Friday, January 13, 2017


Author Helen Sarita and I have now written 11 poems.. Our book goal is 30, then we will publish it and hope to get a book signing after that..... We keep writing.....

Love Across Many Miles

No land or ocean will stop our love
Because our love is stronger then lands or miles
Because True love is True love
Nothing can make this love fizzle out
Its a burning light
One to never go out
Because we love each other greatly
Always wishing upon stars
Enjoying the moments together
Pledged to make this work
And to love each other for life
Because True Love is True Love
And we will find a way to make it happen

Daniel Franklin

A wonderful dreams of two lovers at far
Separated by big lands and a wide oceans
Knowing love has never knew any boundaries
You dream, I dream, we both dream of our dreams
Our hearts are fueled with unstoppable desire
Having each other in an intimate calling  of time.
It is forever nevertheless the change of wind's direction
The breeze of love will gather its forces to magic it's motion

Author Helen Sarita

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


She is in many thoughts. .

A woman with a proficient vision, who believes nothing is impossible, she drives her life and maneuver into the best direction yet sometimes she falls.

She doesn't mind difficulties along her way, she is not scared of a visiting storm, come what may.

She is brave. She is not afraid of challenges. With her aggressive courage, sometimes she stumbled yet  unravage.

Never she allows herself to get down for long, she will rise back and battled for more.

She loves without limit, and she never surrender love  until love itself losses it's own breath.

She is very committed, in standing her words she is more than good, she's proven in better and in worse.

She smiles with tears in her eyes. She has vigor even she is tired, she is curious what are the other tastes of life.

She winks to the demon's eyes. Yet, torch was thrown to her from the splendid skies. Alas! In darkness she became a light.

She is human, yet she knows control of the flapping of her wings when she flies,  she is a woman that even her flaws she never hides.

She is brave to tell the world, she has been saluted.. she has been followed as she carry her courage to speak the truth.

Her imperfections made her pure, her emptiness made her full, she embraced lessons of growth.

She gained faith from her mistakes. She became a woman of wisdom and strength, she is just such a blessed.

She wonderfully made her life as she traveled from East to West, she became matured as she aged.

Her eyes is full of passion,  her silent stare tells the sincerity of her emotion.

She is so valued by her friends dreaming to have her kind of strength that made her moving, she inclined to inspire more, she shared the battles she won.

She touched more hearts, there is hope as the days pass. She is now a reflection of beautiful angels, to whom she flocked with, soaring together..

So rise up beautiful ones, face the world like her. She dances like angel, walks like an amorous star in heaven, come be in!

She sprinkled glittering lights of gold...there is substance in her talk. She is a woman of hope..
She is in many thoughts.

Copyright@Helen Sarita, January 10, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Welcome 2017!!

My 2016 flew just very fast
Without having a time to listen the tune of my heart
I was very busy with things I couldn't take for granted
A kind blessing, my prayers were being answered

I poured my life on here
And my spirit as well
What a wonderful year
would then it was
A great sign of blissful
hope as it starts

In the middle of the year
Two lovely angels woke me up
They whispered the will of their hearts ..they sent me a beautiful news.. they will help me publish my very first book..

Speaking Heart, is the title of my book, it was known to the world
It's  about time I spoke my heart and my spirit talked..

I danced and sing with the angels of Women of Passion and Reflection.
We shared our sentiments and emptiness of emotions
We soared to the highest clouds strength of each, we've found

Our lovely queen angel always encouraged us.. she's  so busy spreading her love
What a lucky beings we all are, We are a group of angels bravely soaring so far

We have our own lives..
we have our own stories to tell
We have books, we created together ..
We inspired and give lights to others..

In 2016 my life was full, amazing and blast
I never limit my heart to the calling of love
I rewarded myself to see and touch the horizon
Where my dreams unfurled
Intricate puzzle I  solved
The universe was upon my side, I've  learned lots of lessons in life

Yet at times myself couldn't deny
Behind my truthful smile
My heart painfully  cries
I am still human, with many sighs

I allow myself to still search for the unknown
I believe in incompleteness, still to where I'd  grown

Welcome 2017 and the whole year round
Where challenges and blessings abound
As 2016 sets to its end
I wish to bid farewell
I brought  myself  out from my wondrous shell
As I gazed up above, to that bountiful amazing bright sky
I had many questions in my mind if what, where and why?
How far is the distance from myself and I?

Copyright@ Helen Sarita, 12/30/2016