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Who am I?

I am whom anyone's heart sees in me
A gentle reflection of their own inner beauty
I am a queen of my own miniature kingdom
I run uneasy things so light without boredome

I'm like a fish busy swimming in a big ocean with no chance to sleep beyond
I am a colorful butterfly flying in the garden giving vivid ambiance to a candid paradise
During the storm, I am like an eagle soaring calmly upon the highest skies
I am a woman of hope and love, in turbulence of life I believe I can always survive

I am a lover of this temporary life yet I am not afraid to  die
I love to stay the world yet ready to leave upon the calling of time
My heart is always rekindled with wishes and love
I dream to see my loved ones living their dreams so glad

What you see on me attests my real personality
My imperfections and flaws speak my real beauty
Their is a kind of love within me many souls can define
And there's such a great love in my heart only to my soul aligned

I am a cascades of laughte…


my love for you is like a vibrant spring of the virgin mountain.
with the symphony of the colorful feathered birds it is moving
at the empty space of the horizon of this fantastic universe
i see your handsome face unto me smiling with too much grace
i am so much overwhelmed to the gesture of your kind love
i am so grateful to the wind blowing me onto your front
my soul is with  a man who captivated my wishful heart
teaching me what is the essence of a great and lasting love
these feeling and emotion which breath to my core and to me whisper
that my love for you is is deep, pure and forever..


Till you breath your last..
Men, your muscle is a message of strength  Yet your eyes are symbol of your weaknesses Your lips always convey your sweetness You utter words with mystical magics
Your hearts throbs like a gentle thunder of love Its  beat are melodious sound to listen Your touch are magnets of intimate desire The passion of your eyes made us women insane
We cry when you captivated our hearts We always need the sincerity of your Love But of course you men are always men You are imperfect, weak and vain
You need women to love you back You love to be cared not nagged In your flaws you love to be understood You love to be unconditionally loved not owned
That's why men kept looking for women Your hearts are non stop searching For the haven of your wicked hearts You need your woman to stay till you breath your last


This poem won silver

It is a heartfelt lyrics of our cascading emotion
Flowing like a music of our expressive souls
Great poetry isn't measured by the choice of words we've written
but how much emotions poured to which our hearts have spoken
It is a sublime endowment from our good heaven
A depict of an oozing emotions from our core within
It is a burst of an endearing expressive emotion
A wisdom so clear moving our pens gently in motion
A passionate creation which portray a beautiful art
A marvelous ancient art to preserve and last
True talents never have to be jealous with others art
Can't even dare to judge so each one has to be glad
Our writing is definitely you and me
It is how, what and who I am unto Thee
Poetry is an art into which  our souls should have..
to breath with the magic ink of love..


an expression of too much emotions of gladness and pains..just likely a flowing spring of words from a wounded heart and injured.. a waltz of an inspiring heart of joyfulness  and a quiet sound of a running river of tears..a silent music of solitude.. a lullaby of a heart so much in love and a shout of its  ache and paining..It is a cry of an uncertain soul...a soft and a lovely breeze from the writers thoughts caressing many hunger souls. It is a lyrics of heart from an unseen paradise of  love densed and loaded with bursting emotion scattered by the wind of imaginations...magical words flow from our veins and blood  and its wonderful penning receives a lot praises and adoration soul to the words is such a great magic of poetry..a gracious lines of wisdom from the gifted souls... a phrase of a moaning heart in agony.. an art of the ink crashed by the torment of love and the lessons of life..a mission to inspire the world is a sentiments  of the weird and the fool..yes …