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Laughter of an innocent child

Enjoying the rain outside

No demands whatever to come

Graciously dancing and never damn

Fearless, powerful, happy without having any boundary

For us to create a bond with this pretty world we stay

Let our happy feet dance with glee

Grace yourself wildly as it's free

Swirl, fly, shout, swing so lovely

Enjoy as an innocent child as we used to be


If you were to ask me how I am?
Here i am moving through
With my dreams and sweet emotions
That gives life into my blood
Running trough my veins
So calm and so grateful
Never been thwarted with the failures
As it add to me more strength and patience
The pains I've been through
Mold me and made me more beautiful
I am still a wonderful creation
So kind and so sweet, to welcome
The best in life after every storm
I have been given always
The love and God's great favor
To know that He is love all above all
I am His great creation
I thank Him for the love
And let me know that love
Has no ever comparison
I am a very strong woman
I fell so many times
And not afraid to die
With love in my heart
Never ever been changed
Even in a far length of time


Ive died many deaths but my love is always true
Asking kindly my Stillness what to do
Just being is enough my heart is thrown into the winds
Swelled in gratitude and scattered in the breeze
I would let it remains a mystery
It surpasses my being..vibrate superbly
I consider you spirit in my dream
Drifting me..I see the colorful heaven
Teaching me the deepest sense and breaking my horizon
To go on, without love limitation