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YEAR 2016

Observing to the  outshining atmosphere beholding my sight
It speaks  to me through the gesture of its candid light
Our tender and lavish welcome
A sign of great year to come
This year has been written
Fantastic and so moving in
Rekindles hopes and dreams
Flourishes whatever our way of
Outgrowth love in our hearts
Opportunities surround us
The intuition in me is strong
2016 is a year we've been waiting for..


Pleased with the ample  hearts that have sensed the sparkle of our inks as it dazzles into a paper splashing the emotion  opaque yet some clear As we penned our hearts with our trendy thoughts  we drenched our thirst with our truthful pens we are full of gratitude savoring our lush emotion we share our tender hearts we inspire each one of us how lovely all are we uplifting our own souls waving our gracious spirits to the highest mountain indeed we are grateful  to have our blissful hands as we tried to untie the conundrum of life we express our hearts even the less expressible just to burst what's within using our bestowed talent  spreading  plentiful colors  to every corner of our sight as we weave the thread of the tapestry of life.. we love and support these arts of  ours and we strongly believe  we are the masterpiece the best and wondrous art of the highest spirit graced with the gift of such marvelous arts together as one  we are fellow souls no matter the race no matter th…


Sowing the seeds of my endearing passion tree.. Believing it will grow versatile, lovely and free.. Its  roots will absorb the burrow of wisdom  It's trunk will represent  my strength upon Its branches will wave and bow onto me and my thoughts Its  twigs will rejoice the sun and air nurturing soothe Its leaves savor the breeze as it whirls and whisper in silence As it stand so profoundly and humbly with confidence I will snuggle towards its shadow to comfy beneath  And let my struggle slumber in and savor the cool air drift And  my trees of passion will then bear it's own treasure I will reap what I sowed as it grow benevontly bountiful. 


Christmas eves..
Behind those smiles capturing the best of me, you looketh There is  smile within my heart that cries from my depth Behind my grateful heart depicted through my humble words There is gratitude upon me more than my  soul abounds
And these sincere tears of mine to you now speaketh The wonders of my heart during my  Christmas eves .. How can I not be thankful to have my angels in a short distance? How can I tell you my Christmas is truly such a blissful one?
Only a few know we're coming back and forth to the hospital We're wrapped by  the graces and great chances of survival We consider these are priceless gifts, showered upon us The spirit of this yuletide season speaks us to merely trust
These rainy dawns of December glorifies, as we pray in joyful  The little time I've got to touch your soul, made me thankful My prayers for other friends define my own strength As my heart is now filled with the message I truly felt
Christmas is not just only giving and rec…