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1- What is poetry? Why did you choose poetry for self-expression?

Poetry is a lyrics of a cascading emotion flowing like a music of every expressive soul. It is an artistic creation within that touches, inspires and uplift the spirit of both, the writer and the readers. Good poetry for me is not measured on how deep every word being put together but how much emotions one's heart speaks into writing.
I have lately discovered beiing bestowed of such a wondrous endowment and after doing my first few creations I found out that it could be a way to depict my oozing emotions, to let myself burst of all my feelings untold to splendidly touch some souls considering my humble being has gotten the wisdom brought by humility and life experiences. People who love to read and write poetry are passionate creations in the name of love and art. It is wonderful to share with these kind of individuals.
The other reason why I am choosing poetry
to reveal myself is I consider this art as one of the marve…


Cometh the day
For you and me
When each of us
Will turn to Ash
Such then our lives
Will be terminated
To leave this beautiful earth
No one else is exempted
This is what we feared of
This life will be drained of
Our smiles that glamour
Could be seen no more
The treasure we greed
Will all on earth be left
We have a lot of things
Undone and undiscovered
There are lessons to teach
And a dreams to reach
But when our time comes
Our clock will no longer runs
We are then nothing at all
But our mere self made soul


An aroma of an untiring breeze
Whirls into my churning thoughts
In every corner of my undying heart 
I smell you.. sufficed my entire soul You are a wondrous mystery flowing
In this marvelous spring of love
You are a river chasing in destiny
With the flow of my melting breath Moments became a treasure memories
In my deepest core to keep safe
Forevermore.. a vow of my heart
Till my heart has nothing to speak


Sa akong madasigong paglakbay
Paingon sa sandayong nagdagayday Sa tubig magtagbaw akong pangindahay Gihandom bation ang tumang kahayahay Sa akong paghulom sa mga buswak
Sa iyahang kinaiyahang dinahili Sa panit kung uhaw ningdapat
ang matag bul-og nga way pagdumili O madigayaong tubig, mahimo bang
mosuhop ka sa kinauyokang bahin sa akong dughan? Mahimo ba nga pukawon mo ang nahikatulog kong kasingkasing sa iyang kanailadman? Ayaw imakuli kanaku ang silaw sa banaag Kuhaig kusog ang mga butang nakababag Nga unta ipatagamtam mo kanako
Ang bidlisiw nga walay katapusan Sama sa maalamon nga kalag  ug espiritung puno sa tumang kinaadman O masaganahon ug mapagarbohong tubig Kaanindot sa mabugnaw nimo nga talsik Ang imong kanaas sama sa hunghong  nga makaalim sa akong mga kasakit Dagaydayi akog kusog nga makigbatok  sa unsa man nga hangkat sa ugma Pakatuloga ug papahulaya  ang nag-alindasay kong kabalaka O tubig nga nagdagayday
Pagkatam-is mangindahay


Whilst listening to the
sweet music from the radio
The engine of my heart
has ignited moving aglow In my lovely Sunday morning
my heartbeats were waving
Through its beautiful tone
its sequence touched my soul Ohhh..
My dreams were freshened
My fantasies have glistened
My smiles were full of meaning
My silent soul couldn't contain In fullest I felt my inner passion
My thoughts were full of illusion
Old songs which I fondly listened
Beckoned me to hold my quiet pen And I started to write
my innermost emotion
Which wonderfully engraved
into my soul's deepest passion


If I could just 
give you my heart
To let you see the marvel
Of its tantalising art
If I could just give you my life
To add you enough glow and spice
If I could just let you lend my soul
You'll share your light heavenly full
What I have to thank for in life..
You're allowing myself to rise
Your generosity of time spent to me
In which my loneliness turns to glee
Into which I always needed most
In moment of sadness and remorse
When life is not in sort of my favor
I wish one day I could return in whole
And you will wake up one morning
With me in your side sweetly smiling


I can read between your lines 
In every space of your few words
I can read your wishful soul 
Still taking my heart in gentle
Talk to me as spring so clear
That falls in its astounding sheer
As the blissful water drops
Why you are controlling much
That mundane desire of your heart
Tell me and never be afraid
To accept you're also so much in bleed
As I can tell freely from my heart
I love you and no one can make me stop
And I will continue telling this to you
Wondrous emotion engraved my soul
As I enraptured you to my core
As we nurtured these to reminisce
Our wonderful past silently flourished

If I could just cut those memories
Like a film so that I have nothin'
to keep and to remember within
Unselfishly I wish.. for your sake
So that you can have your breath  Without my love engulfing your spirit
But I can't. .
.....So let me be myself


I am not rich but
I feel the richest I lack so many things
Yet I feel complete I don't have everything
But I feel the happiest I see around all the beauties
Yet I feel the prettiest I am not a lovely queen..Yet,
I feel I have a crown on my head I haven't seen real angels
But I smell their breath
The flocking of their wings.. I hear their wonders through you..
All my beautiful and unseen friends..
and I smile... and I shed tears ..


Give me the air to breath for others' lives
Lend me the sight for them to see through my eyes
Let me see clearly what's behind that blue mountain
The exciting rolling wheel of life hopefully could be fore seen

Whisper me the meaning of that summer crying clouds
Why those cute hummingbirds are singing aloud?
Tell me why the waves ebbing sadly in a silent shore
Answer me why the breeze smiles as it maneuvers into its direction Then. .. You whisper me the sign how to mend their grievances
You ask me to show them how beautiful the world is
By teaching them to embrace the pain of their wounded spirits
That through loving and forgiving we're living life full of grace Helen~~~~((*_*))~~~~