I brought back my sweet pains
It wasn't easy as in your heart you locked me and threw the key
Yet I tried to remold confidently my beautiful me

Acceptance made my smile to glow again..
I can even invite you now to peep what is in..
Youre comfortably lying inside  my heart 
In a very special corner where no one could touch..

Sunday, January 17, 2016


The Cold wind simmers..
it silently whispers to 
the approaching breeze 
of the green summer
It dazzles and whirls 
my thoughts onto my
inner childhood sceneries
when I was innocent 
yet observant in every 
inch of an obscure 
human behavioura
in my unriped mind 
I noticed different 
characters of mankind 
my innocent being 
just rolled in over
in very page of my 
life's densed chapter

I thought I was born  
all the way lucky and
All I knew I was loved
and protected and from
me they casted all the
harms out my way

my heart had and still has
no room for fear and hatred 
and in my tiny steps I faced no 
challege..I begun exploring 
as in this beautiful  earth
there are a lot to discover 

I found out in life isn't all 
the time to me favorable 
I knelt carrying the 
pains and my struggle 
I dreamt for  freedom 
but yet life wanted me to 
stay to acquire wisdom
to mold myself like a  
hard rock of toughness
and like a spring sharing 
it's beauty and calmness..

I listened my heart and 
followed it's beats but in my
destiny I  couldn't leave 
I couldn't simply cast those 
words i had committed
I stumbled looking for 
happiness and along
my journey I welled tears 

yet my inner child within
so sparkling exquisitely 
I forgive myself in every 
flaw I made in this world  of
imperfections and uncertainties
I forgive the people who 
cheated and smitten me
in this universe' intricate play
I became oblivion with the
unkind words thrown to me
and I possess no enemy
Behind the turmoil I shine 
in my life's wonderful design..

My inner child is my own
beautiful Angel within..
She tranquilizes me..
She gives me peace and harmony..

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


 miss you...
All the while amid
my busy thoughts
so gently, you rippled
As I deviated myself
from this longing..
unknowingly, I scribbled
Without any reason
when your shadow
showed up through
my illutioning vision
crystal tears drops
from my sad eyes
without permission
Your sweet whispers
on those lovely moments
till now are ringing on my airs
Your touch depicted
all the messages that
your heart honestly feels
Your breath warmed
my cold skin during those
romantic evenings
I wished to deny this kind
of love beating continously 
inside my vulnerable heart
yet by the power of its magic
t is debilitating my strength
Now, I breathe your being
With the air I am taking
that no matter how much
I say no to an awesome you
my heart keeps saying yes
as this love cant quit over you
and no matter what
the good heaven unto me
is trying to entice..
Yet, only to you my heart
breathes to the fullest
this love that runs
through my veins is
still keeping me insane
I miss you....
Are these words enough
for you to understand
how intense is my longing?
I wish this pillow of mine
I am hugging right now
would be your chest to cry on..
if you were just here...
my tight embrace would
then tell you all somehow..
it speaks the feelings
I couldn't express by words
as you captured my heart
and invaded my soul
This is what mine heart bears
every line I uttered streams
down mine truthful tears
Terribly yes..
I am so much missing you


I open my heart merrily
and lovely rejoicing
I sense the mist of this
breezy morning..
A promising blissful days
I am now enjoying
Excites me now long time
I calmly waiting
I can see the light of the
skies slowly turning on
Blessings now starts to
drizzle..sprinkling down
What a lovely aroma of a
safe haven to live to
I pave my way to the side walk
of an endearing avenue
Oh how lovely the scenery
amusing on me
Turns my aura like the clouds
up the sky moving glee
My eyes widen by the ambiance
of its cherishing sensation
My purest smile manifested
from my deepest core
And my devotion of life
touches my fellow souls
Let's open our vision to a deeper
meaning of a real sanctuary
Where one can be taught and
be driven to a new pathway
To entrenched life according
to the lesson learnt day by day
We may cant make life
roll in a perfect motion
Yet trying to watch our every
step is under our control
Lessen the predicament
to face in our future
We may again unintentionally
slide or stumble once more
Yet we are surrounded by friends
to raise us in our every fall
When we have earth angels in form
of our pure heart friends
We can all create heaven in this
beautiful world we dwell in.