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A shine that beams through my window
Waking me from a deep surreal thought
Beautiful day again to pass and to show
In this fantastic world wherein we grow In each day so much for us to learn
I move forward slowly in each time
In each morning that passes I yearn
May some wouldn't simply whine In every color my eyes got to see
I appreciate all with so much glee
Each color has its role in every way
Whether they're bright or dull gray We couldn't appreciate brightness
In the absence of dry and dullness
We couldn't appreciate much happiness
If haven't undergone life's bitterness Started as an infant I crawled
I learnt each day as I grow old
In this planet I dwelt half a century
I flourished what life taught me my journey


Last night I heard a voice
Mesmerising my  poor soul
Engulfed me in surprise
It was indeed powerful
There was a soul in that voice 
Conneting my spirit in truth
An intricate puzzle to solve
Inculcated into my thoughts
A voice sweet to hear
Was shedding my tears
Though distance not near
I feel it's still in my ears
I was like listening to a radio
I smile as we're talking through
Each of us has our own flaw
This voice has its  weakness too
Mould me to wish not just a bit
That voice will awake my senses
That will again uplift my spirit
A voice with such a pure kindess
Yes it's a voice desiring a light
And a voice that gives delight
It will remain in my thoughts
And I will treasure it most


In the battle of
darkness and daylight
I contemplate those
feelings not right
Unleashing the tie
of my encaged soul
My secret tears wish
to stop after all
I was consumed,
 feelings were drained
Aches of my heart were
so hard to mend
Wish to give my pains
a pleasant slumber
I need to love myself
to live in wonder
In devotion to care
my beautiful self
Is a treat of heart
in which I so deserve


I wish to send you a greetings
You asked me to send you a poem
Don't you know where  am I at?
I am walking under the sun so hot
My sweats are fast chasing down
But this will never get me frown
As I am happy when I'll be in home
You prepare me  a sweet chiffon

He he he. .

Just be happy and  always smile
Enjoy life and always shine
Your ever  pure heart
Will lead you to the path
Of having harmonious family
With enormous blessings everyday