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Rays of the morning sun gently wink on me
­I smile with my silent tears as it flow tenderly
­Now, the mixture of happiness and sadness
­The combination of gladness and bitterness
­Came to visit my fantastic and wonderful world
­Which is now exhilarating,exciting yet disturbed
­It is only the fresh morning witnessing the moment
­Watching me contemplating what life really means­

­ ­
­­Why it’s so deep to know what is life meaning?
­Why is it that it is so full yet is also so lacking?
­So colorful and magical yet entwined by tears
­Fresh morning, can u give me all the answers?
­Why you just smile me up there in a distance
­Why you just simply give me your gentle glance
­I am not clever enough to solve this puzzle
­It’s so mysterious, made me quite a pretty fool ­