Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Your stunning brightness through my simple and plain words can not be expressed
Lovers under your white blush are the spectators in their sweet whispers
As they take pleasure of this rare romantic evening breeze

Still, why? What is the reason for these drops of tears?
Am I holding on to some pain?
I do not understand these racing of my heartbeats
Perhaps, I am scared of the howls of dogs of the cold night
Or I am scared while walking the dark path this late evening
Or I may have disturbed the restive spirits that haunt my mind this Halloween

Why has my faith ceased and desisted?
Why am I carried away by illusions of this life?
Should I forget the One who created this moon, the One who could tread oceans?

What a beautiful message the full moon brings
The sufferings are but a cycle
In humility we learn the value of wisdom that the One formed in us
Just like the moon, from a lowly sliver of light, it grows into the wonderful beauty of a full moon.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Sometimes we see the light
Sometimes our rays so bright
Yet at times we don't live our lives
We're empty and sometimes blind

We feel too much sorrow
Our lives are feeling  blue
When things won't go our way
As we all wished them to be

Our hearts wished to grab
To those we couldn't have
Our minds have plenty of thoughts
Spirits are seemingly confused

Let's give time to contemplate
Let's ponder within more deep
Watch, listen and try to reflect
How to rectify our lives and correct

Wellness of hearts will glow
Lessons we learnt, we grow
Have acceptance and a firm trust
As we have to live life until it last

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


In the surrounding darkness behind these misty skies
There's a sudden nimbus pulling back
The sun shatters it's heat for a moment
And brings back to its gloom for a while
Here I understand the impermanence of this world
There be in time light where I stand
But ahead I see the dim clouds wishing to cry
And there maybe darkness where I am
But somewhere I can see the beckon of a promising light
I have no other way but to glide with fate
This moment I will savor the solitude being alone
Never will I be lonely..
As I am with myself wearing the sweetest of smiles..

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I thougt you're just like passing by
I wished to know the reason why
You filled me with love unknown
Graced my day, made me bloom
Time you spent was exceptional
Your love were such unconditional
It made me hopeful it'll be forever
I never been loved this way ever
We let our love seeks it's own way
We let the deep silence to us lay
Yet in our hearts we still do care
We both think of us  anywhere
Now our silence decides to break
Our souls to each never forsake 
We are still dreaming the same
We  both love and never blame
I thank you for being so sincere
For long you're  just being there
To when should this dream surreal
To when its whisper becomes real
To when I could touch you again
And our love claims we're really meant