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River runs..

So many wonderful thoughts like a stream in a rainy days so fast to its flow
From the rocky mountains dripping down crossing to many roads it went through
But still for more I am willing to sail with its flow to learn and grow
And to where like a river patiently runs to where I was destined to
Searching for wisdom to embed upon my mundane heart
Seeking for the luminous light to sufficed mine darkest part
Yet one day, I believe my heart will roar it's powerful thunder
To your hearts let me dwell and speak out my heart's finest share
Dreaming to touch everyone's greatest depth and brings life to many lives
To be heard by the world's numbness and senseless sighs..

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 10/16/17


Collaboration with Deborah Brooks Langford for our coming book..

I Try

My mind tries
to relinquish my inner state
it longs for a place to help me hold my head
someplace i wont be tarnished
some place free from harm...

I try

not to cry
I hang my head and sigh
I need a place for me to encounter
a loving place I can reside...

I try

not to sigh, only smile
with heart in hand I pray so loud
Dear Lord help me
be what I used to be
why can't I run and play?

I Try

oh the desire to dream again
I must know I won't be free of pain
I must try to hug again
where could this place be found
a day of laughter like a sweet melodic song
where has this place gone?

I stand

I stand before you and I try
a smile for you and I cry
all I want to be is what  I use to be
I love you all
please try...

Please Try

to understand
love me no matter what life brings
I may not be here tomorrow
I don't want to fall apart
I just need you to understand
I am not what I used to be
I am very tired...


I try