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How blessed are we this Christmas?

So many things in my mind I earnestly love to do
Things to buy in the store,  just waiting through
I wish to give gifts that will paint a smile to many faces
Yet my wallet seems thin I couldnt  give as much as I wished
I brought my sight around as I sat down in the corner alone
I realized I have  no Christmas decors inside my home
Was it because I was so busy to prepare those stuff?
Or maybe I wasnt so much excited enough this Christmas?
Where was my heart  this season of joy and love if I may ask?
I am trying  to control my tears upon evaluating my own self
Do I have to tell what  did I do to give joy to the poor children?
May we cant see display of decors sparkling in my corners
But my heart is exquisitely shining  within, with joyful tears
I am thanking  the Lord in heaven  for my blissful year
I thank the Lord for the blessing  of good thoughts
For my firmness while riding the boat of life as the river flows
For now, I feel the  deepness of Chris…


Helen Sarita and I have wrote poem 15 out of 30 toward our book...

A Love That Never Could Be..

We were so in love
Walked along Lover’s Lane
Life was good
We showed the world our love
The respect
And the will to love for life
Then the dark days came
The fights
The love was gone
And so were you
The sky turned dark
As the sun could no longer be seen
While the moon never shined another night
We were so cold
Hearts turned to stones
As u walked to the left, and I walked to the right
Unanswered questions
An empty feeling
Bu we stayed the same
No hope
No love
More tears

Daniel Franklin
All rights  reserved  by both Authors

I know no words of surrender
in the name of love
That even the darkest  skies
to us wished to cover
I am still hopeful
behind this river of tears
To you my heart
will forever beats
The past will still
be our future my love
It will never go cold
please believe me,
Feel my flame within
Listen to my heart's whisper
To love you.. I always will


Glittering Christmas decors
we've  watched everywhere
And the jolly faces and excitement  of innocent children
The get together of families and parties anywhere
Gifts under the Christmas trees are ready to be shared

Yet Christmas is much more merrier and meaningful
When we draw ourselves to some unfortunate people
To comfort  our brethren  who  are in a state of distress
During this Season of love, joy and unselfishness

Let's be there to console those who suffer their illness
And offer them love and prayers in whatever means
Through then we can feel much the Christmas Spirit
The essence of giving is  such so much eloquent

Christmas is not expressed by a gift inside a box
How  elegant and presentable it is being wrapped
Christmas is all about the content of our hearts
To comfort the feelings of others is what we lacked

This Christmas some people's  lives are miserable
Some are in trouble due to uncontrolled emotions
We have ignored Christ is the Core of this Season
Waiting …


Collaboration written by Deborah Brooks Langford and ME  when we were having our vacation..


All women are beautiful...
It doesn't matter the color
It doesn't  matter the age
It doesn't matter the laughter
Or even the pain.

Women are go getters
That sparkle  each time
We are proud mamas
And grandma's too

Women demonstrate what values are
In the work force and home
And so many more..
Protecting family and life

Without a blink they work till their fingers bleed
Without hesitation when pain is involved
Us women walk with heads held high
And welcome our LORD GOD

Lots of memories are gained
The time the truth revealed
Until the last dying day...

Just a moment in time
Brings their hearts  to rest with each love ones
We have our dreams that is so many
Our hearts melt when we kiss thart child
A reminder of things to come...

Us women even if we  are alone
We will never be forgotten
As we stand up for justice
We lift our heads and yell



My Sunday morning here exactly 4:44 AM and it is her Saturday  night.. Our time difference is not a hindrance to sing the lullaby of our hearts..

Hanging lullaby...
(with Deborah Brooks Langford)

My thoughts were enveloped by the continuous flowing spring of commitments with no end while life is still being lived and savoured by..
The unevitable worries and rushing of time are entwined with my days as they come to me and pass by..
As I flocked my strong wings from places to helped me to see things broad and wide ..I dream that the sun will stay and will always shine its bright and its beams are always by my side..
But the globe we're dwelling in is round, it rolls against time...I can't hold the luminous beams of light leaving me..yet the moon appears at night to comfort me with its calm crimson hue..
I saw the stars competing their glitters and some became my friends too..
They were smiling at me as I slumber at night dreaming once more what is best for tomorrow..


Susan Joyner-Stumpf..

If only a blank paper will do to show my truest feelings within.. I know it expresses more than ink splattered on a blank sheet of paper..
You can still read my heart as you were born quite and pretty smart that without  words you can feel me and even you close your eyes you can see me.

Susan.. I am truly sad..  Yes...I am
As you're not so very well nowadays.. I know you  see my tears though we are separated by the wide lands and seas..

That even without  saying a single word,  you can read me.. as it is not about my ink but my strongest desire wishing the happiness and wellness of your being.  No matter how I fill this blank paper I know it wouldn't still be enough to express to you my sincerest and truthful  heart wrapped with gratitude. You  moulded me to become who I am today.  You gave me a title " Mistress  of Words" I feel more than I deserved on this world..

Susan, your words are like magic of a silver spring cascading like a natures flo…


(To Helen Sarita for her Birthday)

Mistress of words you’ve stolen my heart
One after another, better than before
Learned to admire that beautiful Soul
Another one Like It I’ll never know
How lucky in a world of billions do I find one
Friend who has my back, who empathizes with
My beginning, will be there to the END
Happy Birthday Helen Sarita in so many ways
But it’s my birthday too for having met you ~ you see
Each day a blessing I thank the Lord
May this Day be as special as the day you were born
From me, from all of us, loving you so dear
Can’t bear to think of life without you, fills me with fear
Don’t be anyone but who YOU are
Mistress of Words
A GLOWING, Poetic Star !

~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf (Copyright Protected, 10/2/2017


River runs..

So many wonderful thoughts like a stream in a rainy days so fast to its flow
From the rocky mountains dripping down crossing to many roads it went through
But still for more I am willing to sail with its flow to learn and grow
And to where like a river patiently runs to where I was destined to
Searching for wisdom to embed upon my mundane heart
Seeking for the luminous light to sufficed mine darkest part
Yet one day, I believe my heart will roar it's powerful thunder
To your hearts let me dwell and speak out my heart's finest share
Dreaming to touch everyone's greatest depth and brings life to many lives
To be heard by the world's numbness and senseless sighs..

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 10/16/17


Collaboration with Deborah Brooks Langford for our coming book..

I Try

My mind tries
to relinquish my inner state
it longs for a place to help me hold my head
someplace i wont be tarnished
some place free from harm...

I try

not to cry
I hang my head and sigh
I need a place for me to encounter
a loving place I can reside...

I try

not to sigh, only smile
with heart in hand I pray so loud
Dear Lord help me
be what I used to be
why can't I run and play?

I Try

oh the desire to dream again
I must know I won't be free of pain
I must try to hug again
where could this place be found
a day of laughter like a sweet melodic song
where has this place gone?

I stand

I stand before you and I try
a smile for you and I cry
all I want to be is what  I use to be
I love you all
please try...

Please Try

to understand
love me no matter what life brings
I may not be here tomorrow
I don't want to fall apart
I just need you to understand
I am not what I used to be
I am very tired...


I try



For our coming book  together with Deborah Brooks Langford !

Little Girl Tears
Staring down the senselessness
feeling her childish ways
She was a little girl in a big bad world�distant toll nagging�in these roller coaster years~
Sanguine breezes
winding hearts
roads that are binding
follow the yellow line~
water pours from crying eyes
closing her eyes and dreams
holding to her brother
waiting for the war to end~
one hot summers day
the river got a little bit bigger
with tears of one little girl
hoping things will change ~
Crying many a tears
from so many years
as she grew older through scars
of old~
Years past oh so fast
little girl remembers the tears
as she finds love on the hope
of an angel wings~
Little girl dance through life
following her heart to find love
little girl and her tears
grow old~
Dont waste a single day
a lonely night
little girl
dont waste your life
just have faith and allow a little tear~
Debbie Brooks@

Those innocent years rippling onto my thougths..
The longing …


THANK You James Cairns for translating Mine and Helen Sarita and Susan Joyner-Stumpf Poem 'DON'T MAKE ME CRY" in  French

Deborah et Hélène: Une collaboration d’âmes

Tes paroles me font pleurer

 Il y avait une fois
 C’était toi
 Ce n’était pas difficile
 C’était beau
 Maintenant c’est dur, si lourd
 Sans valeur
 Et le temps s’arrête

Laisse-moi pleurer
Laisse-moi sentir
Que dois-je faire d’autre
Tant que nous continuons
Chantant la même chanson?

Les paroles me viennent difficilement
Je n’arrive plus à écrire
 Mais je sais que je peux pleurer
 Et je pleurs
 Je suis l’être
 Que j’ai toujours été

Capable d’être
Ta meilleure amie
 Je suis là pour toi
 Ne me laisses pas pleurer...


Maintenant je pense
Comment puis-je faire
 Ce bel arc-en-ciel

Et je pense plus fort
 Je voudrais que tu passes des journées
 Saches que dans ta tristesse
 Je pleure aussi dans ta solitude
 J’aimerais te porter que du bonheur

Cette joie
 Pourquoi on nous l’a v…


Helen Sarita and I are on poem 13. Getting closer to our worldwide book.. This write is called "Sea of Love"    I will read this on Facebook Live this week..... Cheers to our future book....

Sea of Love

We met one day on a sandy white shore
Full of blue waves and pretty white seagulls
The sand was so exotic
Exotic as you
We walked and walked
Telling sweet romantic stories
And singing love songs to each other
We were fully in love
Enjoying the scenery that was so perfect
A tropical beach just for us
The time was so right
And so was our love
We danced
And drank posh wine
Looked at each other deeply
Never missing a beat
I truly felt you in my heart and soul
You were my lady
My love
The one I wanted for the rest of my days
We had a great time
Walked along the beach
As the sun was about to set
We saw God’s great beauty he created
And the beauty of love we created in each other hearts
I knew from that time, love would live in us forever
Nothing could stop it
Because love is a gift


The Fabric of my life

I gave to you my heart, my soul
Because I love you dear
I never questioned right or wrong
For you were always here
So I proposed the marriage vows
In hope you'd be my wife
I told you who you are to me
The fabric of my life

You are a fine mate of my soul
Loving me without condition
You took away my tears of sorrow
With love's one true rendition
Come take me let us be as one
I will love you til the end
Bring me to the wonderland
Where soul mates do descend
We've seen Heaven in its glory
In many different ways
We've both seen hell and some things gory
Whilst together all our day's
We have danced and shared in laughter
We've cried tearsin times of pain
In the strength of one and other
We would do it all again

I am filled with Heaven's passion
Blissful in life's joy
You're my lust, my dream, my confidence
The owner of my sigh
You're the strength I lost in times gone by
But you waltzed into my life
Made me the woman I longed to b…


When will be the right time?

My pen cries to utter what my heart silently murmurs
Would it  cover what my thoughts wished to speak for?
Would there be an ending of this abyss of distress that somehow would change to unity and happiness?
Would be the writers inks have enough power to transform  the dusk into  love and light vastness?
Nothing impossible...that's the believers are standing for..
Would be the little ink left in our pens will show its own essence?
Would be the calling of our passion be also a part to unite nations?
Can we speak out not to bash but an access of peace?
Why can't we pray for every race, culture  and belief?
That we aren't here to fight and towards each principle, we do have respect
That whenever we talk softly and not harshly, we can mellow down hatreds
That it is a futile to use our fingers to point out others faults or mistakes
Why we are so inclined  to side with whom we stand for?
It's time to look for the lives of our brethren and not to …


Thank you my beloved children...

I am so greatly happy on this mothers day
Your messages of love overwhelmed me
It’s like a sweet caress carried by a  gleeful breeze
A  whisper to my ears how much you all care

To my lovely sons and their pretty wives
I dream your love day by day will rise
Happy to see you all in peace and harmony
Nothing I could ask for more, it’s a glory

To my beautiful and smart daughter Shek
Thank you for making me proud and great
Do not  pressure much of yourself
God has prepared for you the best

To my young gentleman, my little King
Thanks for your sweet voice this morning
The fortune of yours is now kindly lingering
Just continue  to be  smart and be loving

To my wonderful and sweet angel in  heaven
Sushmita Rose is your beautiful name
I don’t know why my tears flow this very moment
I just miss you , thank you for greeting me in silent..

Helen Sarita


YOU are the most beautiful rose
even if its blue
dont ever think your not
your beauty out shines us all..

You are an Angel in disguise
You see I  met an angel I looked into her eyes
I saw a vision of love that pierces
beauty she truly was I saw
comfort and compassion for all....

This Angel sings
a song of inspiration
the words as I close my eyes...

Dreams a melody of joyfulness
I met an angel that smiled brightly
in amazement I did stand
glowing as I looked into her eyes....

This Angel is one of my best friends
always so happy
ready to pray for me
at a drop of a hat....

And I Love this Angel for that.....

My sweet Helen....


Helen A. Sarita and I have finished Poem #12 now... We are working toward our goal of a book together at the end of year.. The title of this poem is "Twilight Sky"

Twilight sky
Two people together
Eyes to eyes
love to love
Looking up at the stars
Wishing upon millions of lights
Holding hands
Feeling the warm air and love in d air
Never wanting this to end
As our night is perfect
Perfect for us
Because time together is a million lights
Lights of Love and Life
To never ever fade away....


Treasured moment we celebrate at night
Our rendezvous beneath the moonlight
Staring at your lovely and romantic eyes
Speechless, you're wonderful by my sight
You hold my hands with so much meaning
Your embrace is so tight in this lovely evening
I dream for a longer time to enjoy my night with you
As  the warmth of your love graces my life through

 Helen A. Sarita


Author Helen Sarita and I have now written 11 poems.. Our book goal is 30, then we will publish it and hope to get a book signing after that..... We keep writing.....

Love Across Many Miles

No land or ocean will stop our love
Because our love is stronger then lands or miles
Because True love is True love
Nothing can make this love fizzle out
Its a burning light
One to never go out
Because we love each other greatly
Always wishing upon stars
Enjoying the moments together
Pledged to make this work
And to love each other for life
Because True Love is True Love
And we will find a way to make it happen

Daniel Franklin

A wonderful dreams of two lovers at far
Separated by big lands and a wide oceans
Knowing love has never knew any boundaries
You dream, I dream, we both dream of our dreams
Our hearts are fueled with unstoppable desire
Having each other in an intimate calling  of time.
It is forever nevertheless the change of wind's direction
The breeze of love will gather its forces to ma…


She is in many thoughts. .

A woman with a proficient vision, who believes nothing is impossible, she drives her life and maneuver into the best direction yet sometimes she falls.

She doesn't mind difficulties along her way, she is not scared of a visiting storm, come what may.

She is brave. She is not afraid of challenges. With her aggressive courage, sometimes she stumbled yet  unravage.

Never she allows herself to get down for long, she will rise back and battled for more.

She loves without limit, and she never surrender love  until love itself losses it's own breath.

She is very committed, in standing her words she is more than good, she's proven in better and in worse.

She smiles with tears in her eyes. She has vigor even she is tired, she is curious what are the other tastes of life.

She winks to the demon's eyes. Yet, torch was thrown to her from the splendid skies. Alas! In darkness she became a light.

She is human, yet she knows control of the flapping of her w…


Welcome 2017!!

My 2016 flew just very fast
Without having a time to listen the tune of my heart
I was very busy with things I couldn't take for granted
A kind blessing, my prayers were being answered

I poured my life on here
And my spirit as well
What a wonderful year
would then it was
A great sign of blissful
hope as it starts

In the middle of the year
Two lovely angels woke me up
They whispered the will of their hearts ..they sent me a beautiful news.. they will help me publish my very first book..

Speaking Heart, is the title of my book, it was known to the world
It's  about time I spoke my heart and my spirit talked..

I danced and sing with the angels of Women of Passion and Reflection.
We shared our sentiments and emptiness of emotions
We soared to the highest clouds strength of each, we've found

Our lovely queen angel always encouraged us.. she's  so busy spreading her love
What a lucky beings we all are, We are a group of angels bravely soaring so far

We have ou…