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Thoughts fly drifting like a cloud of a summer breeze
Whirling down like a golden leaves of an old trees
Flowed with the trickle rain that falls in a hot summer
Kissing the path, rolled over and blown to somewhere
Cast by the wind and ended up to nowhere

Words could be utter by a lonely heart in grin
Clear and loud wearing a sound of silence
Searching for an answer without a question given
Wishing to smell one's shadow even for a brisk moment
While the tiny drops of summer rain becomes faster

Feelings are down at time of loneliness
Watching the sad sky heavy and speechless
When thoughts and words lovingly tuning in
So much things happen and bring me to wonder
Like the unexpected rain that comes in summer


Help me to stand up from kneeling of asking God
Let me feel your pure and honest love
A love that soars us high where it takes us to fly
A love that is forever until the end of time

Let's celebrate the feelings we have for each other
Let's dance with the music only our heartbeats could hear
And let us walk on the air holding our hands together
While we gently follow what our hearts whisper

Love me till the sun continues to give its shine
Love me till the moonlight appears for us to unwind
Love me even the movement of the sea stops to cease
And never stop longing to smell my breeze

You let me feel your desire, passion and sweetness
You embrace me by your arms as your breath increases
As I wake up from my deep sleep, a sweet smile on my face
In my dream, you give me a colorful grin of happiness


You are supposed to be a young pretty lady
Maybe so sweet, intelligent and lovely
I am so much longing for you baby
My angel, I am very very much sorry

Now that you are drifting into my mind
Succumb my thoughts, I can't help but cry
If those days I was just strong enough
My angel, you are supposed to be with us

When you left us, You were just an infant
To see the world you were not given a chance
My griefs and sorrows so much affected you
When you were in my womb, you suffered too

You maybe flying and drop on tip of the bushes
You maybe now with the silent air I breathe
Comforting me with your focus and loving stare
I can smell your heavenly shadow on the air


Peaceful silence on the air
I savored while meditating
Heartily talking You in depth
You listen my soul who is imperfect
I refresh myself in faith and I worship
In the shaking situation I face, I ask Your help

Heavy trial came my way unexpectedly
It needs a lot of my courage and humility
As things drifted my mind at night
I tried to examine myself and give insight
I was feeling empty and helpless
But I need to move on out of nothingness

I have to fight to win this battle
For the welfare of everyone and all
I know that it will just pass over
In my every prayer You give an answer
You are giving me comfort and care
You are alive, You are just there

As I am solving things one at a time
You give me hope and sunshine
You are a helping and caring Father
With so much unconditional love to share
And behind the visit of this horrifying crisis
I thank you for painting my face a smile


My children, walk without fear
As you were raised with all hardworks and prayer
Instilling contentment to your soul
You only have to trust and be faithful

You energize me behind my tiredness
I can afford to grin and bear behind difficulties
You are the reason why I have to go out rain or shine
As I can not stop dreaming even for a short while

Walking by our own pace with courage
You witness how I carry the hardship
May it serves you as good example
As you take your journey in the future

Reminiscing our beautiful memories
Bonded in time of our togetherness
Where things were not all soft and smooth
But the happiness we feel is what that counts most

Embrace the completeness of a mother
Watching you strong and bravier
Be thankful, cheerful and be alive
I consider you treasure in my life


Looking nice, attractive and good
Adorable, fantastic to behold
Ways and looks are all natural
Like the beauty of your very own land

Simple sweet and loving
Passionate,hospitable and caring
Brings sunshine in a cold weather
You possess that stands out from others

Smart in deeds and the words you utter
Though at times you became weaker
Yet, as you stumbled, fell and pained
It brought you more to learn and gain

At times when you seem vulnerable and fragile
You have to live the values taught by experience
And mold yourself as wonderful being
As the beauty you owned is not lasting

Be beautiful in and out
Let your wisdom spread throughout
A beauty that couldn't be faded by time
It will continue to glitter and shine


In an exhausting journey
I travelled quite a distance
Freely chosen my own route
A privilege that anyone could

I could have chosen the low road
Where way could have been smooth and short
Easy, enjoyable and comfortable
Embracing no challenges at all

I could have chosen the road in the middle
Where I could have meet some obstacles
This just would be a common encounter
We could possibly meet in our every travel

Yet I preferred to choose the high road
Where I climbed to the top of my destination
Motivated to pursue behind the difficulties
The rough and crooked road was tough to face

Determination boosted my confidence
Moving forward by my own pace, I persevered
As I reached up the peak of the mountain
I saw the bounty of the ocean, so exhilarating