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Remembering a friend in a Sunday morning..  I will surprise her again a visit one day!

Ma'am Benny this is for you.

Busy loving..

I am busy loving my family and my friends
Thanks God for this beautiful Sunday morning
I love the kisses and hugs from my grand children
I love talking with my faraway and nearby friends
I am sad when they are not so very well
I think of those I couldn't reach in here..
I wish to visit one friend and give her my sweet embrace
Especially that she is suffering now with illness
I think of the scene when I once visited in her home
I read to her my poems, I saw her face glowed from gloom
I have no idea how I touched her depressed spirit
She was so happy with my presence, she was uplifted
As I allowed her to read my poems' meaningful lines
She laughed and cried that had brought tears to my eyes
How I wish,  I could  give her so much of my precious time
So that I can wrap her my love with my kindest smile..

Copyright @Helen Sarita August 28, 2016


Breathe with my name...
The poetic side of me was born in the land of the Southeast
under the brilliant star unseen in the afternoon mist
It splashes the scented aroma of my glittering ink
As you read between its lines,  it drizzles it's magic
It gives life to many hearts downed and so depressed...
In the Middle East it travels with the mystic wave
To my avid readers it is awaited in every week
Though innocent and naive, yet my pen shines with its own guts
It is brave, unafraid and to the criticisms, it hugs
I never matter to the swaying of my ink out of my pen
but the emotion to burst in my heart, gotten me insane
My poetic side is such a kind lovely, truthful  and unique
It gives a message as our souls speak and try to connect
Discovered in the West, heartily welcomed and embraced
Adored by some famous poets,
my poetic side is fearless,
I write full of confidence, it is precise, a humble instrument
My heart utters its sweet magic as it embraces your arts
It kisses my speaking he…


Stress free..

Life is entwined with various uncertainties of emotions
We have to bear carrying well in its moving direction
At times we feel sick, sad and so much alone
There are times we feel imcomplete and down.
Yet there are also times we are beckoned by challenges
We are being tested how pleasant we can carry difficulties
Some blow their weakness unmindful, so easily
Some  express their feelings in an unpleasant way
Why can't we not just embrace the pain within?
Yes I know it's hard and not just a cup of tea then
But when we have anger and flaring temper to burst
Why can't we just hum and sing not to make it worse?
Yes I know it isn't easy to control the wrath within
Yet in hurting others, do you think our hearts also aren't in pain?
We feel also sad and drowned as the day coming to its end
In rough times,  to the symphony of our souls let's try to listen
When silent tears wished to cascade and stream  down
Why can't we just tell ourselves at least my …