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Knowledge you are mostly aspired
Significant to everyone’s life
Persevere in order to obtain
The knowledge that some already have gained

Lucky for one in determining
To acquire better knowing
Ideas useful being smart
Some became famous with their brilliance

But merry not things are not enough
To enter the room God prepared for us above
Inculcate this to your mind
Without wisdom you will be left behind

Knowledge is just a simple knowing
Of what we have learned from this world being
But wisdom is a definite knowing
To everything God given


Even if I squeeze my mind
To create the words that rhyme
That would touch your soul
Without the spirit, I am like a fool

Even if I force to open my eyes
To write everything that inspires
For me to touch your day
Without the spirit, I dismay

Even if I wanted to tell you
I have my own weaknesses too
For me to be honest with
Without the spirit, I failed

Even if the time has gone
I was not able to make one
I could not share my poetry
Without the spirit, I am empty

Even if I am discouraged
I still ask God the courage
To my great surprise, I now able
Without the spirit, it is impossible


Share whatever you have
A knowledge or wisdom from above
Share even you don’t have much
As long as you are able to touch one’s heart

Learn to share even you are selfish and vain
Share to lessen your burden
Share for you to experience
Of it’s great amazing power

Share to have more
Share more to the poor
Don’t give it a doubt
Yet try to deepen your faith about

A joyful delight, that’s how I define
It is a smile of the heart that shines
An expression of a happy soul
Who is indeed grateful and full

Share without looking after
Of what this world can offer
We may can’t have a material blessing
But surely it increases our glory in heaven


It’s a new day we have to face
Do things freely as you wish
Do these one at a time, just make sure
You move on, behind the pressures

There’s no way of turning back
Because time flies so fast
Ride its wings, never be left behind, be sure
You continue to go on behind the pressures

Pause and give thanks
Trust yourself you can
If others can do, why you cannot be sure
You can also do behind the pressures

In this world we need to be brave
Ask His guidance, He is ready to give
Never fear, never surrender, I am sure
We have our Savior, behind the pressures


Thanks for the friendship…
It is not hindered by distance
Nor by the difference of our time
It continues to flow as it
Continues to make us smile

Thanks for the friendship…
As we gradually know ourselves better
It teaches us a lot of things
Though sometimes it gives us pains
Yet it allows us to discover its wonders

Thanks for the friendship…
There is a joy that came from nowhere
I could hardly get what it really means
All I know, if it is just properly nurtured and cared
This friendship will be intimate and forever

Thanks for the friendship…
Though you are weak and fragile, yet you tried to stand firmed
As you showed me your best, I learned to know myself
You delighted me and uplifted my confused spirit
You nurtured me and made me richer

Thanks for the friendship…
That I can talk to you even that you are not around
By reaching down the greatest depth of my heart, where you are at
As I talked to you, you smiled & listened, you uttered no words
But I can feel you, and I can feel the care you have for me



Where are you my words to share
Never tell me you disappear
My friends here wish to listen
Here I am now tuning in

Don’t leave amidst of my imperfection
Still welcome me to give inspiration
Just be there when I need you
You are a gift received only by few

Forgive me for sometimes being weak
Inspiring words, wake me up, I beg
You know that I can never be perfect
How can I, in this world of impurities

I nee d your presence my dear gift
Stay with me , please do not leave
Simply reading of what I wrote
Inspired me and my friends both


I knelt to ask Him for a rest
So much pain no words could express
Tears were busy, uncontrollably flowed
Over my face long time hadn’t glowed

Why you were able to hurt me that much
Though I had been doing my part
Yet there was a hope as I look forward
Seeing a clear scene at the back of a fog

God witnessed my willingness to forgive
To save the marriage that we both committed
To God who turned and twisted things back to proper
I hereby acknowledge of all His wonders

I thank you for those painful memories
Thru then, I received a lot of praises
I found my faith being strengthen
You are a perfect design for my life, God has given
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Why things do not go my way
As I planned it to be
Because He has perfect plan for me
My ordinary eyes could not see

Why He allowed things to happen
That was so painful to remember
Since He wants me to face the world
With full of braveness as I could

Why I never mind now to worry
Behind the heaviness I carry
Because I know He is just there
Ready to help when I almost surrender

Why I feel the gladness with no reason
Behind this unstable situation
Since there is a reason for everything
I just trust Him in anything happens


Moment of sacrifices and pains
That comes every now and then
Crossing the road so narrow and rough
Carrying bitterness on my back

Strong to fight the trials coming over
Prayers my only weapon to conquer
Lifting Him all my heartaches
Uplifted my confused spirit

Carrying my cross with love
Lightens the burdens I have
Knowing the value of every sacrifice
Waiting ahead is a great prize

I smile to the sorrowful clouds
I welcome the friendly storm aloud
It is not a punishment made by God
Rather an expression of His great love


Are the meals on everyone’s table
An effort of every ULTIMATE people
It is not the meal, only us, can take
As what we simply think it is.

Are the opportunities I got, to help
Especially to the sick and jobless
It is not the things that I received
As what we simply think it is.

Is my success of sharing my inspiring stories
To those who did not find their right ways
It is not an achievement I now finally reached
As what we simply think it is.


As I travel across the sea
I let my imagination so travels away
Looking at far, thinking deeply
Smiling at the clouds, feeling so lucky

Now measuring myself, where I am into
Surely not on the top, as I never dreamt to
Yet joy in my heart gives me the fullest
Taking my mission with my ULTIMATE SERVICES

Nothing to worry, nothing to ask for
Living contently brings fullness to my soul
As I listen my overwhelmed spirit up close
I feel great and calm as the deep blue sea I cross


Thank you for the time you spare
It shows me you really care
It makes me feel better
Your presence really matters

Your coming, completes my day
It lightens the heaviness I carry
Listening your inspiring story
I learned and treasure it truly

Thank you for your precious time
That makes this very day shines
My smile is genuine and clear
So glad that you are here


Everything I do, I am giving my best
To manage is not an easy task to take
Even my risk is always at stake
I do not know what will happen ahead
Only I keep is my deepest faith

Full of challenge everyday I face
Praying earnestly in order to be blessed
His guidance for me is really perfect
No matter how tough my day is
Only I keep is my deepest faith

My downfall time, I don’t have regret
To where I learned so much from it
To all who believe that I can make it
I able to gain much of their respect
Only I keep is my deepest faith


Sincere every now and then
Especially to a true friend
I am not lavish with my compliment
Everyone deserves an honest comment

I appreciate you when you are right
Do not hesitate to correct when you are wrong
For the welfare of a real friend
No matter if you get offend

If I have something to adore about you
If your blessings from above just flow
I do not claim God’s gift is not equally share
He just wanted to test if I am sincere

I am glad of the wonderful things you have
I feel bad when some fight your back
Ready to give my sweet caress
Especially in times of your depress

My ultimate care makes you feel better
My advice is an important matter
Being honest and being sincere
Makes you proud I am your friend


Beautiful valley overlooking
Boastful mountains & hills
Spotted with varieties of plants & trees
Express our Creator’s greatness

Tempting crystal blue sea at far
Beyond is a beautiful island
Perfect creation shows
Heavenly pureness on this valley, glows

Straight nearby, few houses can be seen
Where people peacefully dwelling
They never know, someone is relaxing,
They never know, someone is contemplating

Refreshing atmosphere, adorable
Perfect view is incomparable
Seems I would like to envy
This nature is gifted with purity

His pureness beyond compare
Man has no right to complain
Simply trying to be pure
Is more than this perfect nature

Blaring breeze of the wind
Suddenly came from nowhere
Awakened my deepest thought
Beautiful valley of Mayon has brought


It’s about time to use the gift
To which from heaven I had received
Keeping this inside is a greed
To my brethren hunger to be fed

It’s about time to glitter soon
The ample brilliant colors of my stones
That God provided to me unselfishly
Because He loves me so dearly

It’s about time to let my heart speaks
The beauty of this world so great
And it’s about time people should know
All the wonders it may serve through