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My Sunday morning here exactly 4:44 AM and it is her Saturday  night.. Our time difference is not a hindrance to sing the lullaby of our hearts..

Hanging lullaby...
(with Deborah Brooks Langford)

My thoughts were enveloped by the continuous flowing spring of commitments with no end while life is still being lived and savoured by..
The unevitable worries and rushing of time are entwined with my days as they come to me and pass by..
As I flocked my strong wings from places to helped me to see things broad and wide ..I dream that the sun will stay and will always shine its bright and its beams are always by my side..
But the globe we're dwelling in is round, it rolls against time...I can't hold the luminous beams of light leaving me..yet the moon appears at night to comfort me with its calm crimson hue..
I saw the stars competing their glitters and some became my friends too..
They were smiling at me as I slumber at night dreaming once more what is best for tomorrow..


Susan Joyner-Stumpf..

If only a blank paper will do to show my truest feelings within.. I know it expresses more than ink splattered on a blank sheet of paper..
You can still read my heart as you were born quite and pretty smart that without  words you can feel me and even you close your eyes you can see me.

Susan.. I am truly sad..  Yes...I am
As you're not so very well nowadays.. I know you  see my tears though we are separated by the wide lands and seas..

That even without  saying a single word,  you can read me.. as it is not about my ink but my strongest desire wishing the happiness and wellness of your being.  No matter how I fill this blank paper I know it wouldn't still be enough to express to you my sincerest and truthful  heart wrapped with gratitude. You  moulded me to become who I am today.  You gave me a title " Mistress  of Words" I feel more than I deserved on this world..

Susan, your words are like magic of a silver spring cascading like a natures flo…


(To Helen Sarita for her Birthday)

Mistress of words you’ve stolen my heart
One after another, better than before
Learned to admire that beautiful Soul
Another one Like It I’ll never know
How lucky in a world of billions do I find one
Friend who has my back, who empathizes with
My beginning, will be there to the END
Happy Birthday Helen Sarita in so many ways
But it’s my birthday too for having met you ~ you see
Each day a blessing I thank the Lord
May this Day be as special as the day you were born
From me, from all of us, loving you so dear
Can’t bear to think of life without you, fills me with fear
Don’t be anyone but who YOU are
Mistress of Words
A GLOWING, Poetic Star !

~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf (Copyright Protected, 10/2/2017